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Alexa New Feature Mimics Voice of Dead Relatives

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Article Summary
  • Amazon is adding a feature to allow Alexa to mimic voices.
  • Alexa will be able to mimic the voice of a dead relative.
  • There is no confirmation as to whether the feature will become available to the public.

Amazon’s Alexa is getting a new feature that allows the device to mimic the voice of a dead relative. The copied voice can read stories, give directions, or even be used to remind users of the ones they loved.

While voice copying technology is sort of a new thing, it’s hard to imagine that the voice of a dead relative would be added to the mix. Amazon, however, is always coming up with crafty ways to make its products more interesting.

Amazon has just added a new fully autonomous mobile robot to its warehouse called Proteus along with other advancements to its autonomous technology. This is just one of the steps the company is taking toward upgrading its technology.

Amazon has Revealed the New Alexa Feature Using AI Assist to Mimic Voices

To be more specific, Amazon revealed that the feature is still an experimental Alexa feature that allows its AI assistant to mimic the voice of a dead relative. The company showed the new feature during its MARS conference.

In the video, a child asked Alexa to read a bedtime story with the voice of their dead grandmother. Amazon’s head scientist for Alexa AI, Rohit Prasad, said that instead of Alexa’s voice reading the book, the device used the voice of the kid’s grandmother.

Prasad said that the new feature will be adding new “human attributes” to its AI systems was starting to be very important especially during the pandemic when a lot of people have lost people that they love.

The head scientist said that although AI won’t be able to eliminate the pain of loss, it will still be able to help make their memories last. Amazon has also not indicated whether the feature will become public but it says that Alexa will be able to learn someone’s voice in just a minute of audio recording.

Audio Deepfakes are Starting to Become Extremely Popular

The new technology would require a small clip of the person’s voice in order for the AI system to learn it and later on imitate it to say read a story, give directions, or others. As expected, the new technology gained a lot of attention with some people calling the feature “creepy” while others called it a “monstrosity.”

The technology, however, has already been a bit common as of late with certain imitations like “audio deepfakes” being introduced in certain industries like film and TV, podcasting, and even video games.

A lot of audio recording suits already offer an option for users to clone someone’s voice from their recordings. Replicating certain lines of seamless speech can be very time-consuming but small edits can be made with just a number of clicks.


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