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Aussie Man Uses AirTag to Track Missing Bag After Receiving No News from Airline

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Article Summary
  • Aussie man loses luggage after an international flight.
  • The man decided to use an AirTag in order to find his luggage.
  • His luggage was found under a pile of other bags. 

An Australian man decided not to take no for an answer after receiving no word from the airport for a week regarding his missing luggage. The man then used an AirTag to track down his bag only to find that it was indeed in Australia and was just under a pile of other bags.

Losing one’s luggage at the airport can result in a catastrophic nightmare especially if the contents of the bag are not just expensive, but potentially very important. There are a lot of cases of people losing their belongings at the airport and over time, this type of news no longer makes it to the headlines.

The Use of the Apple AirTag to Find Lost Luggage

The risk of losing luggage in the airport upon checking in is still at large for every traveler, luckily, there are ways to track down missing luggage like using the Apple AirTag. This is exactly what an Aussie man decided to do.

While Apple is mostly known for its other gadgets like its iPhone or the devices it is still making for the metaverse, the AirTags is a tracker also gaining a lot of attention in both a positive and negative way. While the tracker has been used in stalking incidents, there are also good use cases of the new Apple product that have arisen.

It isn’t clear if the man was anticipating his luggage to be lost or if he decided to place an AirTag in his luggage just because but luckily it was there. If he hadn’t placed the AirTag in his luggage, he might have never been able to track it down.

What was Inside the Bag?

Inside the man’s $800 bag was bicycle gear reportedly worth over $6,500. The bag also had his personal belongings which were why it was so important that he found it.

Shane Miller, a tech expert and cycling enthusiast from Ballarat was coming home from a holiday in Europe that spanned a week during mid-June. Miller tried to ask the airport for his belongings but was unsuccessful for a long week.

He decided to document his search on YouTube and lo and behold, he traced the bag to an office located at Melbourne Airport. In the video, Miller notes that he was told that he wouldn’t be getting his suitcase upon arrival.

Miller did follow the process and filed a lost luggage form but didn’t receive an update within a week despite calling up to 16 times. Miller then used the Apple AirTag to look for his luggage hidden under a pile at the Swissport office.

Miller used the AirTag locator on his phone in order to capture a GPS signal showing his luggage was at the Melbourne Airport. He then sifted through the file and finally found his luggage.


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