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The Best HR Software to Empower Your Business and Employees

Empower your business by empowering your HR no matter how big or small with the simple recommendations below. 😌
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The best HR software helps empower your HR to ensure that both the business and the employees interact on a healthier, easier-to-access, and all-inclusive platform. Aside from automating certain tasks like reviews, payroll, and announcements, HR software helps the business provide a safe space for employees to file leaves, make requests, and access materials that can help improve the quality of their work-life.

Stop using the older ineffective systems and start improving the health of your business with the help of HR software.

How we Pick the Best HR Software

A business lives and breathes on the performance of its employees and this is something that any good businessman understands. Australian businesses, in general, know the power of a healthy HR structure and this is why streamlining and upgrading the process could be beneficial to your business. In order to find out which HR software are most effective, we started listing down a list of 15 software and narrowed them down to just six.

Each business holds its own unique structure and we’ve made sure to take this into account. The software were then grouped into six different categories with each one catering to different businesses. We then compared software within each category and reviewed each one through aggregators like to come up with a master list of HR software that checks different criteria including price, system stability, product quality, and the reliability of the company.

After toning the software down to just six, we made a list of the best HR software for big or small businesses in Australia.

The Best HR Software to Use in Australia

1. Employment Hero: Best for Small Businesses

Employment Hero

Why we like it:

  • Provides employee materials
  • Good balance between businesses and employees
  • Includes built-in contracts, policies, and HR templates
  • Very employee-centered

What consumers say:

“This software has saved my sanity in on boarding new employees and now we have over 100 staff its great that they can update their details themselves.” – Kerry S.

Designed by some of Australia’s finest, Employment Hero is an HR software that allows businesses to manage their HR department with ease. The software provides built-in contracts, policies, and other HR templates needed.

When it comes to managing businesses, the HR department is responsible for the complete employee cycle. The reason why upgrading the system is important is because recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and letting go of employees can take quite a chunk of the businesses’ resources.

With HR software, not only will employee onboarding and handling be taken care of, even payroll will be included. Providing a proper system for payroll allows the company to save precious company time when it comes to paying employees.

On top of the time saved, automatic payments help decrease the likelihood of errors which can cause inconvenience or worse, distrust between the employers and the employees. The more automated certain practices become, the better they will be for the whole team.

Employment Hero also includes some additional features like developer feedback loops, KPIs, and design custom performance reviews. The HR software also provides employee feedback and materials to help improve performance and improve their personal and work life.

When compared to Frontier Software, Employment Hero is better for small businesses with a more centralized employee base. The HR software provides solutions that are designed to help streamline manual processes but they might not be good for businesses with a lot of employees all around the globe.

For those that want a very employee-centered HR software, look no more, this software is best for companies wanting to maintain the perfect relationship with their staff.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides electronic employment contracts
  • Good with sales integration
  • Better leave management

  • Hard payroll integration with other systems
  • Sometimes emails end up in spam/junk
  • Some features aren’t customizable

2. Breathe: Best for Businesses on a Budget

Employment Hero

Why we like it:

  • Affordable
  • Good upgrade for existing systems
  • Third-party systems integration

What consumers say:

“Overall very positive and has greatly improved efficiencies within our organization.” – David C.

Breathe is an HR software that helps companies “breathe” easy by providing assistance in terms of management, development, and retaining talent while growing the business. The HR software aims to provide all the streamlines needed to scale the company through HR functions for human capital management (HCM).

The software takes a more professional approach through proper human resource management systems (HRMS). The systems in play include everyday HR processes as well as proper business-centered strategy planning.

Breathe is an HR software designed for small to medium businesses and aims to help them scale through onboarding, retention, and proper employee management. The tool has won awards for providing simplified solutions to otherwise complicated practices.

For companies that follow traditional business structures, Breathe does not aim to change the way the business functions but rather enhance it through the help of proper tools, automation, and better data management.

Breathe offers a centralized employee HR database to help businesses better manage documents, tasks, performance, time, and payroll. Instead of having a lengthy approval process, the HR software lets employees ask permission for certain tasks to streamline the inquiry to filing to review to the approval process.

Out of the whole list, Breathe is the best for businesses on a budget that wants a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective HR solution. When compared to Ascender, Breathe is great for businesses that are just starting to build their system.

Businesses that already have a good HR system but want to make it better will be able to use this tool to better utilize their prized resources.

