5 Brew-tiful Tips For Your Espresso Machine’s Upkeep

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Almost everyone enjoys having a cup of coffee to start their day. It’ll be a good energizer that can help fuel the body for the busy day ahead. While some people can purchase their cup from a retail store, it’d be better if you could brew one at home. In this way, you can save money while simultaneously being able to draft the perfect cup you’ll surely enjoy. You can check on reviews on the espresso machine- Brewed Coffee Guide site.

Having an espresso machine provides plenty of benefits. Apart from controlling how you want your coffee to taste like, you can freely experiment and increase your barista skills. With all of the advantages it can provide, ensure that you maintain it well to produce quality cups as long as possible.

Moreover, listed below are some brew-tiful tips for your espresso machine’s upkeep:

1. Descale Your Machine Regularly

Descaling is the process of removing any mineral build-up from your machine that comes from your water. While the minerals might sound harmless, they can greatly affect the quality of your coffee, along with damaging your espresso machine. With that, you should descale your machine at least once a month for proper maintenance.

To descale, you need to find the best coffee machine descalers in Australia or whichever country you’re in, so you can ensure you remove every build-up. All you need to do is mix the right proportion of your descaler and water, add it to the water reservoir, run the machine without any beans, and it should remove any build-up, making it fresh and new.

2. Clean Your Group Head And Blind Filter Daily

You shouldn’t forget to clean your machine’s group head and blind filter thoroughly. If you use this in your office or you’re running a coffee shop, expect that it’ll accumulate plenty of build-ups that can affect the quality of your coffee.

To clean your espresso machine, you should do a full backflush wherein you run your group head and scrub them as long as you can until water runs clear and no more coffee grounds are falling. For your blind filter, you should use an espresso machine detergent and run it into your group for at least ten seconds on and ten seconds off; repeat the process at least four times. Afterward, let it sit in the group for about five minutes before rinsing. Rinse until the water runs clear.

For the next working day, pull several espresso shots so you can remove any detergent flavours if any.

3. Clean The Steam Wand

If your espresso machine comes with a milk steamer or frother, you should always wipe them clean after every use as leaving any small particles behind can lead to a bacteria build-up, which can be harmful to every cup you make.

When cleaning the steam wand, you can use a clean microfiber towel or a kitchen towel. You can clean the wand before and after using it, especially that they’re always out in the open. Apart from wiping them, you should also purge them quickly after every use by turning the steam wand on for at least one to two seconds to ensure there’s no milk build-up left.

4. Replace Parts Annually

Having an espresso machine doesn’t come with a low price, including its maintenance. Annually, you should replace some parts before they develop into bigger problems. In this way, you’re preventing any future headaches.

Ideally, you should replace the following parts on your espresso machine:

  • Waste pipe
  • Shoulder bolt shims
  • Expansion valve
  • Anti-suction valve
  • Portafilter basket
  • Steam and hot water rings or valves
  • Sight glass
  • Pressure safety valve
  • The capacitor on the pump motor

While they might be an added expense, they can help provide quality coffee on every cup. Along with this, it can prevent any damages that can affect your espresso machine’s overall performance.

Barista man cleaning espresso machine after working day

5. Use Appropriate Cleaning Materials

As you clean your espresso machine, use appropriate cleaning materials to avoid any possible damages to your appliance as well as the coffee’s taste. You should note that regular kitchen cleaning tools might not be suitable as they can develop into bigger issues than how you intend them to be.

There are plenty of espresso cleaning materials you can purchase at the market, allowing you to clean your machine effectively. If you’re unsure which one you should get, you can research your manufacturer’s product recommendations as they can assure those work well with their product. This can eliminate the trial-and-error process, which can be an added expense.


While an espresso machine is already expensive, you need to ensure that you provide proper care and maintenance to keep them in their best shape as long as possible. While it may be an added work, you’ll be pleased with how a single machine can last you for years, providing a consistent taste with every cup. With proper maintenance, you can save plenty of money and be able to enjoy your money’s worth.


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