Best Gifts For Your Child’s Birthday – 8 Must Have Gifts

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One of the happiest days of our lives is when we welcome our child into this world. When we cherish the moments spent with them, with someone who we created with love and nurtured with care and love. We celebrate life with them and try to protect them from any harm and evil that might exist in this world.

They grow with us and most certainly, we learn and grow with them. Our children take our hearts from us and keep them forever. Celebrating their birthdays is a joy which we share with our family and friends, making memories as we all grow together. Gifting books, toys, comic books, figurines like the ones at Pop Vinyl Australia is a great idea to bond with your children sharing the same interest you had when you were a child.

Raising children is a challenge nowadays and connecting with them is a bigger one. As technology advances, new tech gadgets are launched every day, and children are getting smarter, but we need to somehow connect with them, so they do not become screen zombies.

Birthdays require gifts, and it is a challenge to select the best gift for your child’s birthday but let us rethink a few things and try to instil them into our children as well.

What to give your child on their birthday

Do not raise children who feel they need things to rejoice.  Do not make them think that they are any less happy if they do not have a particular toy in their cabinet or that if they do not have an expensive piece of technology, so they are any less special than the other children. Teach them that objects are not special, but moments and memories created last a lifetime.

We do not need to teach this just to our children but also to ourselves. Do not make them materialistic because you will be creating a human being who will forget what matters the most in life.

Best gift ideas for your child’s birthday

If your child’s first birthday is approaching, you will be looking for gifts for a one-year-old infant. The first birthday is special, it is your first celebration, and surely you want it to be an unforgettable occasion. Pay importance to the gift you give to your one-year-old because it cannot be too small that it becomes a choking hazard or too big even to lift.

Choosing gifts for infants is complicated because for them an object they have in hand is sure to go in their mouths. That is why it is important to spend some time and choose a toy that can last over time.

1.     Building blocks

Building blocks are a gift to give to your child on their birthday as not only are the colors and sizes attractive to play with but also building blocks can feed their imagination. Their creativity and confidence will get a boost when they create something themselves. An advantage with blocks is that they are easy to store in a box and a good way to teach children to keep things in order. They are perfect for developing children’s imagination. With them, they can create thousands of shapes, and if any piece is lost, it is easy to replace it and even increase the collection.

2.     Car garages or parking plazas

Kids love cars, and you can use this hobby to give them a wonderful gift in the form of a parking plaza or a car garage where there are several circuits with colored cars in wood or plastic.

3.     Activity games

You can gift your child boxes with different activities on each side. They are perfect for an infant who is learning shapes and hand movements. Moving the balls from one side to another, entertains them a lot. Within this type of games, you can even opt for an abacus, which will serve you in the future to learn mathematics.

4.     Puzzles

There are many types of puzzles available, and you can have a choice for the material as well. You can choose between plastic and wood, with or without any cartoon characters on them. They have different shapes and pieces to fit. Perfect for the little ones to learn in different ways, and soon they will surprise you by fitting pieces without help.

5.     Musical instruments for your child’s birthday

If you have a passion for music and want to instil it in your little one as well then a drum, a small guitar or a toy piano is going to prove to be the perfect gift for your child’s birthday. Promoting music increases creativity in a person but make sure that the volume stays low as it can be harmful to your child’s hearing if there is exposure to the loud volume from a young age.

6.     Books

It is never too early to instil the habit of reading in your children. Books with pictures and eye-catching colours that get your attention are a wonderful gift to give your child. Once they start reading, encourage this hobby more by going with them to buy their favourite books and enjoying your time together. It can be a musical book, that has the traditional songs of always or a book with activities, adapted to its age.

7.     Actions figures

There are so many superheroes and have unlimited merchandise associated with them. You can bond with your children by gifting them action figures and playing with them for an hour a day, so they know how you make time and effort for them.

8.     An easel for the artist in them

If you notice an artist in the making in your child, encourage their talent by buying them something useful like an easel with poster paints or acrylics which are safe for children’s use. Not only will you help them boost their imagination, but also improve their creativity and hand-eye coordination.


We do not need to make our children hoard toys which they do not even use anymore. You can use the toys from their past birthday to instil virtues of sharing, generosity and kind-heartedness in your children. Make them appreciate the things you do for them and help them become humble human beings who do not base their happiness on material things and instead cherish the memories you make with them.

Give them toys that can be used by their younger siblings or cousins to help them realize their responsibility and accountability for their belongings. They need to take care of the gifts you give them on their birthdays, so they remember every one of their special days through their gift collection.


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