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ANCESS Q Review – Customisable and Multi-use LED Light

Ancess Q’s various different modes are perfect for getting the lighting just right in your photoshoots or adding that lovely bit of ambience to your room or outdoor area. Add that to its flexible structure, rugged build, and compact size and you’ve got yourself a LED light you’ll want to take with you wherever you go.
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ANCESS Q Quick Review


Ancess Q leaves its competition in the dust by adding an unprecedented level of customizability and flexibility to your standard LED lighting solution. Whether it’s the magnetic frame or the generous number of colours and modes, Ancess Q was truly designed for all your needs.



  • Light modes are useful for a variety of situations
  • High flexibility gives you better control over what you want to illuminate
  • Exceptional brightness beats out much of the competition
  • Minimal weight and portable size makes it easy to carry out


  • Price is a bit on the steep side

Can’t get the lighting just right for your selfie? Or is that desk lamp of yours just too bright when you’re burning the midnight oil? Seems like what you need is Ancess Q – a customizable LED light that’s built to serve a wide variety of purposes, whether it’s setting mood lighting for a photo shoot or as a mobile light source when you’re working on an outdoor project.

In this Ancess Q, we’re itching to find out exactly what makes this device so special and if it truly is as useful as its creators make it out to be.

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Ancess Q Overview

Ancess Inc. is a tech company that’s been pioneering a wide variety of lighting products for a little over three years now, developing illumination gadgets that cater to hairdressers, plants, outdoor activities, and so much more.

The Ancess Q is a portable multipurpose LED light of sorts that’s fully customizable and extremely portable, making it perfect as an all-around gizmo. Looking for different coloured mood lighting for your social media snapshots? Check. Need a portable light to work on your car? Ancess Q is magnetic, so double-check.

It even comes with a controller and an LCD screen for easier use and it’s both water and dustproof so even bad weather won’t slow it down.

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Ancess Q Features

Various Light Modes

Switching between the different modes Ancess Q has to offer couldn’t be easier, thanks to its included controller and OLED panel. Not only does it allow you to cycle between all the modes, but the screen also lets you see vital information like brightness and colour temperature. Here are the modes you can try out:

  • General Mode: this mode allows you to steadily increase the colour temperature at 1000k increments between the ranges of 2700K to 6700K.
  • Single Mode: as its name suggests, this mode should be used when you want your light to shine in one specific colour.
  • Twice Mode: this allows you to blend two different colours together, like different shades of purple-red or green-red.
  • Panorama Mode: this mode smoothly transitions from one colour to the next.
  • SOS Mode: Enabling this mode makes the Ancess Q blink in a single colour repeatedly at quick intervals, signalling the need for emergency assistance.

Multi-coloured Lighting

Ancess Q offers 4 lighting colour variations – 2 cool and 2 warm – making it very useful for a variety of situations.

Exceptional Flexibility

It’s made out of a delicate blend of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), textiles, and polycarbonate film, giving it a high level of elasticity. This gives you better control over how you want to use the Ancess Q to illuminate different areas or surfaces.

Lightweight and Extremely Compact

Weighing in at just under half a pound and measuring only 9.4 x 6 inches, you can effortlessly carry the Ancess Q around or easily toss it inside your bag to take on trips.


The Ancess Q panel is rated IP55, meaning it’s both dust and waterproof. This makes it a fantastic gadget to have while you’re out camping or doing some work in the rain.

Outstanding Brightness

Ancess Q operates at up to 25W of power, making it brighter than the combined strength of five LED lamps.


Panel Dimensions 9.4 x 6 x 0.7 inches
Controller Dimensions 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches
Power Consumption 25W or 10W
Input Voltage 12V or 5V
Lux @1m 950lx
Colour Rendering (CRI) 90~95
Colour Temperature (CCT) 2700K~7000K
Dimming 10~100% (5 step)
Lighting Material ABS plastic, textile, PC film
Controller Material ABS Plastic
Light Module Weight 0.48 lbs (200g)

Build & Design

The Ancess Q’s panel looks like it’s been ripped straight out of a sci-fi movie, with its malleable rectangular structure and honeycomb-like light arrangement. It sports a fairly low-key design that should blend in just fine with most households (especially if you use its included desk stand) and its all-black controller sort of looks like an old-school music player with a four-direction pad at its centre.

The panel itself is ruggedly built and delightfully flexible so you can expect it to keep up with you even during the most demanding of trips or jobs.

What’s it like to use?

Operating the Ancess Q is as simple as can be, whether you latch it onto its desk stand or utilize its magnetic nature to slap it onto a variety of surfaces, like car hoods or refrigerator doors. Its flexibility even allows you to focus the lights more on a specific area or spread them out to light up a wider space depending on how you bend the panel.

Using the controller is as simple as can be on account of the easy-to-understand layout of the controls and the nifty LED screen that shows you exactly what you’re doing as you’re cycling through the options.

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There’s no shortage of innovative LED lights or lanterns out there, but few are as handy and customizable as the Ancess Q. Its flexible structure, magnetized frame, and assortment of light colours make it great for photoshoots, auto repairs, night reading, outdoor activities and so much more.

And making full use of all its handy features is made incredibly easy thanks to its intuitive controller. Its price is a bit steep as LED illumination devices go, but its quality build and wealth of features more than justify its price tag.


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