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Axis Upgrades 300 CCTV Cameras in Australia

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Article Summary
  • The two largest cities in Victoria are implementing smart technology.
  • Axis is upgrading 300 CCTV cameras to help implement smart technology.
  • Smart technology will be used to handle traffic and pedestrians.

The two largest cities of Victoria have just upgraded their Safe City Camera Networks changing 300 CCTV cams to Axis’ PTZ cameras across both cities. The cams were described as “high-performance” and were capable of smart detection.

Upgrading a city’s camera system is a practical approach to providing a safer environment for citizens. While cameras are a start, they aren’t the end game when it comes to providing security for people.

Australia has been making many efforts when it comes to the security of its residents. Aside from just physical safety, the country has also been taking cyber threats extremely seriously as seen in its move to elect a Cyber Security Minister to help the country increase its efforts when it comes to digital protection.

With the help of advanced cameras that not only detect but also provide analytics, the two cities will be able to understand traffic and pedestrians much better. This will result in better planning when it comes to handling a larger multitude of people.

Axis Plans to Upgrade Current Camera Systems with Smart Technology

With COVID restrictions easing and the public going back to normal, there has been an increase in both traffic and people outside.

As per Axis Communications Business Development Manager Johnny Lee, “The data and insight that our technology provides is critical in the proper planning and management of public spaces and transport.” The cameras are capable of providing better crime prevention, deterrence, and response.

The PTZ cameras allow automation to detect vehicles and pedestrians which in turn results in giving the council better insights when it comes to patterns and traffic flow. Lee noted that their technology was initially designed to help increase club and nightlife precincts’ security.

Both cities, however, are increasingly utilizing how to understand how the cities are changing. Due to Axis implementation, the Congestion Management Team was made in order to help respond to bottlenecks, breakdowns, and incidents that happen in real-time.

Victorian State Government Announced Their Decision to Invest in Smart Technology

The Victorian State Government has decided to make a significant investment when it comes to technology that supports congestion-busting. They include 700 extra traffic monitoring cameras as well as almost 200 wireless traffic sensors in order to help monitor and “ease traffic congestion” in certain cities just like Melbourne.

Lee also noted how the post-COVID normality is resulting in an increase when it comes to the use of public transportation and roads. With the help of data analytics and automation, both city councils and transport operators can make informed decisions when it comes to planning for the future.

Trent Sullivan, the Deputy Mayor, said that the upgrades will help improve public safety and planning when it comes to transport in Greater Geelong. As per the Deputy Mayor, smart technology is a game-changer and it will help in the planning process.


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