6 Reasons You Need a Standby Generator for Your Business

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According to market research, power outages cost businesses about $27 billion annually, making standby generators a necessity for every business. They also come in handy during extreme weather conditions such as snow and high winds, which lead to prolonged power outages. Here’s why your business needs a standby generator.

It’s less expensive

Businesses that run a lot of machinery consume huge power quantities, leading to increased monthly utility bills. This is why investing in standby generators like Honda generators that are reliable and fuel-efficient under any weather conditions offers businesses a cheaper power source than electricity. Companies may choose to power part of their operations using generators or fully transition to generators to save on utility costs. Additionally, generators are ideal for remotely located businesses that have no access to electricity.

Lighting and security

When power outages occur, security cameras go off, making it a suitable time for criminals to attack, but with standby generators, your business premise remains lit, and the security cameras keep rolling, reducing chances of theft and vandalism. Additionally, your employees feel secure knowing that theirworkplace is secure. It also keeps them comfortable and safe from falls and trips that may occur during a power outage.

It boosts productivity by reducing downtime

Unplanned downtimes, mainly due to power outages, negatively impact productivity, reducing overall revenue. When you have standby generators, they ensure seamless power transition, helping to maintain productivity. If prolonged electricity disruptions occur, your business can continue with its entire operations, reducing downtime.

Thanks to technology, most businesses use high-tech equipment that requires power to run. The presence of a standby generator ensures that office operations continue running smoothly in case of an outage.

Helps to reduce losses

Standby generators automatically start when a power cut occurs. When a healthcare business experiences a power outage, life support machines and other equipment automatically switch to using the generator, preserving human life and ensuring continuous service delivery to the sick. It also ensures that samples taken for testing remain fresh and uncontaminated.

Installing a power backup plan for businesses specializing in perishables such as milk, meat, and fruits will guarantee business continuity as you don’t have to close shop due to spoilage. Additionally, businesses can keep in constant touch with their clients and take care of any customer care issues. This helps protect many companies from losses that would arise if they didn’t have standby generators.

It helps build credibility and reliability

Where power cuts result from extreme weather conditions that go on for days, many businesses remain closed. A power generator allows you to continue running your business to meet customer needs and demands within the agreed time frames. This helps boost your business reliability and credibility, which attracts more customers leading to business growth.

Helps preserve data

Sudden and unpredictable power cuts may lead to loss of data. Installing a standby generator ensures that the power supply resumes in seconds, helping to safeguard your data.


Standby generators are life-savers for businesses looking to maximize production for future growth. These are some of the reasons why you need a standby generator for your business.


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