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AR Contact Lenses Being Tested with Medical-Grade Micro Batteries and Com Chips

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Article Summary
  • Mojo Vision is developing AR smart contact lenses that allow users to see a digital interface without external hardware needed.
  • The CEO of the company decided to test out the smart contact lenses, dubbed Mojo Lenses, himself.
  • The lenses used medical-grade micro batteries to power them.

While AR glasses were already thought of as the future, AR contact lenses or smart lenses could take the technology a large step further. Instead of everyone having to wear frames, imagine a world where people can access technology through their smart lenses.

The difference between VR and AR is that virtual reality replaces your view of the real world through digital graphics while augmented reality basically “places digital images on top of a real world display.” This means that, unlike VR, AR is not designed to substitute the real world but instead enhance it.

AR makes it easier for users to interact with technology. An example of this would be no longer needing to take out your phone in order to read texts or maybe even access a map to ensure you never get lost in the busy city.

With no word regarding the Apple AR Headset, the smart contact lenses could take things a massive step forward.

Startup Company Develops Its Own AR Smart Contact Lenses

A startup company called Mojo has developed its own version of the AR smart contact lenses that allow users to access smart technology without any visible hardware needed. The challenging part about this technology is that due to the small hardware, packing the smart lenses with a power source could be difficult.

The smart contact lenses were announced as the goal of Mojo Vision back in 2015. They aimed to create lenses that would allow its users to view digital information right in front of their faces as a more convenient replacement for AR glasses.

The abilities of the smart glasses don’t stop at just viewing digital information as the company wants to provide users with more powerful abilities like being able to zoom in from afar or seeing extremely clearly at night.

Mojo CEO Tests Out the Smart Contact Lenses

The company has been revealing different types of prototypes of this particular tech ever since but only on June 28 were they able to test out a smart contact lens on one particularly important test subject, the company’s CEO, Drew Perkins.

He wrote that after finally completing preclinical testing and once the potential safety risks were mitigated, he decided to wear the Mojo Lens. As per experience, he found it to be able to interact with a compass to help him find his bearings, view images, and even use the on-screen teleprompter.

As seen on the latest prototype for the AR lenses in March, it looked like a combination of a microchip and traditional contact lenses. The smart AR glasses reportedly used medical-grade micro-batteries, eye-tracking tech, and custom communication chips.

Before the company officially conducts clinical trials, however, they still need to secure approval from the FDA to ultimately give its users super vision.



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