5 Ways How Small Businesses Can Communicate to Customers

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Small businesses often find it difficult to reach a wide range of audiences. One of the reasons why this is true is because small businesses have limited funds and capabilities, all the while competing against companies that are far better funded, and established than they are.

So for a small business, being resourceful and taking advantage of every opportunity is key to attracting customers and communicating your message across to them. There are plenty of ways a small business can reach a large audience.

For example, a mass text app will allow you to seamlessly text message anyone around the world, with lines of communication flowing fluidly like a river. T

here are plenty of ways to reach your customers. All a small business needs to do is choose one, or more, and constantly contact their customers through those channels. So here are 5 of the best ways how small businesses can communicate to customers.

#5- Mass Text Apps

Seeing as how I already mentioned mass text apps, it would be best to start with it and get it out of the way. Mass text apps are mobile or tablet apps that allow users to communicate with each other with ease, and usually free of charge.

A lot of businesses utilize these apps as a means to freely communicate to their clients, constantly updating them on offers, sales, prizes, discounts, and more. Small businesses also use mass text apps to communicate regularly with their clients, simply checking up with them from time to time, establishing a social relationship besides a professional one.

Mass text apps also have the benefit of texting a large group of people simultaneously. By a large group of people, I mean hundreds if not thousands. If you are a small business looking to broadcast a message or a sales offer, mass text apps are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to do so!

#4- Email

Email is an age-old way for businesses to communicate with clients and customers. Emails can be useful in following up with your customers, regularly dropping them an email reminding them of your business, and letting them know of any announcements or new releases.

A good trick to use with emails is to try and personalize the email towards the client so that they don’t feel like they’re just another recipient out of a thousand other recipients. A good way to do this is to include personal information in the email like the customer’s name or recent purchase, or maybe a discount on a product that they know they like.

By doing so you make the customer feel like they are appreciated by you. Emails are quick and simple to write up and send. Also, you can send out emails to thousands of recipients. But the caveat with emails is they tend to become a bit spammy, and some might get lost in the junk folder.

Try to not bombard customers with emails, and time your emails so that the customer doesn’t get bothered by you, because if they do, and they unsubscribe, then you’ve lost the line of communication forever. That was a good way to overcome spam texts. You can learn more about how to stop spam texts and what to do if you receive a spam text by following TextSanity’s newly published blogs.

#3- Social Media

Social media is another way small businesses can openly, and optimally, communicate with their customers. More and more people are joining social media platforms and are being catered to by businesses through these platforms.

A good thing about social media is that it caters to content depending on the user’s preference. Meaning that, if one user follows a bunch of sports pages and sports figures, then the social media app or platform that they’re on, will begin to promote sports-related content and pages to that user, thus increasing your exposure.

Another perk of social media is that you can openly communicate with users on that social media platform. Similar to mass text apps, social media platforms provide texting and chatting services to their users, free of charge. This is attractive to businesses because they don’t require a lot of personal details of the users to contact them.

They just require them to follow their page, or not! A lot of social media platforms allow you to reach out to a user without there having to be a connection between you two.

#2- Traditional Ways of Communication

Unlike many people thought, the Internet and increased digitalization of the world have not completely killed off traditional ways of communication. In fact, a lot of those traditional means are still alive and well today. People still use phones to call and contact other people.

People still purchase newspapers in their physical form. People still turn on the radio in the car. People still drive by billboards. A lot of these methods and means are ones that people still apply in their daily lives. If you are a small business wanting to communicate to your audience, resorting to one of these methods is not a bad idea! Depending on your message and whom you want to reach, these traditional ways may be the best ones to pursue!

#1- Mobile App

Nowadays, a lot of businesses find it best to have their own mobile app, where their customers can download and join, and get the latest info and news. Businesses can also communicate to their customers through their app. However, this method is costly, as developing the app will take a sizable investment.

This is why, as a business, you can be hosted on another app that is in line with your industry. For example, if you are the owner of a small restaurant, instead of developing your own text message app, you can host an app that provides home delivery services.

Or you can host an app for table booking and reservations. Customers can either communicate to you directly through the app or through a third party, which is usually the owner of the app. Consider mobile apps if you are looking to collaborate with other businesses to promote your own.

Or consider mobile apps if you want to monopolize your communication, without having to resort to third-party providers like social media or mass text apps, and instead want to provide a full omnichannel experience yourself.


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