An In-Depth Look At Water Gadgets For Home Improvement

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When it comes to home improvement, gadgets are pretty helpful because they offer long-term benefits and make everyday tasks more convenient. In this regard, water gadgets take the win since they can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or your front yard.

In this guide, we mention some water gadgets that you can use to reduce your water usage while ensuring the cleanliness of drinking water.

Water Gadgets For Home Improvement

Some gadgets in this list help you save water, while others cleanse the water while reducing its hardness. Let’s explore them in detail.

1. American Standard Beale Collection Kitchen Faucet

The American Standard kitchen faucet is a wonderful addition to your kitchen if you want to save water during cooking and cleaning. It has an impressive design and a water-efficient technology that prevents wastage.

The MeasureFull feature allows the faucet to dispense only your desired volume of water, ensuring there’s no excessive waste. You can choose the water volume by moving the dial – up to five cups – and then turn on the faucet.

Other Features

Here are some other features of this kitchen faucet:

  • Touch Functionality: To turn on the faucet, simply touch it. It’s the perfect mechanism for when you’ve got your hands full with everything else to do in the kitchen.
  • Re-Trax Technology: It lets you retract the pull-down spray for use. Additionally, you can use the spray easily without having to fumble with the control.
  • Rubber Nozzle: The spray nozzles are made of rubber, making it easier for you to clean them with a simple swipe of your finger.
  • Memory Positioning: The faucet remembers the temperature position. Therefore, when you’re performing repetitive tasks, you don’t need to constantly move the valve to the right temperature.
  • LED Light: The faucet has an LED light that stays on while the faucet is on.

2. Orbit 21004 Garden Hose System

Nowadays, everything is connected to our phones, so why not do the same with our watering systems? The Orbit garden hose system allows you to set a sprinkler timer by connecting it to your home’s Wi-Fi connection.

In this way, you can turn the sprinklers on and off without having to move from your place. Moreover, it helps you save water since the sprinklers aren’t on when they don’t have to be.

Other Features

Here are a few features of this water gadget for your garden:

    • Network Meshing: The company’s network meshing system expands signal strength, allowing you to use multiple timers in several locations around your house. Thus, you can manage all watering systems from a unified source.
    • WeatherSense Technology: The watering system adjusts the water flow according to the site conditions, such as historical ET, sunshine, shade, slope, and soil type. Therefore, it delivers the appropriate amount of water to your plants.
  • Flow Meter: The gadget also has a built-in flow meter that allows you to keep track of the amount of water you’re using to water your plant. Since the flow meter measures by the second, you can use it for other applications, such as in greenhouse and hydroponic systems..
  • xB-hyve App: To control the gadget even more easily, you can download the B-hyve app for iOS or the Android Play Store. With your account on the app, you can control the water flow and set the timer accordingly.
  • Bluetooth: If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, you can still connect the gadget to your device’s Bluetooth.

3. Mitte Mineralized Water

Why spend hundreds of dollars on mineral water every month when you can simply get yourself a gadget that dispenses mineral water in the comfort of your own house? The Mitte Home Plus is a smart home water system that enhances and purifies your drinking water.

The company claims its process has been inspired by the ‘natural water cycle’ and works in the following steps.

  • Firstly, the Mitte Home Plus uses a distillation-based procedure to purify the water.
  • Then, it adds essential minerals to enhance drinking water quality.

Since our tap water is filled with heavy metals, hormones, viruses, bacteria, and other hazardous contaminants, it helps to have a purifier at home.

Other Features

Here are some notable features of the Mitte Home Plus:

  • 60 Times Cleaner: The water dispensed by the Mitte Home Plus is 60 times cleaner than what standard pitcher filters can deliver. Therefore, you can expect your water to be free of chemicals, debris, and solid particles.
  • Energy-Efficient: As compared to other water distillation systems, the Mitte Home Plus is more energy-efficient. So, it will provide you clean drinking water without cranking up your utility bill.
  • 3 Times Cleaner: As per its manufacturers, the water dispensed by this smart purification system is three times cleaner than that of reverse osmosis systems.
  • Phone App: The Mitte phone app helps you personalize the whole water dispensing experience since you can view insights, get alerts for replacing the mineral cartridges, and specify the volume of water to be dispensed.

4. Yarna Capacitive Water Descaler System

Most homes face the problem of hard water that leaves mineral deposits on kitchen fixtures, hair, skin, and electronic appliances. Although water softening systems are widely available, they’re salt-based and increase the amount of salt intake through drinking water.

However, the Yarna water descaler system is a salt-free alternative that ‘conditions’ the water without the addition of potassium or sodium salts. It’s an electronic system that prevents the build-up of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.

Besides preventing rusting and clogging pipes, the descaler system also extends the lifespan of your appliances and lowers heating costs.

Other Features

Here are other features of the Yarna descaler system:

  • Capacitive Effect: The water descaler has two impulse coils under which the water flows when you turn the faucet on. These electric waves convert calcium into calcium ions.
  • Ultra Flat Impulse Bands: The signal frequencies are transmitted through the impulse bands surrounding the pipe.
  • ABS Plastic: Yarna has used a resistant ABS plastic to ensure the descaler does not get damaged due to physical impact. Moreover, it resists chemical corrosion, withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

5. AquaHomeGroup Shower Filter

If your home gets unclean or hard water, the best gift you can give your body is a shower filter. The AquaHomeGroup shower filter has 15 stages of water filtration, ensuring the final output is safe and healthy for your hair, skin, and nails.

Besides removing dirt and debris, the water filter also removes fluoride, heavy metals, and chlorine from shower water, keeping your skin and hair safe from these impurities. More importantly, it makes shower water safer for your kids and pets.

Since it features a universal design, you can connect it to any kind of shower, including rainfall, handheld, and wall-mounted.

Other Features

Here are some distinctive features of this shower filter:

  • Less Scale: Since the shower filter removes iron particles, it prevents rust. Moreover, it eliminates minerals, keeping scale buildup at bay.
  • Water Pressure: Even with the shower filter on, you’ll get consistent water pressure in the shower.
  • Odors: Along with solid particles, the shower filter also removes odors from your shower water. As a result, you can enjoy a pleasant showering experience that doesn’t make your hair or skin dry.
  • Easy Installation: You don’t need to call on a handyman to install this shower filter since it has a hand-tightening connection. All you have to do is tighten the filter and secure it in place with the plumber’s tape that’s included in the package.

Water Gadgets

Water is an everyday necessity, which means it must be clean, safe, and contaminant-free for consumption or cleaning. From your kitchen faucet to the gardening hose, there’s a multitude of water gadgets that ensure safe consumption while preventing excessive waste.

For those of you who enjoy long hikes or extreme camping, you may want to pick up an emergency water filter system.


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