Best monitor displays for always-on displays

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Increasingly businesses, especially retailers and face-to-face service providers are using digital displays on their premises. They are a great way to share information with customers. Stores, salons, gyms, bars, and restaurants all use them extensively for advertising. Sharing details of promotions and using short videos to better showcase what they have to offer.

They are a valuable tool. One that many business owners could not now manage without. So, it is important to invest in the right screen or screens for the job and buy the right one for your business.

Be aware of burn-in

If you don’t understand this issue and how to avoid it, you can easily end up with a ruined screen. Fortunately, once you are aware of the causes, it is not hard to avoid this problem.

What is burn-in?

Burn-in is when an image of something that has been displayed on the screen for too long becomes literally burned into the screen. It only happens when the screen displays the same image for hours at a time. So, if you were to display the same menu for hundreds of hours, when you turn the screen off you would see a shadow of the wording, logo, etc of the menu.

When you switch the screen on and try to display another image on it, the shadow of that menu would remain visible. It looks bad. As if the screen is dirty and it can be difficult to read any writing that is included in the new image. Something that is not good for a business´ brand, reputation, or advertising efforts.

All screens are potentially prone to burn-in

Over the years, technology has improved, and it is less of an issue than it once was. But modern screens are still prone to burn-in if they are left displaying the same image day in day out. Some, for example, LCD screens will last longer than others before developing burn-in.

How to avoid burn-in completely

The best way to avoid it is to use slide videos for promotions rather than displaying a single image. You can also have several versions of your digital menu, which your cycle through. Provided the layout is sufficiently different burnout won´t occur.

Generally, it takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours of use before burn-in occurs. (See thistest.) But it is still best not to run the risk by displaying the same image for too long.

OK, that is the subject of burn-in dealt with. Now onto other factors that you need to consider when buying a screen to use for display ads or as a digital sign/menu.

The right connection options

You will need to connect the screen to a small device called a media player that contains the advert files, menu, or information that you want to display. Usually, this is done via the HDMI slot. If you are already using a provider, check that type of connection that is needed for their media player and buy accordingly.

Digital signage solutions from Mandoe Media allow you to connect straight to a display and show dynamic signs, updates, and news. Mandoe media offer several display solutions to deploy signage to your screen in seconds.

Screen size

The screen needs to be big enough to be seen clearly. But not so big that you cannot hang it where you planned.

Fixture options

You may want to change the location or orientation of the screen. It is therefore worth checking that you can do that. Most screens can be hung vertically or horizontally or set up on a stand. But double-check that this is possible and that the orientation of the display can also be changed.

Other uses

If you’re planning on streaming Netflix, YouTube, or Prime Video you’ll need an Android TV box such as a Firestick or Roku TV stick. These kinds of devices have become extremely popular over the past few years due to their reliability.

Lighting conditions of where you are planning to use it

If you wish to put your screen up somewhere that is saturated with light you need to be especially careful. In certain conditions, it will be impossible for your customers to clearly see the images that you are displaying. Thisresource will help you to make a wise choice.

Weatherproof or not

You also need to think about whether where your screen is going to hang is going to be exposed to the elements. For example, a screen that is part of a window display is likely to be exposed to direct sunlight. One that is going to be on the wall of a pub garden needs to be designed for outdoor use.

Power usage

The chances are the screen will be on for many hours each day, so you need to choose one that does not draw too much power. Watching this video covers the subject well and will help to ensure that what you buy will still provide you with a bright, colour-rich, fresh-looking image.

It is best to take your time when buying screens for use as digital displays. If you are unsure of what type you need, consider hiring one first or buying a second-hand one to try out.


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