The Best Countries to Set Your VPN To

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Thanks to the internet, we can quite easily access content from all around the world. However, it is not limitless – there are some geographical restrictions, usually associated with licensing issues and privacy laws. Therefore, a person from the UK may wonder – does Sky Go work abroad? Or, film awards fans who are not American can be worried – can we watch the Oscars ceremony live from outside the US? However, there is a solution that can help you to overcome all the difficulties associated with the geographical limitations online.

A virtual private network, usually abbreviated to VPN, allows you to change your IP address to the one looking as if it was from a different country. Apart from giving you access to various streaming platforms from abroad, it improves data protection and enhances your privacy online (as your true IP is hidden), making you less prone to cyber-attacks. You can select almost any VPN server location, so it may be hard to decide which one is best for you. To make this choice a little easier, we have prepared a list of the best countries to set your VPN to. Keep on reading!

1. Switzerland

Switzerland has long been known as the country with excellent privacy laws; there were even some secret bank accounts that served people worldwide for so-called “tax purposes.” Nowadays, it still has pretty strong privacy laws; plus, data retention there is not affected by the European Union. As Switzerland does not belong to it, this country does not have to share the information that members are obliged to provide. What’s more, their data is not shared with the Five Eyes alliance, or other partnerships of this kind. For this reason, data protection in this country is at a really high level.

Another significant factor is that since 2011, unauthorised file-sharing has been legal in Switzerland. If it is just for personal, not commercial use, you can freely download films, TV shows, music, and other copyrighted content. For this reason, this is the best VPN server location not only for people who need safe data retention but also for those who want to download torrents with no legal consequences.

2. Spain

Contrary to Switzerland, Spain belongs to the European Union, but nevertheless, it is famous for having one of the most rigorous laws associated with personal data protection. For an entrepreneur, it is crucial that this country protects data gathered by not only local businesses but also those who are registered in Spain and working abroad. Therefore, if you choose one of the Spanish VPN servers, your sensitive information will be under the protection of those strict laws. Interestingly enough, it is also one of the seldom cases where a country has its own national data protection agency.

Spain is also a fantastic choice for people seeking the best VPN server to download torrents. It is because their local courts usually acknowledge the purpose of earning benefits over breaking copyright laws. Therefore, if you download a film to just watch at home or music to listen to on your personal player, without any financial profits, you do not have to be afraid of copyright infringement.

3. Malaysia

Despite serious deficits in freedom laws in Malaysia, it is one of the countries most commonly recommended to set your VPN server to. It is because they implemented a very efficient Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in 2010, and they were improving it over time. Keep in mind that this law applies not only to businesses registered in Malaysia but also to those who use their servers to process data. Therefore, if you use your VPN to connect to one of the servers from this country, this law will apply to you as well.

4. The USA

The choice of a location to set your VPN to is highly dependent on your motivation. If it is not privacy you are most interested in, but streaming platforms, the USA may be your first choice for server location settings. It is because there are many events taking place in this country that are not always available to watch online all around the world. It can be a sports championship, an awards ceremony, a political speech, a concert, and many others.

What is more, many streaming platforms are available in just a few countries apart from the US, like Hulu or Disney+. Also, even if a particular platform is available in a much wider number of countries (like Netflix or HBO Go), it often happens that the offer for the US citizens is much broader. Therefore, if watching more films and TV shows is your main motivation, choose one of the American servers, buy the subscription and enjoy it!

Additional Information

There is some free VPN software, but if you want to provide yourself with really high privacy and outstanding speed, it may be best to choose one of the paid providers. They often offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it is a safe investment for you. They typically have a wide range of countries to choose a server from, so this kind of VPN will give you a lot of opportunities and high protection from cyber attacks.

While selecting the best option for you, think both about your budget and motivation. Namely, some VPN servers may be better for protecting your data, and some are excellent for accessing geographically restricted content or downloading torrents. With a proper VPN, you will be able to enjoy more freedom on the internet!


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