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Apple AR Headset In the Works? Trademark Filings Indicate ‘Wearable Computer Hardware’

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  • The “realityOS” was discovered in February from Github repositories (used by Apple) and App Store update logs.
  • Two trademarks were spotted including the “realityOS” pointing toward “wearable computer hardware”
  • Apple isn’t disclosing anything regarding potential plans to launch AR headsets.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been growing increasingly popular as everyone gears up toward the metaverse. Although not as vocal as the others, Apple has also had plans for the metaverse, and now, the company could be preparing to launch its Apple AR headset.

Although Apple is a leading brand when it comes to phones, smartwatches, tablets, keyboards, and even laptops, the company isn’t known for delving into VR or AR tech. A recent trademark finding, however, shares evidence that Apple could be launching its own AR headset.

Apple’s ‘RealityOS’ was Mentioned in Two Trademark Filings

Talk of an upcoming Apple headset started in February when Rens Verhoeven spotted references towards a “realityOS” in App Store upload logs and GitHub repositories used by the Cupertino giant. Verhoeven tweeted out his findings along with the question “AR/VR confirmed?”

Although it didn’t point to much, at least word of the “realityOS” got out, and now, Parker Ortolani found two trademarks that included it. The company is filing the trademarks on June 8, 2022, around the world and they reference a “wearable computer hardware.”

Although this could be another one of the hundreds of trademarks Apple files for on a regular basis, there is evidence that links these trademarks to the company. The evidence can be found in the registered address for Realityo Systems LLC since it is the same as Apple’s shell company that is used to get trademarks for past versions of its macOS operating system, Yosemite Research LLC.

Apple Rejects the Idea of an ‘All-Virtual World’

Apple has previously rejected the idea of an “all-virtual world” for the rumored mixed reality headset. A report by Mark Gurman says that the idea of the iPhone maker releasing VR headsets is “off-limits.”

The question is, what about AR headsets? Apple isn’t keen on sharing its plans for the future and usually doesn’t announce things until they have a product ready and they are planning to it launch soon.

Even if Apple is developing an AR headset, it could still take a while before the company decides to launch it to the public. Apple is usually secretive when it comes to new product launches which means it might be a while before we’ll hear anything officially from the company regarding its potentially new hardware.

Although Tim Cook might not want to jump on the bandwagon of transitioning towards the metaverse, Apple also isn’t known for being behind when it comes to the latest technology.


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