6 Qualities of a Good Music Speaker

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Are you looking to buy the speaker of your dreams? Do you want the cutting-edge features that not just fulfil your basic speaker needs, but go the extra mile? This is the right place for you.

We have curated a list of 6 features that you should look for when buying a new quality speaker.

1. Connectivity

While buying a speaker, one of the most crucial elements has to be connectivity. Any speaker with Bluetooth version 4.0 or up has better audio transmission quality and a larger range at 60+ meters.

The latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 is yet to reach speakers. Connectivity also involves Wi-Fi and NFC enabled speakers, for quicker connectivity and streaming.

If the speaker has a microphone, it acts like a mobile on speaker and helps in interacting with Google, Siri, etc. without even touching your phone.

2. Bass For The Pretty Face

The bass of the speaker, along with the right balance between treble and bass is fundamental. There are certain frequencies in which bass is heard, ideally between 20 Hz to 250 Hz.

Treble is usually heard at above 4,000 Hz and the frequencies heard in between are mid ranges.

Speakers promising an extra-base to make sure that they do compromise on the other features. Ideally, this depends on the genre of music you listen to and how old you are.

Most good speakers are well-rounded and perform well at all ranges.

3. Water Resistance and Well-built

Let us be real, your speakers go through a lot when you travel, go to the beach or the pool, and even listen when you take a shower. They may fall and get permanently damaged too.

This is the reason why a sturdy, light-weight and water-resistant material is something that your speaker should be made of.

There is a tonne of speakers in the market at various price points that are water-resistant, and some can even be left in water for a designated period.

4. Drivers: The Most Important Aspect

The logic is very simple, the bigger the driver, the louder and better will be the sound. This leads to an increase in the size of the speaker.

If portability is not your concern, then definitely go for speakers that have bigger and multiple drivers as compared to the average joes in the market.

The placement of drivers inside the speaker, as well as their range is also a determinant of how the sound is produced, even in relatively smaller variants.

5. Multi-Utility of Speakers

Many of you look for devices that cater to your multiple needs, yet ace the performance, while some look for devices designed for specific purposes.

For example, some of you love your Karaoke nights with friends, families and at house parties. You look for the ideal speakers for this purpose, for which you can check these speakers out.

Another scenario is the need for Smart Speakers. Smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. serve the purpose of answering queries, playing unlimited songs from their streaming apps and controlling all the Wi-Fi enabled devices at home.

There are speakers in the market that have apps to control them and can stay connected to multiple devices simultaneously.

6. Battery Life

The importance of solid power performance is very high. Speakers that have wireless connectivity need to perform for longer periods, especially when travelled with or used for work.

For wired Smart Speakers and home theatre systems, this is not a concern, as they depend on the power supply.

One standard rule applies to all: the higher the battery life, the higher will be the chances of the speaker being bulky.

You would not have to research a lot if you refer to this list of features that will help you buy a worthy speaker for personal use.


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