5 Tips to Maintain a Full Beard and Keep It Healthy

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Taking care of facial hair might seem insignificant initially, but every beard wearer knows that styling it and keeping it healthy requires time and effort. However, you should not get frustrated or worry that your beard will take all of your free time. Acquiring several simple yet effective habits and sticking to them will allow you to make the grooming process feel as automated and natural as possible.

If you are thinking about starting to grow a beard or want to improve your facial hair’s condition, this article is for you! Below, you will find five beard maintenance tips, ranging from trimming and cleaning it regularly and properly combing it to taking care of your neckline and using oils, conditioners, balms, among others. Read on and realize your beard’s full potential!

Trim Your Beard Regularly

The first and most important thing you should do is get in the habit of trimming your facial hair on a regular basis. This is essential for long beards (which are the most difficult to maintain) since they tend to grow in all directions. If you let a beard grow freely, you will spend a lot of time and energy trying to style it, which can be avoided with regular trims.

Don’t forget that your regular beard trims will help you prevent split ends and keep your beard healthy. In order to trim your facial hair properly, you must get high-quality clippers or a pair of scissors and use them once a week. You can find some suitable options at

If you are not sure about trimming your facial hair yourself, you can get it professionally done and avoid ruining its condition. However, note that, in the long run, regular visits to a barber to get your beard trimmed will cost you much more than investing in clippers or scissors.

Touch Up Your Sideburns and Neckline

One of the most common mistakes people make when growing beards is not maintaining their sideburns. The main reason for this is that they don’t realize how easily they get out of hand and grow in size over time. This makes your beard look unkempt and unmanaged.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a neat look, make sure that you keep your sideburns neatly trimmed at all times. If the hair starts growing on your cheeks, shave them as well. Doing so will allow all facial hair growth to look natural and attractive.

You should also check your neckline regularly and shave any stray hairs that appear there until they are completely gone. This will allow the jawline to look completely natural and will give off a unified image. One of the safest and the most convenient ways to take care of your neckline and avoid scratches on your skin is to use clippers. However, another good tip for keeping your neckline looking tidy is using a razor.

To do this correctly, you should:

  • Choose a razor with a sharp blade that will help you cut the unwanted hair close to the skin without having to apply pressure or forcing it out of place.
  • Make sure that it has a gentle grip so you won’t end up cutting yourself accidentally.
  • Always rinse the blade after each stroke, so no old hair gets stuck in it and causes irritation. It is recommended to get an electric razor since it is fast and easy to use.

Clean Your Beard Before Showering

Many men who have not yet become accustomed to having facial hair do not know how to properly wash it while showering. This frequently leads to the beard getting tangled and matted. The only way to avoid this is to make sure that the beard is clean before showering.

When washing your face, use a beard shampoo to clean your beard. Avoid using too much soap as it will dry out your facial hair and make it brittle. After showering, simply pat dry the area around your mouth and neck with a microfibre towel or a special beard towel. Never rub – rubbing can lead to breakages.

Comb Your Beard After Washing It

This habit is essential since it allows you to keep the beard looking neat while preventing tangles and knots from forming as well as protecting the skin from getting scratched by stray hairs.

In order to properly comb your beard after washing it, use a specially designed beard comb. This tool will allow you to comb through the beard without causing damage or pulling hair out. Make sure that you cover all areas of the face and neckline while combing. After some time, it will become second nature.

Use Beard Care Products

The number one cause of damaged facial hair is dryness. If your beard is dry, it will break easily and start falling off as well as becoming brittle and hard to manage. You can prevent this by using beard care products, such as oils and conditioners, regularly.

These products are easy to find in stores, and they come in many scents like rosemary, mint, or sandalwood, among others. Regardless of the scent, however, all beard oils work in the same way: they effectively moisturize and soften your beard, prevent it from becoming damaged or even falling off, and keep it healthy by preventing it from drying out.

It is recommended to use these products 1-2 times per week after washing the beard and before leaving home for the day. Using products like beard balm will ensure your beard is moisturized, neat and can help keep your beard healthy by providing nourishment.

In Conclusion

Growing a full beard requires some time and effort, but with proper care and attention, you will be able to keep it healthy and looking good. All that is needed from you is to acquire some easy yet effective habits of taking care of your facial hair, such as trim it regularly, moisturize, wash it properly and not forget about shaving the sideburns and your neckline.

Create a routine, stick to it, and you’ll be rewarded with a neat, unified appearance.


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