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Apple AR Smart Ring: What Is It and What Does It Do

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Article Summary
  • Apple filed two patents pointing towards building a smart ring.
  • The Cupertino giant prefers AR technology compared to VR technology.
  • What a smart ring could do when used with Apple AR glasses.

Apple is no stranger to smart tech with products like its Apple Watch, AirPods, and more but the real question is, just how far can smart tech go? While the company is continuing its research into smart rings, there are a few details popping out about how they might be used.

While there’s been a lot of talk about the multiverse, Apple has been keeping its work when it comes to AR or augmented reality on the down-low. Although fans expected the company to reveal the AR glasses during WWDC 2022, it seems like the company wasn’t ready.

When it comes to AR tech, there’s really a huge gap regarding how hand gestures are digitalized. With the current technology, users still need gloves in order to carry out different digital tasks but with the help of a smart ring, things could change.

Apple Chooses the AR Route and Filed a Patent for the Smart Rings

Apple has opted for the AR route when it comes to the metaverse instead of a VR route and with the help of a smart ring with the company’s rumored AR glasses, its users could gain more control in a virtual setting.

The Cupertino giant just filed two patent applications with one of them regarding a smart ring and how it’ll work. As per the description, it was called a “computer system with finger devices.”

When it comes to how the smart rings would work, it was described as “deployment systems for computer system finger devices.” With the help of the smart ring, users could gain control of a computer mouse or other input accessories.

As suspected, force-feedback gloves were described as inconvenient for users and were described as uncomfortable and “may provide inadequate feedback.” The finger device housing, or smart ring, could use force sensors, ultrasonic sensors, optical sensors, inertial measurement units, and other components to help users control certain digital actions.

How the Smart Rings Work and What They Could Help Users Accomplish

Once successful, users might be able to use a smart ring to control a virtual or digital computer by acting as a mouse or other accessories. This would provide convenience and potentially more control over the user’s actions.

A possibility that could happen in the future is Apple AR glasses needing users to put on smart rings in order to control virtual or digital interfaces with the glasses on. This could provide a whole new ecosystem for Apple users as they’d be able to control their AR tech without just a few movements of their fingers.

It’s still unknown how far the technology is expected to stretch or when it will be announced. Knowing Apple, however, the new smart rings could be revealed once the company already has a working product ready for the market.


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