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The Best Password Managers for Protecting Your Passwords & Accounts

Find the safest way to keep your passwords out of hackers’ reach while making sure you never forget a password again. 🗃
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The best password managers provide not only a safe place for you to store passwords but also a way to ensure that losing an account never happens. When dealing with many social media, banking, website, or forum accounts, it’s often hard to keep track of passwords. Although having a password “remembered” might seem like a good idea, it might not be the safest. Protect your passwords in the most convenient way possible by storing them in a safe and easy-to-access software, a password manager.

Instead of using a password manager, there are really two options left; storing your passwords on the browser or computer (which is unsafe) or storing your passwords on a piece of paper (which is inconvenient). Why sacrifice one for the other when you can do both?

How we Pick the Best Password Managers

In order to come up with a fair analysis, we first consulted security experts both in Australia and internationally which resulted in a list of 30 different password managers they all considered reliable. Once we got the list, we then dug deeper online to find out their standing, how many users they’ve had, if they had any security breaches in the past, and how they dealt with them. We then narrowed the list down to just six password managers that had the cleanest track records and highest recommendations.

After being left with just 10 password managers, we decided to thin the list even more by cross-referencing it with review aggregators like to find out what the customer experience was like for the different software. Other factors were taken into account like customer service, price, accessibility, and overall security measures to provide a fair metric based on convenience and security.

Finally, we made a list of the best use cases for password managers and decided to pick six out of the 10 for each use case.

The Best Password Managers to Use in Australia

Dashlane: Best for Small Businesses


Why we like it:

  • Really good UX/UI
  • Good customization
  • Helps manage employee access


  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Basic Plan Fee: $59.99/year
  • Premium Plan Fee: $119.99/year

What users say:

“Dashlane does a great job of detecting the password creation process on new websites and prompting users to store the data on the app. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the need to remember to save passwords manually.” – Jeremy G.


Dashlane is a great solution to help users manage their passwords and personal information to ensure that they can browse the web with ease. The password manager is designed for both personal and business use.

Due to its seamless integration and easy-to-use approach, this makes it a great tool for businesses since the staff won’t need any technical knowledge to apply the technology. The system is easy to adapt and easy to carry out while providing full-on protection for passwords and data.

One interesting feature that the password manager offers is a shared password for different employee groups in order to increase productivity and unlock certain tools for certain employees. Giving everyone access to everything might not be the best idea but with a password manager, businesses will be able to firewall certain tools for departments where it is not needed.

Creating a culture focused on security within the company is very important. One technique a lot of cyber criminals employ is by attacking the employees of the company in order to get to the company itself. A lot of compromisation starts with an employee and works its way up the system until hackers gain access to valuable business information.

By promoting a safe culture within the company that focuses on cyber security, businesses can improve their overall security measures not just within their systems but also for every single employee within the business. The more security-focused the staff is, the less likely the chance that they will be compromised.

When comparing Dashlane to NordPass, both password managers are very simple platforms to use. Due to its simplicity, the software can be used by people without much tech experience and without the technical training needed.

Improve your company’s security by introducing a system that is easy to implement and experienced enough to rely on.

  • Very affordable
  • Good UX/UI
  • Capable of handling multiple files
  • Fast mobile app
  • Hard to contact customer service
  • Android app lags behind iOS app

RoboForm: Best for Encryption Technology


Why we like it:

Fast customer service response
Good password organizer
Users encryption to protect users


Free Trial: Yes
Basic Plan Fee: $33.95/year
Premium Plan Fee: $25.95/year

What users say:

“I use RoboForm Business edition to share my safenotes and password with my IT and Quality Dept depending on the login or server. I also depend on Roboform to keep safenotes on all my server config notes.” – Ed H.

RoboForm is a great way to employ smart technology to help secure passwords and online accounts. The password manager uses thick encryption to ensure that the owner’s information is not compromised.

Encryption is one of the ways password managers are capable of hiding the users’ information from the internet. Instead of passwords being easily viewable and potentially compromisable, RoboForm encrypts the texts making them unviewable for unauthorized individuals.

