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Australian Market Says the New Tesla Models ‘Deserved More’

Like any other car or electric vehicle, not all launches are a home run and no matter how popular a company is, it is not excepted for a hit and miss. Some customers from the Australian market have voiced what they felt about the new Tesla Model Y.
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Article Summary
  • Tesla launched its new model called the Tesla Model Y.
  • The Australian market has to reserve their slot to buy the model and wait until 2023 until they can drive them.
  • The global chip shortage has affected the supply of not just Tesla, but its competitors as well.

Elon Musk is no stranger to criticism and unlike other CEOs, he actually takes the time to respond to a few of them himself. Starting this week, buyers will be able to reserver their slot for the upcoming Tesla Model Y which is expected to come out from February to May of 2023.

While the company is also focusing on other things like the Optimus humanoid robot prototype, the main product of the company is still EVs.

Elon Musk Responds to Comment

In an interesting turn of events, a Twitter user shared a blog post regarding how the Tesla Model Y “deserved more” catching the attention of Musk himself. Surprisingly, the CEO of Tesla decided to reply by saying they are accelerating RHD Model Y production saying they didn’t expect the demand to be so high.

Basically, the complaint was regarding the availability of the model with concerns revolving around how not every interested Australian buyer might be able to gain access to the new vehicles. Sadly, this means that buyers might have to either settle for second-hand Teslas or wait until next year to buy a new one.

Tesla is Not Exempted from Supply Chain Issues

As the market faces a stump due to global supply chain issues, Tesla is not exempted and has experienced supply chain issues like any other company. Due to the fact that electric vehicles also use semiconductors, the production of the much-in-demand Tesla models has been problematic.

Although the demand is great, the company is still struggling to cater to the supply leaving many markets waiting until Tesla releases the models that buyers have reserved. Unlike other cars in which buyers can simply go to a retailer, pick a car, and drive it home, Tesla customers have a much different experience.

The Australian market only has access to a limited number of models and for buyers that want to purchase the most recent Tesla models, there’s no choice but to wait until next year before they can drive their EVs.

Elon Musk is well aware of this problem, as per the reply to the tweet, and says the company will be doing something in order to address their production numbers. Although Tesla has been struggling to improve its supply, due to the global chip shortage, it remains quite hard to see what moves the company can make in order to ramp up its supply for buyers.


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