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100 Thieves and EXO Clan Win Valorant First Strike Grand Finals

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100 Thieves and EXO Clan Win Valorant First Strike Grand Finals

The esports world is buzzing as representing teams from North America and Oceania takes the crown in the recent Valorant First Strike tournament series.

First Strike is the first-ever major event hosted by Riot Games that they have also announced last September. This tournament is where teams from all over the world compete for dominance in their respective region.

100 Thieves pulls off an upset with their fresh roster

The underdogs have silenced the critics as they defeat TSM despite having a bad start in the first four rounds of the match. In the fifth round, 100 Thieves managed to pull off a Thrifty play as they crawled their way back to take the lead.

The first game was also one of their closest as 100 Thieves managed to steal a win from TSM with a final round score of 15-13 while in the second game they 13-11.

After this second win, TSM wasn’t able to find that push that they needed despite winning one game in this best of 5 series. The bout ended with 100 Thieves taking the crown with a 3-1 lead.

Fortnite streamer Ninja also sent his warmest congratulations to 100 Thieves as he also had fun co-streaming the event.

EXO Clan gets a flawless victory

Over in the Oceanic region, Fortress Melbourne hosted the Valorant First Strike tournament. EXO Clan managed to upset ORDER who has been around the esports scene since 2018. 

A fairly new esports team who is famous for their Apex Legends roster, they have proven themselves as a worthy bunch to take the First Strike crown.

The first three rounds of the match went to ORDER but this Thrifty play from EXO got the morale boost that they needed to fight back and they took another winning round in the process.

However, during the last minutes of the game, ORDER tried to mount a comeback through this round highlight but didn’t manage to keep up the pace. In the end, EXO managed to clean them off winning 3 games in a row with this winning play.

EXO Clan becomes the first team in Oceania to beat ORDER while holding them in single digits through every game.

The future continues to shine bright for Riot Games because of Valorant and their successful tournaments.


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