A beginner guide – how to create a photo slideshow 

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Almost everyone takes pictures today. After all HD cameras are installed in nearly every smartphone!. But how do you arrange these images and make them even more interesting to view? One of the good practices is to create a flaming slideshow or collection of photos. This is a great idea in many situations – at a family holiday, at the wedding of best friends or a birthday party. You can make a presentation of photos from the last 12 months to take stock of the year in a fun way.

Where to get the right images

A slideshow is a kind of presentation video consisting of shots positioned in a particular order. As a rule, it is colorfully designed, photos are placed on some background, music plays, some animations, and other decorations are added. A distinctive feature of such a personalized mini-presentation is that it is dedicated to an ordinary person or an event from his life. This means that you cannot just download the first photos you come across from the Internet or take pictures from photo stock. To get authentic footage, use the Instagram pic downloader by Inflact.

First, you ought to go to your friend’s page on the social network and pick pictures that can be used for this surprise. After that, copy the link for each photo and go to the Instagram post downloader website to download the images. The service is very fast and is available online. You don’t need to install anything on your tablet or computer. Downloading one file takes no more than 30 seconds. And you will get original photos in good quality, just like your friend posted them.

How many photos do you need for a slideshow? If you plan to make a one-minute video, then you should have at least 10-12 slides of 5 seconds each. You can use 1-3 photos per slide. As a result, you will need from 12 to 36-40 photos. The problem will be if your friend does not like to be photographed. Then you have to come up with something. But when you have enough photos, you can proceed to the next steps.

How to create a presentation

Of course, if you are a professional designer, this question is not at all worth it. Further tips are appropriate for beginners who do not have any technical knowledge and special software. You can use the free version of Canva, Supa, or Clideo. These services have mobile and desktop versions. It will be convenient for you to work with a computer. Follow the algorithm below to make a slideshow:

  1. The first to do is download the video editor and register an account. You can usually log in with your Google or Facebook account. The installation process won’t take long. To get started, click on the program icon. The welcome menu will offer you several modes of operation.
  2. If you don’t have time for detailed settings, choose ready-made examples. The service will offer you a collection of clips with the already set parameters. All you have to do is upload your files and follow the prompts on the screen. A few clicks and the video is ready.
  3. To make motion-picture photography at the beginning of the video, add titles. Then click the Edit Slide button. You can change elements, add text, adjust font size and width, remove or add background. In the Animation section, set the type, trajectory, and speed of the appearance of elements. You can select an effect for each clip to your taste. Arrange the photos in the right order and the basis for the future video is ready!
  4. An important aspect is a music. If you don’t want the audience to get bored in silence, you can add one of the free stock soundtracks or use your music file. At each stage, you can view the intermediate result and evaluate the outcome of your efforts. Redo the slideshow an infinite number of times until you are completely satisfied.
  5. Depending on whom the slideshow is addressed to (adult or child), you can add fun cartoon characters, moving elements, and more. Don’t forget to save the template. You can download the finished file in .mp4 or .gif format. For Instagram, a video format is appropriate; for a website or blog, a GIF is usually used.

A few more secrets of good slideshows

The secret to the success of all projects is good planning. Before you start choosing templates and music, consider what and for whom you are going to do. Make a plan. Write a script for each slide. In practice, it looks like this: Slide 1 – About John, my best friend, Slide 2–We’ve been together since 3 years old + baby photo, Slide 3 – Always got in trouble + funny photo from school … and so on. When you have a detailed plan for each frame, it will be easy for you to make a great slideshow in no time.

Try to pick photos in the same style. For example, everything is black and white, or everything is Polaroid style. If this is not possible, process them in a photo editor to bring them into a single look. Decide one main color and two secondary ones. And don’t go overboard with the fonts – they shouldn’t be distracting. The choice of colors, fonts, and cinematographies is just a small part. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Not only experienced designers can create amazing video presentations, but also beginners!


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