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AI and Machine Learning Brought to Mining Industry Through Collaboration Between Deakin and MineExcellence

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Article Summary
  • AI and machine learning and its addition to the mining industry.
  • Deakin is collaborating with MineExcellent to make this possible.
  • The collaboration will include joint research, industry connections, and PhD placements.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have long been known to upgrade certain traditional industries. Although mining doesn’t always come to mind when it comes to being at the forefront of tech-powered industries, a collaboration between Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) with MineExcelleng has decided to introduce these technologies further into the mining sector.

Although AI and machine learning have already proven useful in numerous industries, the mining industry isn’t one that usually pops in mind when the two are mentioned. As of recent, however, these types of technologies have seen increased use cases in the mining industry.

How the Mining Sector is Opening Up to AI

With the advancement of technologies and more industries seeing the necessity of AI technology and machine learning, even the mining industry has started to adapt. Deakin has collaborated with MineExcellence to further bring AI techniques into the mining sector.

Just recently, however, Shell’s very own Machine Max and INTSITE decided to use AI, deep learning, video telematics, and contextual machine data in order to create digital monitoring solutions in order to improve off-highway machine safety, performance, and fuel efficiency all while reducing CO2.

MineExcelleng is known to provide digital technologies for mining with its focus on blast and drill operations. The company has collaborated with A2I2 in order to enhance “the eciency and safety of drill and blast processes” through the help of AI and machine learning.

A2I2 and Its Addition to Mining Industries

Professor Rajesh Vasa, the Head of Translation for A2I2 explained how important the collaboration is saying it includes joint research, industry connections, and even PhD placements.

Professor Vasa said their research “in this area aims to pioneer new methods and approaches” capable of delivering high-impact results when it comes to drilling and blasting. This would result in a more efficient and safer process.

The initial work has already begun and MineExcellence will be providing its drill and blast domain knowledge as well as its digital platform to the table. An AI model will also be developed with the help of A2I2 which will be supported by Professor Sushil Bhandari, a drill and blast expert acting as an external supervisor.

The collaboration between the two brings a fusion of academics and industry knowledge to the table in order to bring the most out of the mining industry through the use of AI and machine learning.

Professor Vasa noted that A2I2 is capable of applying novel AI techniques to the mining sector. He noted that A2I2 has a proven track record when it comes to “positively impacting society, spanning health, education, and defense technologies.”

Professor Vasa said that their institute already possesses the expertise when it comes to enhancing the whole mining process. They are looking forward to collaborating with MineExcellence for the project and in the future, share their outcomes.


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