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Anycubic Comes Up with Budget 3D Printer Called Kobra Plus: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Article Summary
  • Anycubic comes out with a budget 3D printer called Kobra Plus
  • Kobra Plus is equipped with a lighter printing head which allows it to print faster.
  • Kobra Plus starts selling for just around $553 AUD for the first 2,000 before going up to around $690 AUD.

3D printers aren’t just for fun and games, they’re actually a really good tool for product development to help users create prototypes. One problem a lot of product designers get is the price of 3D printers but Anycubic plans to sell its new 3D printer called the Kobra Plus which starts at just around $553 AUD.

3D printers come in handy when trying to develop a prototype for mass production. Aside from that, there is also a lot of fun uses as of late like prosthetics or other tools that can be created with 3D printers.

An example of how the 3D printer can be used is when developing a product say a USB-C, it would be more logical to create a render and have it 3D printed before rolling it out to mass production.

Anycubic Kobra Plus Specs: 3D Printer Price, Size, and Capability

Of course, there is also an option to rent a 3D printer for just one prototype but for users wanting to use it multiple times, it could be more cost-efficient to just buy the 3D printer itself. The Kobra Plus will start going on sale on June 15 and its starting price is around $553 AUD but after the first 2,000 units are sold, however, the price will then go up to around $690 AUD.

The price can be considered a much more economical option especially when it comes to purchasing a 300mm by 300mm printer that has an auto bed leveling and filament runout sensor.

The Kobra Plus uses a Bowden extruder setup that allows the print head to be lighter and thus increasing the print speed significantly. Although not big enough for a full-scale helmet for cosplay, the size is still useful especially when printing items that are somewhat bulkier.

Printing Larger Items with a Smaller 3D Printer

Due to its size, larger items have to be printed out in parts in order for them to be accomplished. Although this might not work for certain parts, it is still a cost-efficient approach compared to buying a larger 3D printing machine that can cost thousands of dollars.

3D printing machines in general can come in quite expensive. The Anycubic Kobra Plus is still considered a budget 3D printing machine that so happens to come with a pretty unique advantage, its speed.

Compared to other 3D printing machines, the Kobra Plus is not only faster, it is still capable of printing accurately (which could be a problem with fast-printing budget 3D printers). Aside from speed and maintaining quality, the budget Kobra Plus is also quite portable due to its smaller 300mm by 300mm size.


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