7 ways to extend the longevity of your mobile device

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We’ve come to rely on our mobile devices for everything, constantly in our hands for several hours each day. Upgrading your device to the latest model whilst tempting can be a costly experience, fortunately there are simple ways to extend the lifespan of your existing device and eliminate the need for frequent upgrades.

Most devices these days can last for several years if you provide proper care to them. This guide outlines the best ways to extend the longevity of your mobile device to ensure you can get more use out of your device in the coming years.

1. Install a screen protector from the start

Not only are screen protectors affordable, but they’re extremely important for protecting your screen if you happen to drop your phone. The protector can prevent the glass from shattering, which can be expensive to replace. It’s important to look for a screen protector that is easy to apply without creating any bubbles on the screen. You’ll also need to find a specific size that works with your model.

There are a variety of different types of materials that are used on screen protectors, typically made from plastic or glass. Look for a screen protector that is at least 0.1 mm thick. The plastic screen protectors are prone to scratching and developing scuffs easily from your fingernails. Glass protectors can last longer and offer a higher level of protection. They also mimic the feel of the original device glass.

2. Get a good case

Due to the fragile nature of the majority of mobile devices, investing in a durable case is essential for device longevity. This will protect each side of your phone, providing another layer of protection from the screen.

Make sure you opt for a case that has tough protection. A standard phone case may protect from scratches on the back and light bumps, but to truly protect your device from accidental drops a tough case is essential. If you’re struggling to find a case that suits your style, have a look at custom phone case options giving you full control of the case design. Pet lovers can even opt for a pet phone case, Australian store Paint My Pooch offer these with dual silicone layer tough protection.

3. Consider battery replacement

Replacing the battery in your phone is an excellent way of extending its lifespan as battery woes tend to be a common reason for device upgrades. Whilst these days it’s typically not possible to replace the battery yourself, most major manufacturers including Apple & Samsung offer battery replacement services, replacing your battery can restore your device battery lifespan back to its original state. Extending your battery life is crucial to maximise the lifespan of your device.

4. Install software updates

Software updates may seem like a hassle, but they’re necessary to boost the operation of your device and prevent it from becoming sluggish over time. Phone manufacturers offer software updates to protect your security, fix bugs & optimise battery life. Ensure you enable automatic software updates, not only from the device manufacturer but from the App / Play store.

5. Invest in cloud storage

Spending a few dollars each month on cloud storage is an excellent way of keeping different types of images and files off of your phone to ensure it works more effectively. It can start to lag and experience issues with how it operates if you overload it with too much data.

6. Remove unnecessary files

It’s important to prioritise a clean-up of your mobile device every few months to ensure you can make it run smoother and avoid lag. If you’re experiencing slowdowns and your storage is approaching it’s capacity consider transferring these types of files to your cloud storage to ensure they’re backed up and are in a safe place. You can still easily access everything without causing your phone to run slower each day. In addition to this make sure there aren’t background apps hogging your device ram, major culprits of this include leaving a web browser open with many tabs.

7. Power down

It’s important to power down your phone each day to conserve the battery. Some batteries and phones can continue to operate for two to three years if you get into the habit of turning the phone off when it’s not in use.

There are ways to make your mobile device last a lot longer to ensure the device continues to be reliable without any issues or hiccups. This can allow you to get more for your money before it’s time to upgrade to a newer model.


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