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AMD Gaming Handheld AYA-NEO Receives Massive Fund Raising

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AYA-NEO has been positively received by the gaming community as it was able to raise over $1,000,000 within 24 hours. Could this be a potential Nintendo Switch competitor?

As of this writing, a lot of backers have supported this Indiegogo campaign and the 500GB versions of the AYA-NEO is now sold out. But there are still 1TB variants available with more perks to choose from.

Some might argue that this handheld looks similar to the Switch but it leans more on Sony’s PSP/PS Vita handheld department if we’ll look at its prototype.

However, AYA-NEO will also give the backers an option to get a docking station that carries a lot of ports along with a carrying case.

AYA-NEO Shows Off An Amazing Spec Sheet

This portable beast is packed with the powerful six-core Ryzen 4500U processor with its built-in Radeon Graphics.

It also comes with either a 500GB or 1TB worth of SSD storage for fast loading times when playing your favourite games. It will also house 16GB worth of RAM which is also enough for smooth gameplay aside from the included processor.

The AYA-NEO also houses a 7-inch multitouch screen, which is actually similar to what the new Nintendo Switch will be releasing in terms of size. However, this screen has a more advanced panel since it will have an 800p native landscape 215 ppi H-IPS panel.

Looking at these amazing specs of this handheld alone, it’s already similar to owning a mid-range PC right at your fingertips.

Run Demanding Games Such As Cyberpunk 2077

Another selling point of the AYA-NEO handheld portable is its ability to run AAA games out in the market today. So imagine playing Death Stranding, Assassin’s Creed or even Cyberpunk 2077 at the palm of your hand.

Taki Udon, a YouTuber who is known for reviewing Kickstarter gadgets showed us these test gaming clips that show off the capabilities of the AYA-NEO.

Will Sony buy out some of these gaming companies to compete in the handheld department? We don’t know yet but it is possible since Microsoft has recently acquired Bethesda.

It looks like the future of portable gaming is getting brighter with all these amazing projects coming out and it’s only a matter of time if the other console giants might pull off something in their sleeves to compete with Nintendo.

Check out AYA-NEO over at Indiegogo as they are selling their limited 1TB variants for $869 or go for their 500GB variant if ever it goes back in stock priced at $789.


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