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Apple’s Third-Gen AirPods May Have Been Leaked

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It seems Apple’s fierce legal battle with Epic Games isn’t slowing down its development of new tech one bit, as the iPhone creator recently debuted its new CPU – the M1– and is now rumoured to be hard at work developing its new generation of AirPods. Images of the upcoming pair of wireless earphones have been circulating the web as of late, though their authenticity remains to be seen.

What the third-generation AirPods might look like

According to well-known Apple enthusiast website MacRumors, a Chinese tech site called 52Audio recently shared images of what it claims to are the upcoming third-generation AirPods currently in development over at Apple. The same site had shown supposed leaked AirPods gen 3 photos in the past, though those were proven to be just tweaked photos of the current generation earphones.

These newer photos are a lot more likely to be authentic, however, as the new design seems to coincide with ongoing rumours that the upcoming AirPods would be adopting a look more akin to the AirPods Pro which features narrow silicone ear tips and a noticeably smaller stem, though it won’t include some of the more premium features of the AirPods Pro like its Active Noise Cancellation.

New features in the AirPods generation 3

If there’s any truth to 52Audio’s claims, the new AirPods will reportedly include a pressure-levelling system that alleviates ear discomfort stemming from long-term usage by equalizing the pressure inside your ears – a system similar to that found in the Pro version of the earphones.

That’s not the only things the upcoming AirPods are borrowing from the Pro, as they will supposedly also feature full touch controls as opposed to the simple tap mechanism the current generation utilizes. In addition to that, reports show that there’s a high probability that the new AirPods will include support for Spatial Audio.

It was also stated that the upcoming model maintains the current generation’s 5-hour battery life which is at odds with recent rumours about Apple’s plans to improve its battery beyond that. As for the case, it’ll look more or less like the current AirPods case, though it will allegedly include a LED indicator for showing battery life.

Apple has yet to make a statement regarding a new generation of AirPods, so it’s best to take these rumours with a grain of salt for now.


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