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Australian Company to Turn Plastic Into Energy Waits for Go Signal

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Article Summary
  • An Australian company announces a technology that can turn plastic into energy.
  • The approach turns non-recyclable plastics into energy and even hydrogen.
  • Process provides a safe alternative to how waste is being used/disposed.

Imagine a life-changing technology that could somehow turn plastic waste into clean energy. An Australian company was able to find a way to turn plastic waste into energy and is now just waiting for a go signal to do so.

Aside from just the world, Australia is also responsible for tonnes of plastic waste which has resulted in a national crisis. In order to get rid of garbage, there are three options that can be done.

While the government is already stretching its efforts to try and get citizens to use renewable energy, new technology as an investment, would mean the company would have to expand its efforts in this field. So far, Sydney is trying to urge its citizens to choose renewable energy as their source of power.

The Plastics Problem and What Happens to the Waste

Some countries result in burning their trash which could leave a substantial effect on Earth’s atmosphere. Another option is to ship it overseas where factories, governments, and other businesses that have use for plastics, metals, and other waste products.

Lastly, one of the most efficient ways to deal with plastic waste is actually recycling it and repurposing it for something of a necessity. Instead of turning them back into more plastics, which doesn’t end the cycle, the ideal goal is to turn them into energy.

Unlike renewable energy which capitalizes on infinite resources like solar, wind, or even water current, this type of technology helps the world move forward. Instead of using an infinite source for power, the technology makes use of waste, which is still very abundant in the world today.

The Company is Just Waiting for a Go Signal from the Government

The amount of plastics that are being thrown out is causing a global problem due to their effect on the government. Luckily, the technology to turn plastics into energy is ready to go as soon as the company gets a go signal from the government.

The plastics into sustainable energy technology is waiting to get a go signal from the new Albanese government. The process is known as plasma gasification which can turn un-recyclable waste into gas.

The gas is then used to turn gas turbines as well as stream turbines. The plastics can even be turned into hydrogen.

Rob Horton, the Director of the company, noted that they are just waiting for government approval. The Director also cited how successful the technology is in both America as well as in Europe.

So far, Horton noted that the government was already interested but has not yet given a definite commitment to the new technology. This, however, doesn’t mean that the deal is out of the window but could just take time before the company gets an approval.


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