  • Affordable price
  • Good integration with third-party systems
  • Good for employee self-service
  • Great support
  • No drag and drop function
  • Not the best recruitment system
  • No time-tracking feature

3. ELMO: Best for Business Transparency

Employment Hero

Why we like it:

  • Solutions for six parts of the HR process
  • Transparent to both employers and employees
  • Includes learning systems

What consumers say:

“It’s great to have information for staff, online learning, and leave application all in one platform! Great for uniting the staff and keeping each other information.” – Miriam B.


ELMO believes that efficiency is the name of the game and aims to help businesses save and better utilize their existing resources by improving the efficiency of their systems. The ELMO solution is basically managing the different sectors of HR much more easily.

The good thing about ELMO is that it has certain integrations that work really well with remote or hybrid work settings. While some companies have found hybrid systems to be more effective for their business, HR software provides them with additional tools to help them better manage their employees.

ELMO divides the HR process into six different parts; pay, engage, hire, retain, develop, and predict. To better detail what the HR software offers, it starts by assisting in the onboarding process of the company.

Aside from onboarding, the HR software helps users with employee retention by providing analytics and training resources to better help them improve. The process doesn’t just end here, businesses can also provide rewards and recognition to employees that deserve it.

The whole process aims to cultivate a healthier and more progressive environment for both businesses and their employees. The HR software also provides useful tools like surveys and succession management to help employees better understand their employees.

ELMO provides a very transparent environment for businesses that want to really connect with their employees. Unlike Employment Hero, ELMO provides a better environment for employees to be able to access reports, payroll, and other files.

If efficiency is the name of your game, this HR software is the perfect solution for you since it helps you make the most out of your existing systems.

  • Clear information for employees and businesses
  • Good customer support
  • Provides learning systems
  • Good integration for offices
  • eLearning modules can be a bit outdated
  • Items cannot be listed in alphabetical order
  • Can be confusing for some

4. Frontier Software: Best for Businesses with International Employees

Frontier Software

Why we like it:

  • Great customization options
  • Good for international employees
  • Reliable technical support

What consumers say:

“Features is very good and also Customer Support” – Kaium K.

Frontier Software aims to be one of the most valuable assets an organization could ever have when it comes to its HR department. The HR software offers a wide range of tools to help businesses manage contracts, understand intelligent workflow, evaluate performances, and more.

In order for a business to move forward, it has to create a healthy ecosystem in all departments, especially HR. The HR software aims to provide an easy way to implement this healthy ecosystem through automation and inclusivity for businesses and organizations all around the world.

Frontier Software is also a very inclusive tool that offers a single database for businesses with employees from other countries. When it comes to payroll, the software is capable of making automatic payments in different currencies with its tool available in different languages.

Aside from just providing tools, Frontier Software allows users to customize these tools in order to better fit the business. The HR software understands that different businesses have different requirements and in order to properly serve them well, the software itself has to be customizable.

Aside from customizable payslips, users will also be able to customize report designs to be used for different departments of the business, clients, or employee reports. The reports can also be easily distributed through email on a scheduled basis.

Frontier Software is a great solution for businesses that outsource or have employees located around the globe. Unlike EmpowerHR, the reach of Frontier Software allows it to handle international employees and takes care of the conversion, communication, and other location-based issues.

If your business has unique needs, look no further since this HR software will allow you to properly customize reports and payslips to better fit your needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Better control over system automation
  • Good for businesses with international employees
  • Wide range of customizable options
  • Good technical support
  • Can be a bit confusing to use at first
  • Might require a steep learning curve for non-tech savvy users

5. Ascender: Best for Integration with Current Systems

Frontier Software

Why we like it:

  • Very straightforward to use
  • Good mobile option
  • Is rich in features

What consumers say:

“After having worked manually and also with other slow response programs, this one has been extraordinary, efficient, fast, and saves me more time for other commercial activities.” – Elias S.

Ascender is a great HR software that aims to help businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce. The HR software offers services in three different departments; payroll & HCM, management services, and integration to the marketplace.

While some companies think they need to hire expensive consultants or professionals in order to improve the company’s HR, Ascender believes that all the business needs to do is to make use of what they already have.

Ascender helps companies automate their payroll process and ensures that the Human Capital Management accomplishes deliverables right on schedule. While companies might suffer issues due to delayed deliverables from employees, the same can be said for employees that receive late deliverables from the company.