Providing an extra layer of security for your computer, or network is important. Instead of risking your hardware, the problem with passwords is that if you lose them, they could directly damage your reputation or finances. Instead of protecting just the password, RoboForm also makes an effort to protect the users’ accounts as well.

There have been multiple instances wherein cybercriminals have taken control of an account, stolen sensitive information, and blackmailed the owner that they would leak the information if they are not paid. This dangerous occurrence has become more common for users, especially those without any form of digital protection.

RoboForm adds a thick layer of encryption to jumble texts from the hacker’s point of view. This will allow the users to protect passwords and data from being viewed by just anyone on the web.

Roboform is very similar to Dashlane in the sense that both password managers can be used on small to large-scale groups in order to ensure passwords remain safe for all accounts.

Stop leaving yourself vulnerable on the web and start using encryption to provide yourself with that extra layer of security.

  • Simple to use
  • Good encryption technology
  • Good customer service
  • Can be expensive for businesses with multiple users
  • Lacks Android integration

NordPass: Best for Budget Buyers


Why we like it:

  • A straightforward approach to password security
  • Allows 2FA
  • Easy data import


  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Family Plan Fee: $5.99/month
  • Business Plan Fee: $3.99/month

What users say:

“NordPass delivers on what it promises and they delivered it well. It’s simple, efficient, and very easy to use.” – Elliot B.

NordPass provides a safe way to remember passwords on a budget. For security-cautious users, buying an antivirus is the first step to protecting your computers or network. The good thing about NordPass is that the password manager can be added to your plan to help save money.

The NordPass password manager not only helps save passwords but also helps users generate passwords that are hard to steal through AI randomization. Users will also be able to manage their passwords all from one database in a secure and convenient way.

Sometimes password managers don’t have to be that elaborate. By using a simple tool to store, generate, and access passwords, users can access their profiles without the risk of hackers tapping into their passwords or having their data stolen.

The password manager, although simple, still employs encryption algorithms that protect the passwords from being viewed by unauthorized personnel. Despite accessing a shady website, encryption helps users protect their passwords making sure hackers won’t be able to view them as plain texts.

NordPass also allows users to use Master Password which encrypts all the data to make sure no stone is left unturned. Gaining access to one account is critical and once hackers are able to infiltrate a single account, they can then leverage the stolen information to access more accounts.

NordPass hosts many similarities with Dashlane in the sense that both password managers can be accessed through a simple platform with easy-to-understand controls. Simplicity plays a huge role in adaption and the simpler the platform, the easier it will be for staff or individuals to use it.

Securing your passwords doesn’t have to be so complicated. Get a password manager that goes well with your antivirus to enjoy full-scope protection.

  • Easy to import data
  • Allows 2FA
  • Numerous compatibility
  • Limited organizing options
  • No team or enterprise plans

1password: Best for Easy Access


Why we like it:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Supports multi-device sync
  • Multilayered security


  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Personal Plan Fee: $2.99/month
  • Business Plan Fee: $7.99/month

What users say:

“1password is a good password and data manager it helps me a lot to organize all my passwords in categories and with labels, as well as adding users to my vault safely.” – Alejandro T.

1password is a solution that focuses solely on securing passwords in order to help improve user protection. The password manager provides easy access through its single-click feature to help users save time when logging in.

Instead of having to go through multiple loops in order to log in safely, 1password provides easy access to users without compromising security. The password manager does this by saving the user’s different passwords and which websites or platforms they are used in.

Due to the simplicity of the tool, it also does not require heavy space on the computer resulting in no negative performance changes. The hard part about some software is although they provide a useful feature for the computer, they can be very heavy and cause the computer to lag behind.

1password is great for not just computers but smartphones as well. Users will be able to save passwords on multiple devices in order to ensure that they can conveniently access their accounts without having to compromise safety.

The good thing about password managers is that they are designed not just for personal use but can also cater to businesses of different sizes. Due to the simplicity of the platform, staff can easily learn how to use 1password on a regular basis to help improve both professional and personal security.

1password offers very sophisticated team management like Zoho Vault to ensure no passwords are lost no matter how complicated the organizational structure might be. Compartmentalizing password access can be very complicated but with the help of simple grouping, users will be able to give account access to the right people.

