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Bebird X17 Pro Review: See How Waxy Your Ears Really Are

Seeing is believing and you better believe your ears need a deep clean!
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Bebird X17 Pro Quick Review


Keep your ears cleaner than ever with the Bebird X17 Pro. Through WiFi connectivity, an impressive camera, and bright LED lights, you can finally monitor your ears and see even the tiniest dirt or flake. With it, you can say goodbye to cotton swabs and clean your ears better and safer.



  • Great camera quality
  • Smaller lens diameter
  • Very good looking


  • Attachments may be a bit large for some people
  • Price

If you are particularly keen about your ears and cleaning them with cotton swabs is just a no-no, then the Bebird Ear Cleaner is perfect for you. Basically, it is an ear cleaner with a built-in camera and light that allows you to see inside your ears. This way, you can see how waxy and dirty your ears really are. It also allows you to clean your ears more thoroughly and safely than cotton swabs.

So how does the Bebird X17 Pro Ear Cleaner work and is it the smart ear cleaner for you? Let’s find out with this review. Can’t read the whole Bebird X17 Pro review? You can click on any of the links below to skip to that section:


Did you know that using cotton swabs to clean your ears is technically not recommended? Some doctors even compare them with a toilet plunger where you end up pushing earwax deeper and deeper down your ear canal. Thus, making it harder for you to remove it out later on. Additionally, cotton swabs are also said to cause punctured eardrums and loss of hearing. In worse cases, it may even cause damage to the sensitive structures behind your ear canal, which can then lead to complete deafness, loss of taste, vertigo, and facial paralysis.

So without the cotton swabs, how will you clean your ears now? Well, according to experts, you don’t need to ever clean the wax off your ears since there’s a natural cleaning system inside. But… gross, right? Besides, for those with excessive buildup, removing earwax is necessary. So the next best thing? Try the Bebird X17 Pro Smart Otoscop Ear Cleaner.

The Bebird Ear Cleaner is a smart device with a camera and light that connects to your phone and allows you to see inside your ear. With it, you can still keep your ears clean while reducing the risks of injuries.


At US$80, Bebird X17 Ear Cleaner is one of the more expensive units in the market. It is pricier than most of the other Bebird models, but certainly not the most expensive. It costs the same as the M9 Pro and cheaper than the Note 3 Pro, which comes with dual-use tweezers and costs US$120.

Compared to other brands, Bebird X17 is pricier than most, including the . It is also slightly more expensive than the amazon link=”B086VFKMGP” title=”ScopeAround Ear Cleaner”/], which comes with a viewing monitor. However, Bebird X17 is way cheaper than a very similar product, the Axel Glade Spade, which costs a whopping US$126.

You would also like the Headpop Focus to help reduce spots.

Bebird X17 Pro Picked Up


1080P HD Camera

The Bebird X17 is a professional ear otoscope equipped with an impressive 5.0 megapixels camera, which is great since you’ll be able to see even the smallest details inside your ears. It also has the thinnest lens at 3.5mm in diameter.

Magnetic Charging Base

Bebird X17 comes with a magnetic charging base that also acts as a storage area for the ear scoop accessories. This allows you to arrange and keep everything neat and in order.

Temperature Control

This is one important feature of an otoscope. See, a device should not get too hot or too hold when inside the ear. It needs to stay within your body temperature so it wouldn’t cause any discomfort. And Bebird aced this with the X17, which is built with a temperature control feature. The otoscope (the part that goes in your ear) stays at 77°F and the handle stays at 89°F.

Ear Tip

Bebird offers a polycarbonate + soft silica gel ear spoon to get those nasty wax in your ears. It is small enough to fit most ear canals and is soft enough to not cause you any pain. It is available in 3 sizes, so you can clean your ear comfortably.

Aside from the spoon, the Bebird X17 comes with many different accessories, which allows you to clean your ears in various ways. In total, you’ll get 29 attachments, each one guaranteed durable and made for several uses. You can replace the tips, depending on your need, and secure them on the device with the locking nut – which is actually another great feature. This gives more security and reassurance that the tips won’t get unattached and left inside your ear.

Personally, though, we think the 29 attachments aren’t all necessary. Is there a need to insert what seems to be a feathery tip inside your ears? Well, that’s for you to decide. Also, some users are having a difficult time with the attachments as they are a bit too big for their ear canals. With the tips attached, it is tough for them to get deep inside and still see well. Now, of course, this depends on each person.


Weight 32.2g
Antenna Internal FPC Antenna
Image Sensor CMOS
Working Frequency 2.4Ghz
Network Standard IEE 802.11b/g/n
Battery 350mAh lithium battery
Working Temperature -10 to 50 °C
Battery Life Approx 90 minutes
Full Charging Time 1.5 hours
Input Parameter 5V – 0.4A
Working Voltage 4.7V
Power 5W
Lens Diameter 3.5mm
Optimum Focal Length 1.5 to 2 cm
Pixel 5.0 Megapixels
Gyroscope 6 axis

One of the reasons why the Bebird X17 Pro is more expensive than most ear cleaners is its impressive 6-axis gyroscope, while others only have 4 or 3 axes. This provides you with 360-degree angle recognition, so you can clean with precision. It also has a 2mm accurate measurement, which makes it easier for the device to detect even the slightest movement. Thus, you can prevent accidentally poking your eardrum.

The camera of the Bebird X17 is also impressive with a 1080P resolution and 5-megapixels, which means clearer images. Its camera specs are higher than that of the Axel Glade Spade, which only has a 3-megapixel camera.

Another notable feature of the Bebird is its otoscope lens diameter. At 3.5mm, it is significantly smaller and thinner than most of the other ear cleaners. For instance, ScopeAround, WonVon, and other Bebird models have a 3.9mm lens diameter.

You would also like the Nightbuds, which are super comfortable eaebuds for better sleep.

Bebird X17 Pro


One of the best things about Bebird X17 is its overall look and design. Made with an all-aluminum body and finished with a matte color, it gives us the impression that it is well-made. It doesn’t look cheap like other ear cleaning products. It is sleek, simple, compact, and easy to carry. Using the base as a charger and storage for the accessories was pretty great too. This gives a nice and practical setup since everything has its place.


The Bebird X17 Pro is a much better and safer solution to cleaning your ears than cotton swabs. By allowing you to see exactly what goes inside, you can keep your ears cleaner and more comfortable. This is a great tool for those who wear hearing aids, earplugs, and who frequently use earbuds. It can also help those suffering from hearing loss or pain due to excessive earwax buildup.

With its ultra-thin lens diameter, phenomenal camera quality, and overall impressive design, the Bebird X17 Pro is easily one of the best smart ear cleaners around. Sure, it costs more than many of the other units, but for what it does and the advantages it offers, it is certainly a better option.

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