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Bandai to Revive Tamagotchi with SPY x FAMILY Edition

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Article Summary
  • Bandai is reviving the Tamagotchi with a SPY x FAMILY edition.
  • Tamagotchi is almost 30 years old.
  • Players can try out different Anya forms or outfits.

Bandai’s Tamagotchi was once part of a lot of kids’ childhood and although the technology has changed, the company is releasing a SPY x FAMILY edition of its popular electronic toy. Buyers will be able to play with the pink-haired anime character, Anya.

Tamagotchi used to be a popular toy for kids where they can feed, raise, and basically take care of their virtual pets. The device existed at a time when even consoles weren’t advanced.

During the time when Tamagotchi first launched, the most advanced console that launched during the year was the Nintendo 64. Now, there are advanced devices like the GameSir VX AimBox input adapter that turns consoles into PCs.

A Brief History of Tamagotchi

The first line of Tamagotchi was initially released back on November 23, 1996, and only included a small 32x16pixel screen along with three buttons. Although limited, it still offered an interesting owner-like approach where its users would be able to take care of its virtual pets.

It’s been a while since the public has seen any new Tamagotchi products and this is for a good reason. As per reports, parents were discouraged from purchasing the toy for their children.

The reasons for this included the fact that although they were virtual pets, they still required constant attention and also “died so easily” leading users to become frustrated with them. Manufacturers, later on, decided to ultimately stop selling Tamagotchis.

One complaint that a lot of players had was the short lifespan of virtual pets. As recorded, the average lifespan for a Tamagotchi is supposed to last around 12 days with pets ranging from 7 to 25 years of age.

The highest age ever recorded for a Tamagotchi pet was able to reach 145 Tama years. This age, however, is still being discussed since the original Tamagotchi age counter will not exceed 99 years old.

New Tamagotchi SPY x FAMILY Edition Includes Different Any Forms/Outfits

The new Tamagotchi will include a few additional features including the ability for Anya to take on different forms/outfits. Players can see her as Witch Anya, Pajama Anya, Detective Anya, Eden College outfit Anya, and more.

With the current generation becoming more and more accepting of anime, SPY x FAMILY has seen massive success even before it officially premiered. As reported, it was even able to sell 12.5 million copies of its manga before the show ever aired.

The anime initially aired on April 9 and quickly became one of the most popular anime shows not just in Japan, but also around the world. The Anya Tamagotchi is expected to arrive on December 17.

With previous Tamagotchi fans now grown up, its price at about $20 USD won’t be a deterrent for most people wanting to purchase the new Anya version.

For those still following the anime, new episodes of the SPY x FAMILY uploads every Saturday on either Netflix or Crunchyroll.



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