7 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Buy a LoL Account

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League of Legends is one of the biggest online games played today with an estimated 150 million registered users. Gamers all over the world invest a lot of energy, time, and money to get ahead. But there also comes a point when players want more out of the game and that’s why buying a LOL account is becoming increasingly popular.

Why Gamers Consider Buying New Accounts

Gamers buy LOL accounts for several reasons. Not everyone has the luxury of time to advance through levels, some want to compete with other players in different regions, and seasoned players want to add variety and have more features.

When progressing through the different levels, players get access to additional gameplay options. You need to use your skill and experience to complete a number of tasks while killing off enemies as a team challenge. Doing solo kills doesn’t earn you points so working with others helps you level up.

In this multiplayer battle landscape, one player account is sometimes just not enough. And sometimes it takes too long to reach the status of playing in ranked games. If it takes 25 minutes every game to earn 90 Experience Points, you would need to complete over 100 hours of continuous gaming to reach the ranked mode level.

Why start from scratch every time or wait to earn the benefits when you can simply buy into a ranked level and get down to serious gaming?

7 Good Reasons to Buy a LOL Account

Here are 7 reasons that prove there are real advantages to buying a LOL account:

  1. Having an opportunity to play with more champions

Buying an account with a ranked-ready mode means you have enough champions to access the Game Mode. This offers new experiences and requires different skills that make the game more interesting. The extended options lets you appreciate the diverse technicalities that new champions have and provides the opportunity to master your League of Legend abilities.

  1. Diversification of Skins you can get

Every LOL gamer knows what a difference it makes owning super cool skins for your champions. By buying a LOL account, you can enjoy the experience of different skins as well as having new effects. Skins have their own unique model and visual art, and some give the champions new voice-overs and characteristics.

  1. More quests to take part in between events in the game

When you complete a quest, you don’t have to wait until the next event is available. You also get a lot more control over your gaming strategy by going on different quests to earn more rewards. You can redo a quest that you’ve completed before but with a new LOL account, you get to choose a different path to get different rewards. This provides you with the added enjoyment of getting to experience all the content.

  1. Freedom of carefree play if your main account already has a high rank and the skill of your game must always remain at the highest level

Sometimes you just want to goof off without affecting your current account, your teammates, rank, or skill. By having another account, you get the freedom to experiment without the pressure of having to focus on playing hard to keep at the maximum level.

  1. If your main account rank is too low, you don’t have to wait to achieve the desired level

On the other hand, it’s taking you too long to reach the desired level and you want to fast forward to get to a certain level to access more features. Here you can buy a LOL account that offers the level you’re after with all the bonuses bundled in.

  1. An experience of playing from different servers and regions

Maybe you have friends in other regions and on other servers that you want to play with, or you just want to try out different gaming styles. Select a LOL account based on the region and server you want to play in, and you may even find that a different playing style suits you better. It makes the League of Legends experience more varied and interesting.

  1. Various Rune Builds

Having the right Runes can be challenging and sometimes you need to spend currency to get more Rune pages but with a different LOL account, you get to try out different Runes and roles while being able to access shards. It definitely adds a new spin on the game to enhance and change the champions’ abilities.

Why playing a familiar game from another account can be exciting and interesting

Being familiar with LOL and then buying another account gives you unlimited experience and enjoyment. You can try different things, learn from your mistakes, and achieve better results to get a higher rank.

Playing with a fresh set of eyes on a different account, you can bypass the ‘easy and boring’ stuff to get to the really competitive ranks. Or you take time out to simply experiment and have a more relaxed approach without affecting everything you achieved.


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