10 Best Accessories You Can Buy for Your iPad in 2020

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Looking for some fine accessories that go well your iPad? Look no further. We’ve identified 10 of the best and must-have iPad accessories to help your table be that much more useful.

Here’s a list of the latest and the finest iPad accessories.

Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro are wireless earphones from Apple. They fit in snugly within the ears and render clear superior quality sound. When you do want to hear what’s happening around you, you can switch on the transparency mode. Or else, can plunge into a complete noise cancellation experience. Now, that’s the kind of stuff made for the Netflix binge weekends.

Apple Pencil

The 2nd generation Apple Pencil converts the iPad to designers’ canvas, professionals’ notebook, just as naturally as their favourite pen. It attaches to the iPad magnetically and comes with a wireless charging feature. It has mind-blowing precision and flow. We highly recommended this accessory for digital artists and designers.

Apple Smart Keyboards

The range of Smart Keyboards from Apple can help you truly bridge the gap between a tablet and a laptop. These keyboards are foldable, light-weight and attach magnetically. The full-size keyboards are convenient for typing and can double-up as a protective case for the iPad. Check the specifications of Smart Keyboards on the Apple accessories website.

ESR Glass Screen Protector

We are very well aware that no touch-screen device is safe without a good quality screen guard. The screen protector from ESR has a reputation of guarding against heavy forces. It gives a scratch-resistant and finger-print resistant finish. The thin sheet protector is perfect for the sleek look of your iPad.

Professional iPad Pro DraftTable

The DraftTable from Elevation Lab props the iPad securely for working at different angles, allowing free sketching or precision drawing. Armed with this accessory, you will never have to bother straining your neck for a perfect angle on the iPad screen. Spending a few bucks on the DraftTable will be worth every dime.

Khomo iPad case compatible for Smart Keyboard

Yes, we mentioned that the Smart Keyboard acts as a protective case itself. But that’s just for the front part of the screen unless you choose to buy the most premium Smart Keyboard. A sensible alternative is to buy the mid-range Smart Keyboard and pair it with the fairly priced iPad case from Khomo.

Sony Speaker Dock

The speaker docks from Sony are compatible with the iPad, iPod and iPhone at the same time. The reasonable pricing and fairly superior sound-quality make the speaker dock, a good bargain for the functionality it provides. We recommend this as a smarter choice over buying a blue-tooth speaker. That’s because your device also gets charging support while playing sound on the dock station.

Logi Base Charging Stand for iPad

Logi Base is a stylish metallic stand with charging back-up for the iPad. The smart connector feature allows for a delicate looking but secure attachment. A major drawback is you can’t adjust the angle of the display screen. The stand, in its standard position, can be used for face-time calls or watching videos, but you will not be able to do designing work comfortably.

HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub

While the iPad has so many features, you can sometimes feel the lack of multiple inputs as a huge restraint to multi-tasking. After all, a premium high-performing device should allow you to plug in more than one device at a time. Well, HyperDrive is a godsend for multi-tasking tech-geeks. It is a 6-in-1 hub, which gives you an audio-jack, two USB ports, an HDMI port, SD card slot and a micro-SD card slot.

iPad Keyboard Case from Typecase

Want to transform your iPad into a Mac? The Typecase Touch Ultra, is one of the sought after keyboard cases due to its trackpad feature. Now, your iPad can function like a personal computer without taking up so much space in your bag, whenver you travel. Perfect for writers, freelancers and graphic artists who would find the added apple pencil holder feature very useful for their work.


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