10 gadgets every car driver should have 

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Owning a personal car means long-term operation, for which you can and should spend money on accessories, unlike when we rent a car for a short or long term, where all kinds of driver-friendly electronics are already built into cars. By the way, this is an amazing service that has become very affordable and allows travelers, expats or just lovers of novelty to rent absolutely any car: there are ford car rentals, French car rentals or even luxury cars for rent, which many people on the planet do not have the opportunity to rent. earn, but they can afford to take such a car for a day or a week to ride.

Car gadgets are a great solution if you are an inexperienced driver, constantly traveling around the city or an enthusiastic car enthusiast. Gadgets are excellent at optimizing travel time and, of course, are designed to make life easier. We’ve put together a selection to help you identify the must-haves for your trips, or make sure a recent purchase is indispensable if you already have one of the following gadgets.


Let’s start with the classics of automotive gadgets – road navigators. Each new season is marked by the replenishment of the product line with models from well-known brands and still very young manufacturers. It would seem that today, when any smartphone, tablet, and even radio tape recorder works with GPS maps, why do we need separate navigation devices at all? But consumer demand proves that they are needed and even necessary!

The secret lies in the banal usability. The comfort of working with “sharpened” navigators from Prestigio or Garmin will always be higher than in the case of compatible devices. Another thing is that, depending on the characteristics of the gadget, convenience may increase or decrease. Modern GPS navigators are able to search for the requested addresses, plot routes, display traffic data, parking lots, gas stations and other objects relevant to the driver. With such a gadget, it will be difficult to get lost wherever you go. At the same time, you will not be distracted by notifications if you use the navigator on your smartphone.

Universal power adapter

It is unlikely that anyone will be happy if the phone is discharged on the road. Luckily, there are car power adapters that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and charge mobile device batteries. Universal devices have USB ports, and therefore are suitable for a large number of gadgets, regardless of model and manufacturer.


Not only the inspector of the road service should have this device. On a Friday night, a breathalyzer will definitely serve you well. If you’re not sure if you’re safe to drive, the device can help you determine if you’re drunk by measuring the exact amount of alcohol in your blood. The gadget is necessary not only to avoid a ticket for drunk driving, but it can also prevent an accident and save people’s lives.

Tablet mount in car headrest

Passengers – especially children – can get bored on a long car train. This uncomplicated gadget will pacify children on a long trip and entertain passengers. An easy way to keep them entertained and a good solution for traveling with the family is a universal car headrest with a mount for various devices. The Velcro strap securely attaches to the headrest without obstructing the buttons or screen of the tablet, so as not to interfere with viewing.

Vehicle emergency exit device

Not often in the lists of automotive gadgets mention the tool for emergency evacuation. After all, many drivers do not plan to get into an accident. However, everyone knows that accidents can happen without the fault of the driver. In the worst situations, there may be an immediate need to leave the vehicle quickly. This is where a similar device comes in handy. There are key chains that combine a seatbelt knife and a glass hammer.

HUD projectors

But this is already a novelty of automotive gadget building. HUD stands for “Head-Up Display”. It is also called the “Windshield Projector”. We are talking about gadgets that project instrument readings or a smartphone screen onto the windshield. That is, with some reservations, allowing you to use the options of premium cars.

For the first time such systems appeared in the military aircraft industry. Various indicators were projected directly onto the glass of a fighter pilot’s helmet. In the few tenths of a second, it takes to look at the dashboard and back, super-fast fighters flew hundreds of meters.

Depending on the model, the device either connects to the on-board system of the car and takes readings from standard devices or connects through the cigarette lighter and takes readings from the sensors included in the device.


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