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ATEM Mini Extreme Pushes For Higher Quality Live Productions

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From the creators of the popular video editor DaVinci Resolve, BlackMagic has unveiled their new ATEM Mini lineup for this week with the Mini Extreme taking over.

Based on this week’s announcement, it looks like BlackMagic went all-in when it comes to providing creatives with the best production quality.

It also looks like they have been listening to the community and they’ve added in the missing extra ports such as the USB-C port, HDMI out port and an Aux Out port. Here we’ll go over major features this beast has to offer.

Robust Video and Audio Features

One of the benefits of using the ATEM Mini series is its wide array of video effects such as cut, mix and dip. You can even use complex digital video effects (DVE) that move your media off-screen when transitioning between sources.

The ATEM Mini also supports chroma keyers that help you create your own virtual sets so you have more flexibility when it comes to playing around with your green screen. The built-in Fairlight audio mixer also helps you create complex live sound mixing straight to your ATEM Mini.

Monitor Your Sources From A Single Screen

Another great feature for the ATEM Mini Extreme is the ability to see all your screens at once. This is helpful especially if you’re going to deal with larger live productions.

The M/V on the front panel video output lets you do this feature with an on-air indicator as well as source status displayed on each screen whether you’re recording or streaming.

The New Models Let You Do Simultaneous Recording 

The ATEM Mini ISO models let you record five to nine videos all at once. You can also record directly to USB Flash Disk if you use either the Mini Pro or Extreme models.

If you’re using DaVinci Resolve, this nifty gadget also creates a project file so you have a faster editing workflow organizing your files in the process.

Take your live productions to the next level and can get the ATEM Mini Extreme for $995 over at the BlackMagic website.


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