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ArcX: A Smart Ring That Lets You Focus On Your Fitness Goals

Focus and track your fitness with one touch!
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A ring that has a five-way directional joystick, the ArcX Smart Ring gives you a lot of Bluetooth functionalities with a flick or push of a button.


Gone are the days where you would need to put out your phone just to adjust the volume of your music or taking a call while you’re working out. The ArcX gives you 5 to 20 days of battery life and it’s rechargeable via USB-C.

Plenty of Modes With Just One Button

ArcX includes an app where you can choose from many different modes such as:

  • Playlist Mode – The ring turns into a music player controller where you can adjust the volume, play, pause, or skip tracks. It also supports major apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and YouTube Music.
  • Stopwatch Mode – Lets you take lap times just by pressing a button and you can use this even while your music is playing.
  • Call Mode – Whenever you want to answer calls while doing your fitness routine, you can do so by pressing the centre button.

Another feature that it has is an SOS call function wherein you hold the centre button for 5 seconds and it will call the registered emergency number on your phone plus it will also send an SMS help message plus a Google map link of your current location.

Connect to Other Bluetooth Devices

In addition to these button modes, you can also have your own custom modes where you can assign each joystick movement to do certain tasks such as connecting your ring to your remote control toys, e-Skateboards as well as controlling your PowerPoint presentations.

Aside from your smartphone and sports cameras, ArcX can also control other Bluetooth devices such as wireless speakers and AR/VR headsets.

You can score your very own ArcX Smart Ring at Kickstarter starting at only $68 with colour choices of cobalt blue, graphite black or fire orange and start your fitness journey laser-focused on your goals.


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