Deal with your personal and professional security with the easiest solution available. Stop leaving your passwords out in the open while conveniently accessing your accounts.

  • Easy to access
  • Cleanly organized
  • Supports multi-device syncs
  • No free plan

LastPass: Best for Passwordless Access


Why we like it:

  • Can support a large framework
  • Good encryption
  • Simple interface


  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Premium Plan Fee: $3.00/month
  • Business Plan Fee: $6.00/month

What users say:

“It’s been a great companion for the last several years. My family uses the same account so they can access accounts on their own. Just a great sense of security – it’s one of the best pieces of software I use.” – David W.

LastPass takes password management to the next level by allowing users to access their accounts without needing to remember their passwords. For businesses with multiple accounts for different services, the password manager ensures that each password is stored safely allowing users to access their accounts with ease.

The password manager’s goal is to allow its users to access their accounts without ever needing to input their passwords. As long as their accounts are authenticated, users will be able to access any account without having to pull out passwords individually.

LastPass isn’t just designed for individuals, it is also designed for businesses in order to provide staff convenient access to company accounts. Businesses can also filter which accounts are accessible by which accounts to ensure that no resources are shared with unauthorized users.

The password manager also helps with password generation to ensure that each new service added to the business’ ecosystem is well protected. The service also includes secure storage for digital records for insurance cards, memberships, and even wi-fi passwords.

LastPass also monitors the dark web to ensure that none of the accounts are compromised. Users will get a notification as soon as the password manager senses malicious activities within the accounts themselves. Businesses dealing with numerous employees can benefit from this feature since they’ll be able to track specifically where the problem is lurking.

Just like Roboform, the password manager practices good encryption to help ensure users’ passwords and data remain protected. By leveraging encryption, LastPass makes sure that texts are scrambled and not viewable by hackers.

Eliminate the hassle of having to log into every single password within your ecosystem. Go passwordless and save time and energy when accessing all your accounts.

  • Auto syncs with all devices
  • Good encryption
  • Straightforward interface
  • A bit costly
  • Customer support is hard to reach

Zoho Vault: Best for Managing Accounts

Zoho Vault

Why we like it:

  • Good customer support
  • Easy account managing
  • Nice interface


  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Standard Plan Fee: $0.90/month
  • Professional Plan Fee: $4.50/month
  • Enterprise Plan Fee: $7.20/month

What users say:

“After I got hacked due to low password security, one friend advised a couple of Password Vaults. I long used Keepass, then turned to Zoho Vault as a way to bring my passwords online and manage it from both phone and laptop.” – Ludovic M.


Zoho Vault provides its users with a great interface to manage passwords for both personal entertainment and professional productivity. The password manager ensures that users never lose important passwords, especially for important premium services.

The password manager has an interesting understanding of its consumer base as it caters to not just individuals but also teams and enterprises. The team’s package is an interesting choice since it can be used by small businesses with not that many departments around.

Zoho Vault is also a great way to manage both personal and professional accounts in order to make sure that colleagues do not accidentally gain access to certain accounts that they shouldn’t have access to. The password manager allows users to personalize which passwords are accessible to who making them easy to compartmentalize within the organizational structure.

To make things easier for users, Zoho Vault allows users to organize passwords within folders and subfolders to ensure that access is not mistakenly sent. Users can also choose to label folders to ensure that no confusion happens when they need to share access.

Owners will also be able to track which users had access to which accounts through a comprehensive audit. This includes information regarding IP addresses, usernames, and timestamps for more thorough tracking.

Just like Dashlane, Zoho Vault is designed to handle large-scale enterprises with complicated team structures. The password manager makes sure passwords aren’t shared with unauthorized teams to avoid confusion.

Stop sending passwords to unauthorized users and keep track of the passwords you send and who gets access.

  • Better access compartments
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great customer support
  • No detailed manual
  • No integration with HubSpot

Password Manager: Buying Guide

Managing your personal devices or business computers can be challenging with numerous accounts needing a different password each. There are many password manager solutions out there each with its own specific advantages. Read the guide below to learn which one might work best for you.

