6 Video Maker Tools That Every Marketer Should Use for Growth

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Surveys conducted by known names in the industry show that approximately 80% of the video marketers speak of positive investment returns. It’s a fact that video content marketing has become the real industry for business promotions.

The latest trends in this field state that video marketing will be on the rise in the near future, considering the large scale benefits businesses are reaping right now. Predictions for the year 2021 also put forward that the average individual will be watching videos 100 minutes every day.

The data above is 100% true because experts say that videos are, in fact, one of the greatest ways of interacting with the audiences and increasing engagement rates. So, if you still have no plans of including videos in your marketing strategy, it is high time you do so.

But remember, creating top-quality video content is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s the reason why it makes sense to use the best InVideo that is sure to help you taste business growth and success.\


Since this is the first name in this list of the best video content development tools, it does not require much explanation about the quality it offers. Undoubtedly, GoAnimate is the best app that can effectively create animated content with a professional appearance.

As is suggested by its name, the app comes with features for creating top-quality animations sure to catch the lurking eyes of the visitors online. The drag and drop feature of the tool enables users to choose varied background settings.

The users can even assign dialogues to the characters using its lip-synching attribute and that too automatically. Adding voice narrations and dialogues to videos is a breeze with this tool. You can even import sound from your own device and use it in the videos created.


This is yet another easy to use and great video making app for both amateurs and professionals. The most alluring attribute of this tool is it helps users in transforming articles into videos automatically. This comes as a great opportunity for repurposing blogs most interactively.

The app enables users to change and customize fonts, pictures, and layouts. Of course, the users can even start with their very own videos right from scratch. There are different copyright-free photos, templates, music, and animations for the users to select. The drag and drop feature of the tool can be used for importing one’s own images.

Another cool feature of this app is its free version that gives you the ability to add a branded message. So, it is one complete marketing package that will surely give your business and its products an edge over the others.

The tool can be used throughout varied social networks while giving users the flexibility of choosing formats depending on the channels they want to share their videos.

AVS Video Editor

All the video marketers out there! You have been losing out on something really big and beneficial if you have still not used the AVS Video Editor. It not only helps you in creating stunning videos but will also give you the scope of accentuating the quality of the videos by editing them like a pro.

First of all, it allows you to process varied video formats such as VPB, AVI, DVD, MKV, and MOV using popular codecs like MPEG-4. It even enables you to process videos in varied frame sizes like Full HD, HD, 4K Quad HD, and 2K Quad HD. Such options and more will make it very easy for your visual content to be viewed on almost any device using any format without any limitations.

Filmora Go

This highly useful software specifically meant for the desktop users, is not just user-friendly but comes equipped with a plethora of features. The features can help users in enhancing the quality of their video content significantly.

The users get different features they can play with, such as transitions, themes, and editing texts and advanced potentials like speed control, trim, crop, reverse voice over, and many more. This tool is available for both iPhone and Android.

Go through its reviews only to find how many experts recommended using this tool to up your video marketing game and achieve business growth and success.


If you want to create and edit video content like an expert, then InVideo is for you. You can take it as one of those few significant tools that the professional editors use for giving an oomph effect on their work.

First of all, you can process several video formats by using this tool. This makes it one of the perfect options to view animations, audio files, and videos in almost any format. Then comes its amazing editing feature allowing users to go into extreme editing and create final videos that are both attractive and professional.

InVideo allows for easy and fast editing, sharing, importing, and recording animated files and videos. That’s another reason why it is considered the best video making tool. If you are a fan of incorporating pastel colors in your videos, use InVideo for the best results.


This exemplary software is specifically meant for marketers to create immersive and attractive video content without taking much time. It comes with an in-depth guide that the users can follow for creating stunning videos in a matter of a few seconds.

Wistia gives its users the option of choosing custom colors that perfectly fit their brands and tastes, additionally; they can easily loop videos; add CTAs on their videos; insert and edit pictures and compose texts as well.

This extraordinary video making tool also allows users to collect and integrate mails and other authentic marketing features and visual content. As a digital marketer, you cannot help but love this tool that offers you the much-required features for getting your video content marketing job done within the deadline.


Leveling up and becoming a pro at creating video content will be possible only if you incorporate the tools mentioned above in your video marketing strategy. Only a bit of experience in using them, and you are good to go!


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