The HR software makes sure that both sides are well taken care of when it comes to payment or document schedules. Aside from this, Ascender also helps users manage their team from a simple platform making it easier to access or write reports, cross-check with existing files, and keep the data safe all in one place.

The software is also easily integrated with existing systems making the process of adjustment much easier for businesses. Instead of spending months adjusting to a new system, Ascender is easily applicable to existing systems the business has in play.

When compared to ELMO, Ascender is easier to integrate into a business’s current systems. Instead of having to build the system from scratch, the HR software makes it easier to take the bits and pieces of the old system and integrate it with the new one.

If your business is built in a unique way, the HR software will help you integrate a new seamless system with your current one.

  • Software is very straightforward
  • Reporting is made much easier
  • Good performance management program
  • Option for mobile use
  • Can be quite expensive
  • Availability of functions can be overwhelming

6. EmpowerHR: Best for Employee-Business Relationships


Why we like it:

  • Great visibility for employees
  • Good metrics for flexible payroll adjustments
  • Designed for Australian businesses

What consumers say:

“We can get all the employees access in one place. Easy to use and more compatible.” – Devi S.

EmpowerHR believes that the best way to empower the business is by first empowering the HR department. The software specializes in payroll solutions among other features making sure users have the right rules in place to send properly calculated payments.

EmpowerHR also aims to eliminate the manual process of having to change certain payroll settings from time to time. Instead of having to manually correct the system, rules can be set into place in order to ensure payments are adjusted in accordance with certain metrics.

The HR software aims to provide powerful modules that are specifically designed and developed for Australian businesses. Users will benefit from the automation process through better business processes and productivity gains.

Managing people can be quite difficult which is why EmpowerHR makes otherwise complicated performance reports much easier to make through a simple platform. The HR software is designed to be faster, flexible, and a more effective solution compared to traditional business practices.

The software makes sure employees are properly taken care of by allowing them to file formal reports, view their performances, and enjoy better visibility regarding the company’s HR initiatives. In addition to the cost-saving benefits, EmpowerHR also allows users to track payments for future requirements.

EmpowerHR holds a significant advantage compared to Breathe by fostering a healthier employee environment for the business. The HR software creates a flexible and fast system where both businesses can carry out HR tasks and employees can easily receive their payroll.

If you’re a business that understands the importance of taking care of your employees, no need to look elsewhere since this HR software provides an all-in-one solution for both businesses and their employees.

  • Has good accountability
  • Great for beginners
  • Better visibility for employees
  • Hard to contact customer support
  • The app can be buggy

HR Software: Buying Guide

This section was created to assist buyers in making better choices when choosing the right HR software for your business. There are a few elements in this guide that you can follow in order to make sure you get the most out of the HR software you choose.

What to Look for When Choosing an HR Software

Check out the following criteria to help you make better decisions when choosing the right HR software:


First and foremost, it’s important that the HR software is either easy enough to use or that the business has the technical expertise to operate it. Some software can be simple and offer limited features or complicated and offer more features.

Although having multiple features might sound good, sometimes these features can be counter-productive to the business. In order to avoid this, make sure to choose the right HR software with the right features needed for your business in a platform that is easy to access and easy to control.

An HR software does not have to be complicated to operate. Choosing the right software for your business, with regard to your employees’ technical expertise, can help ensure that the benefits better affect your business.


When it comes to automation, certain tasks are better automated while some are better done manually. Other tasks like payroll or scheduled reports are better with automation since it helps minimize errors, make sure there are no delays, and helps provide more clarity on both ends.

Other sensitive information that is better left out of the automation process can also be done with an HR software that provides a secure database for holding critical files. The right HR software for this job has to provide optional automation for certain tasks.

With the help of automation, businesses can focus their resources on other more pressing tasks that require manual attention. An HR software allows businesses to automate the computing, reporting, and


For businesses operating in industries with fast turn-overs, having a smooth onboarding process is a must. There are certain HR software that provides a seamless onboarding system that allows the business to properly vet candidates, review them, and make reports to help the business with its hiring process.

Although some businesses believe that onboarding should be done manually, the system does not aim to change the way things are done but rather enhance it. An onboarding system basically helps with file and candidate management allowing the HR department to store, sort, and search for files through a much easier platform.

The hiring process of a business can be very routinary which gives room to possible error. Through a seamless onboarding system, your business will be able to handle faster hiring and onboarding processes.

