4 Ways Organisations Can Prepare for Technological Challenges

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Technological changes are taking place at a precipitating rate. Technologies such as AI, blockchain, machine learning, big data, the internet of things, robotics, automation, and many others pose significant business challenges. The primary reason behind these challenges is poor technological change management and preparation.

It is essential to understand that as time progresses, the need for companies to switch to different technologies will increase. Therefore, it is pivotal that every organisation adopts a robust and workable change management strategy. Managing technological change is not easy. However, having a change management strategy in place will not only help with limiting technological challenges but will also assist in accessing and understanding the impact of change. Moreover, a change management process is crucial for managing the diverse cost of change, reducing the time needed to implement change, and aligning organisational practices with organisational values.

Here are a few ways organisations can ensure the successful implementation of technological changes.

Choosing the right technologies

Picking the right technology is probably the most crucial step in implementing successful change management within your company. You must ensure that the technology you are selecting aligns with your goals and is relevant to your business. It would be helpful to tally your new technology with your competitors and check if it worked out for them. Other vital points to consider when switching technologies are how easy it is for employees to catch on, the cost of training, transition, tech support, and credibility customizability. And most importantly, the need.

Likewise, leverage technology that can address your organisation’s problems with utmost efficiency and improve outcomes. Lastly, beware of technologies with poor or weak security systems. Many types of cyber attack are at an all-time high currently, and it’s your responsibility to be vigilant and protect your company’s data.

Set goals

Merely buying new technology will not do you any good unless you set clear-cut goals and expectations. You must precisely define, align, and communicate your project goals with company goals.

Your goals could address improving customer experience, capturing opportunities, consolidating mergers and acquisitions, and streamlining processes. Furthermore, your objectives could also take a more sustainable approach and include improvement in sustainable practices of your company through new technologies. These could include: zero waste initiatives, using more energy-efficient tools, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (applicable for manufacturing businesses mostly), and others.

Communication of these goals is also as essential as implementation. Senior management must clearly explain the need for the new technology and walk all employees through the implementation process. It would help if they included points on how the new technology will help employees specifically.

Help your team with the adaptation process

Adapting and getting used to new technologies is not an easy transition, especially for non-tech-savvy employees. Every manager/employer must understand that employees often become accustomed to using a specific technology. Therefore, the introduction of new processes fills them with unease and resistance.

Hence, it is your job to ensure that all employees can easily and swiftly adopt new processes. One way to ensure this is through communication. You must communicate with your employees and explain the requirement and the urgency of the transition. Also, explain how these changes will make the company more progressive and benefit them personally. Likewise, highlight the limitations in the current process and help them see how technology can help resolve issues.

Additionally, introduce tools as projects, provide ongoing training, and implement a culture of change. Lastly, give it time, but not too much time. Even after so much effort, if you don’t see results pouring in, it might be time to rethink.

Be clear about the change and impact

Similar to how setting goals and objectives for technological changes is pivotal, being sure about the change occurring and the impact it will create is also crucial.

It would be beneficial if you could clearly and concisely explain to the employees how the change brought by the new technology will affect their role. Similarly, determine whether the change will be procedural, transformation, remedial, people-centric, or structural. Also, ensure to be tangible about how you see the change because if you can’t see it, your employees won’t be able to either.

Moreover, you must concisely understand what impact the change will bring to your company. Ask yourself whether the impact will be positive or negative? Does the impact align with your expectations? Will the impact help with the progression of your company? Remember, not all impacts are positive. Sometimes impacts can relate to increased workload, reduced salaries, etc. Hence, it is advisable to address the impact by looking at the benefits it will bring to your company and the employees.

Wrapping up 

Technological changes can be daunting for companies, managers, and employees. However, sometimes these changes and transitions are necessary, not only for the betterment of the company but also for improvements in working conditions for employees.

Technological changes can be challenging, and every company must prepare well to overcome these difficulties. Designing strategies, setting goals, and following suit is the best way to move forward without compromising the integrity and essence of your company and its workers.


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