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Apex Legends Is Now On The Switch But No Cross-Progression

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While Apex Legends debuted on the Nintendo Switch this week, an exclusive interview with the Respawn Entertainment and Panic Button developers brought about a lot of challenges in putting up this port.

A spike in new players should be expected in the already popular free-to-play battle royale. But for the veterans who have stayed throughout the seasons, it may be a deal-breaker for them.

Imagine grinding for hours on the PC only to find out that you can’t carry your progress to other consoles. Some fans are already getting disappointed on the game’s performance on its first week.

Cross-Progression Indefinite But There’ll Be More Easter Eggs

In a Nintendo Life exclusive interview, technical director Andy Boggs of Panic Button confirmed that cross-progression is not currently supported. Chad Grenier of Respawn Entertainment didn’t provide a clear timeline on when cross-progression will be available on the Switch. 

According to Grenier, it’s going to be challenging to pull-off given a lot of factors such as legal and contractual things to navigate with purchasing on other platforms and some technical challenges.

Dan Hernberg, Head of Production for Panic Button did mention in the interview that the Switch version of Apex Legends will support gyroscope aiming, a feature that other consoles don’t have.

The team continues to push Titanfall 2 content to Apex Legends with the mindest of not trying to let people back to playing Titanfall 2. One of those easter eggs was a revelation this year that Mirage is related to multiple characters from Titanfall 2 as spotted by GameRant.

Apex Legends Isn’t The Only One Suffering

This is not the first time that we’ve seen similar games suffer from missing cross-play features. The Overwatch port for the Nintendo Switch hasn’t able to integrate cross-platform progression and gameplay as mentioned by The Verge.

Another example is the game Control where they had a controversy last December and wherein if you wanted to experience DualSense on the PS5, you would need to buy the game even if you had it on the PS4.

They also had a hard time supporting crossover player saved games. In fact, there have been complaints that if you have saved games on the PS4 version of Control, you cannot transfer them to the next-gen consoles.

It’s going to be another time killing grind for Apex Legends fans should they decide to play on the Nintendo Switch. So it might be better for the veterans to play Apex Legends on their chosen platform.

We may have to wait until Respawn Entertainment and Panic Button announces a clear schedule for cross-progression support for Apex Legends.


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