Time Management

HR software isn’t just for reviewing employee performance, it is also a great tool to ensure that the staff performs properly. A time management tool allows businesses to check on employees without having to be too intrusive in the process.

Instead of having a manager check in on employees manually, time management software will allow them to check the logs and make sure that employees perform needed tasks within their given timeslots.

HR software is designed to help the company better manage its employee logs on a day-to-day basis. Aside from just time management, companies can also schedule certain reports or filings in order to make sure deadlines are met.

Performance Review

The best HR department is the one that is well informed when it comes to employee performance. Aside from carrying out tasks, being able to evaluate staff is an integral part of the business.

Using HR software allows management to properly conduct performance reviews and check the quality of the employee’s tasks. Instead of having to skim through employees individually, the HR department will be able to do so through the HR software.

Gaining a better understanding of employee performance is a great way to increase productivity and even improve retention by commending and rewarding employees that function well. For employees that lack in certain aspects, HR software can help the management pinpoint which fields they need to improve on.

Employee Exit

Letting go of an employee can be a messy process and if not done properly, this could result in issues for the business. An HR software allows businesses to let go of employees in the most humane, sensitive, and seamless way possible.

An HR software helps businesses file a proper report and connect with their employee in a professional manner. Instead of sudden notices, the HR software will help businesses file a formal report by pulling data from previous performances.

Before an employee exits the business, the company still has to follow due process in order to ensure that no backlash occurs once the employee has left. An HR software makes sure that all the data is presented before, during, and after the employee has left the business.


When choosing HR software, it is always important to keep your budget in mind. While some software might offer more but at a higher price, sometimes the extra features just aren’t what your company needs.

Instead of going over the budget in order to choose the right HR software, first list down your needs and check each provider on our list to see which ones fit your business the best. Once you’ve found the right provider, make sure to subscribe to the right package at the right price point to ensure you won’t break your budget.

An HR software doesn’t have to be expensive. Aside from the cost of the software, one thing that the business should take into account is the amount that they can save due to no longer needing to hire additional staff or time saved from certain HR tasks.


Businesses with special HR needs have to use an HR software that allows users to customize templates and designs, and add parameters to certain tasks in order to make a system more fitting to their business.

Customizing a system to better fit your business needs is a great way to make the most out of the HR software you choose. Before subscribing, you can voice your concerns to the provider in order to ensure that your needs will be met.

For businesses with very specific needs, some HR software allows them to mirror their current system making sure only minimal changes are applied. Instead of changing the system as a whole, an HR software can be used to help enhance whatever existing system the company has in place.


In order to have an effective business, the systems have to be customized in a way that doesn’t disrupt the best practices of the business. Instead of building a system from scratch, HR software can help businesses integrate their existing system into a more efficient online platform.

Proper integration shouldn’t require technical support in order to get your current systems running with the new HR software. Instead, make sure to inquire whether or not the software can be integrated with other current systems before subscribing to the service.

Integration with a company’s existing system or other apps is very important since some of the data stored in these solutions are very critical to the company. Another option is to migrate the data if the HR software already includes certain tasks that function better under one umbrella like payroll.

Benefits of Using an HR Software

There are a lot of benefits readily available for businesses that use the right HR software for their business. Here’s how HR software can help your business:

Improve Efficiency

An HR software’s main goal is to help the business bring out the best in its HR department. Through automation, scheduling, and other features, a business can improve its efficiency and productivity by simply adding HR software to its systems.

Accurate Calculations

Automation helps ensure that calculations are done accurately. With the help of HR software, a business will not have to worry about recalculating wages, payables, and expenses since all of these can be calculated automatically. The best part about HR software is that with certain parameters in play, the adjustments on calculations can be done automatically instead of manually having to crunch the numbers.

Minimize Stress

Since there are a lot of tasks within the HR department alone, having a tool to help the department carry out critical reports, reviews, onboarding, or letting go of employees can help minimize the stress felt by the whole department. Instead of doing everything manually, HR software helps assist in the sorting, searching, and compilation of data.

Better Cost Savings

Overall, HR software is designed to help companies cut costs by saving time and money otherwise spent on professional expertise. You don’t have to hire high-paid individuals in order to have an effective system, all you need is a tool that will help you automate and carry out different tasks much more easily.

Information Accessibility

Being able to access all your important HR files in one place is very important especially if you are dealing with a large employee base. Instead of having a separate system for information, having it all in one place allows you to connect the dots and better carry out tasks when it comes to the hiring, managing, and letting go of employees.

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