5 Must-Have Gadgets For Programmers

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It’s hard to group people into one category and decide what the must-haves should be for that entire group. But these gadgets certainly won’t disappoint.

Everyone loves a good addition to make the job easier and life more comfortable, so check out these five gadgets that are definitely worth the price tag!

1. Ergonomic Mouse & Keyboard

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a byproduct of work for programmers at this point, and it’s often the result of a poor setup. Regular keyboards aren’t normally wrist-friendly, and if someone isn’t careful about their posture, it can result in injuries after a while. Especially with how much time programmers typically put in behind the screen.

An ergonomic mouse and keyboard may take some time to get used to because they usually look a bit “silly” compared to what everyone’s used to. But they are much more comfortable to work with and help protect people’s wrists by keeping them fixed in the correct position.

With so many ergonomic options available today, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle to find a fitting setup, either. Ergonomic options now come in various types, styles and at both budget and higher price points to fit almost anyone’s needs.

2. A Virtual Assistant Home Hub

The IoT is getting popular in a big way, and a lot of that push comes from early adopter programmers themselves. Anyone who wants to adapt to a smart home setup should consider a central home hub like Google Assistant or Alexa. But even programmers who aren’t looking to switch to a smart home right now can still benefit from this gadget.

Smart home hubs can be extremely helpful when used creatively and save a lot of time because they act as a 24/7 virtual assistant. Automation is the future, especially as people’s lives keep getting more complex and fast-paced. Plus, it’s possible to customize and create programs for these devices too.

Just keep in mind that security becomes more of an issue when getting any new smart product. A VPN can be a big help here, although they are essential anyway since programmers spend a lot of time online with access to sensitive systems. For example, you can use a VPN Australia to improve your online safety and keep personal information protected.

3. A Fidget Cube

While this may not technically be an advanced hardware or software gadget, fidget cubes are a fun and relaxing gift for any programmer. Not only are fidget cubes proven to help with stress and anxiety relief, but they can also help improve productivity.

Any programmer will know that sometimes when dealing with a particularly difficult problem, it helps to just be distracted with something else for a while. Fidget cubes help facilitate that by keeping the mind busy with a menial task. This repetitive motion and “busy work” aids concentration and can be very beneficial for programmers who have ADHD.

These handy gadgets also come in many different styles and shapes and at different price points. Making this one affordable addition to any programmer’s setup.

4. Desktop Whiteboard

Sometimes it really helps to visualize a process, and nothing works better for this than a whiteboard. But not everyone has the space to lug a big whiteboard around their work area, so a desktop whiteboard is the next best thing.

Plus, these are great for general note-taking and are (at least a tad) more environmentally friendly than sticky notes. Desktop whiteboards also come in different shapes and sizes. Some are shaped like a keyboard with a drawer underneath, others look like easels, and of course, there are also rectangular magnetic ones. It’s perfect to keep notes at the desk and make sure important information stays where it will be seen.

5. Standing Desk

These aren’t just becoming a trend for no reason – standing desks help improve posture and fight the health effects of staying stationary for too long. Since programming work results in a lot of time spent being sedentary (especially if overtime is common), programmers are at high risk for health complications. Health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, and that pesky carpal tunnel syndrome mentioned earlier.

Adjustable standing desks have become a lot more commonplace – and thus cheaper – but can still be on the more expensive side. Be sure to shop around for a good deal!


Everyone’s different and won’t always utilize the same gadgets to the same extent. So not every programmer is going to need each of these things, but they certainly help make life easier!

These are a good place to start for any programmer looking to spruce up their setup or for someone looking to buy a programmer a gift. Every gadget has its pros and cons, though, so make sure to research these before buying.


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