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Amazon’s Fashion Physical Clothing Store Opens: Digital Personal Shopper

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Online shopping for clothing doesn’t always result in a happy ending. To curb mismatches, wrong sizes, and the hassle of going back and forth, Amazon has launched its first physical clothing store.

  • Amazon launches physical clothing stores to offer a solution to mismatched online shopping.
  • Shoppers get to use the app to have clothes sent to the fitting room.
  • Physical clothing stores will implement the Amazon One palm recognition technology for payments.

It wouldn’t be Amazon if they weren’t adding some kind of technology and this is exactly what will happen with their clothing stores. One advertised feature would allow shoppers to request clothes from a “seemingly endless selection” to be brought over while they’re in the dressing room.

Instead of going back and forth if the clothes you’ve brought to the fitting room aren’t your type, you’ll be able to use a touch screen to scroll and request for new clothes to be brought over.

Amazon’s Digital Personal Shopper and Smart Checkouts

Like most Amazon stores, the physical clothing store will come with its own whistles like an app feature that replicates a personal shopper.

When you input your clothing references, Amazon will use its machine learning algorithms to come up with a selection of clothes that match your style.

Amazon is going a step further by changing its already smart checkout procedures. Instead of the “Just Walk Out” cashier-less payment methods, the clothing store will implement Amazon One’s palm recognition service.

Quite similar to facial recognition or other biometrics, palm recognition allows you to hold up your palm to pay for your purchase. If shoppers find this approach a little too much, they can also pay through a standard card reader.

Pros and cons of shopping online

Pros and Cons of Shopping for Clothes Online

Shopping online does have its pros and cons. The most obvious advantage is how it makes shopping for clothes extremely convenient and can be done with just a few swipes and taps.

The cons, however, involve getting the wrong sizes or finding that the clothes you purchased look somewhat different in person. Being able to physically touch, try out, and feel the product also helps you make better purchases.

Although Amazon initially prioritized its Amazon Fresh stores, the company has finally recognized the need for physical clothing stores.

Amazon Partners with Known Brands for Its Physical Store

The Amazon physical clothing stores won’t be selling its own signature Amazon-brand clothing but rather partnering up with luxury and well-known brands.

The company will be partnering with consumer favorites like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Dolce Vide, and Steve Madden.

Amazon also tried another approach to shopping which it discontinued in 2020 due to lack of success. Previously, the Echo Look was Amazon’s way of getting into the fashion industry by using AI and machine learning to give users fashion advice.

The company is pivoting away from its digital approach to fashion and is now joining the retail market with its Amazon physical clothing stores.


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