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Apple AR Headset Not Announced During WWDC: Product Postponed?

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Article Summary
  • Apple didn’t announce the AR headset during the WWDC.
  • Faint hints were given on AR/MR-related tech.
  • Prominent leaker notes Q2, 2023 potential release for the AR headset.

The Apple AR headset has been a product that fans have long been waiting for the company to announce. No word of the headset was announced during the WWDC leading fans to believe that the headset could in fact be delayed.

Apple isn’t a fan of giving announcements long before they launch the product so this could point to a longer timeline for the company before releasing the headset. Although fans were expecting the AR Headset to at least be announced during the WWDC, it seems like fans will have to wait a bit longer.

Although trademark filings of the Apple AR Headset have previously been spotted, this is not enough to confirm that the Cupertino giant will indeed be releasing the headset soon or releasing the headset at all.

Apple actually has a habit of filing for multiple trademarks or patents without them actualizing them into actual products. When it comes to the AR Headset, however, due to the demand of fans as they are looking towards the metaverse, there is a higher chance of Apple actualizing the product.

Apple AR Headset Missing from WWDC

The good thing about the WWDC, however, is that there were actually glimpses of what could be the technology used for the Apple AR. As per the hints, the company announced virtual maps, live text, and even Visual Look Up.

These new features could work well when used with mixed reality headsets. There also wasn’t anything about the “realityOS,” which is supposed to be the operating system behind Apple’s AR headsets.

As of present, it is still unknown how long fans might have to wait for Apple to come out with the AR headset. There are certain rumors, however, that are suggesting that the product is already under development, at least in secret.

With multiple companies already working on metaverse-tech, it is likely that Apple also won’t fall behind. The company, however, is also not known to be the first in the race.

Prominent Leaker Says AR Headsets Were Postponed to Q2 of 2023

Instead, Apple usually tries to perfect its technology or at least offer a competitive advantage before launching it to the public. As per Ming-Chi Kuo, however, a known Apple leaker, the Apple AR/MR headsets were postponed to the second quarter of 2023.

The reason for the delay was development interruptions in Shanghai due to the lockdown. This, however, is a prediction and should still be taken with a grain of salt.

When it comes to Apple’s schedule, however, although there are a lot of rumors that are pointing towards a delay in launch, fans will still have to wait until probably the next Apple event in order to find out when or if the company will be launching its AR Headset.



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