What we Look for When Choosing a Password Manager

There are a few things that buyers must take into account when choosing the perfect password manager either for their personal computers or for their businesses. Check out the different features to look for when choosing the best password manager:

Password Generator

Aside from storing passwords, a password manager should also help you generate powerful randomized passwords. Aside from AI, hackers can take different user details like names and birthdates to try to guess passwords.

With a password generator, users will be able to create passwords that have nothing to do with them providing an extra layer of security to the user. The generated passwords will have no link to the users’ personal information making them harder to guess for hackers and cyber attackers.

Password Vault

A password vault involves sophisticated technology that helps protect the users’ passwords in one safe space. A password manager is only as good as the security its password vault provides through encryption and next-generation security measures.

Before subscribing to any password manager, make sure to ask where the password vault is located and how is the information stored. Make sure that the passwords are stored within a secured encrypted server and are inaccessible by anyone but the user.

Multi-Platform Support

Password managers shouldn’t be limited to just computers since users are more likely to access their accounts through a smartphone as well. With multi-platform support, users will be able to access their passwords safely throughout any device they use.

Securing a user’s account means securing whatever means of access they use. Before subscribing to any service, make sure the password manager also offers a mobile app that can be downloaded for Android, iOS, or whatever operating system the user’s device uses.

Password Autosave and Autofill

Aside from safety, the password manager should also offer an equal amount of convenience for its users. Some services offer single-click logins without users needing to input either the specific password or the master password.

Password managers usually offer an autosave feature for new passwords and an autofill feature whenever users login to their different accounts online. Aside from convenience, this also eliminates the risk of hackers or cyber criminals gaining access through tracking your keystrokes.

Recovery Support

Although a password manager can safely store passwords, there might be instances when passwords are lost in the process. Whenever users lose passwords, the password managers’ recovery support is supposed to help users recover lost passwords.

When subscribing to a service’s recovery support, users can ask how the platform recovers lost passwords and how accurate they perform in this regard. Different password managers have different security protocols when recovering lost passwords.

Password Sharing

There are certain situations wherein sharing a password can be very risky, especially over a messaging app. Password managers provide a more secure way for users to access passwords for important tools, platforms, or accounts.

Instead of manually sharing passwords, users can share access to certain parts grouped within the system in order to gain access to specific passwords instead of all the passwords as a whole. Some password managers offer features that allow users to group certain passwords together and share access to only the specific few passwords within the group.


There are certain password managers that are a better fit for large-scale organizations while others are more affordable for individuals and personal users. Before subscribing to a password manager, make sure it caters to the number of devices needed.

Some providers differ in price depending on how many features users want to access. There are also different packages designed for both personal and professional use.

Benefits of Using Password Managers

Using a password manager provides many benefits to users, businesses, teams, and organizations. Here are the most important benefits users get when using a password manager:

Less Memorization Needed

With the help of a password manager, users will no longer memorize all of their passwords or worse, list them down in a file or document that can be accessed by hackers or cyber criminals. For businesses using multiple tools with respective passwords, the software allows them to access each tool with ease.

One major problem a lot of businesses have is using the same password for multiple accounts. The risk of using the same password for different accounts is that if one is hacked, all of the accounts could easily be compromised.

Ability to Generate Stronger Passwords

When generating passwords, users usually make a combination of different names, places, food, or dates that are important to them. When a hacker gains access to this type of information, they will be able to make calculated guesses to potentially unlock the users’ accounts.

By generating a random password with no relation to the user whatsoever, hackers won’t be able to guess around and get lucky. Aside from this, hackers won’t be able to use intelligent software to brute-force attack the account.

Allows Users to Get Faster Access

Having to manually type a password for every tool used can be very inconvenient for users especially when they have to sign in to 10 different accounts every day. With a password manager, users will be able to instantly access different websites, tools, or platforms.

Instead of manually typing each and every password one by one, password managers offer single-click features that allow users to sign in with just a click. This feature can be applied to multiple accounts to help the user save time when logging into all of them. For businesses using many tools for different apartments, users can easily send a group of passwords to the respective departments at once without any risk of giving wrong access to unauthorized users.

Protect More Passwords

Businesses handling hundreds of accounts can safely protect each one of them with the help of a password manager. Instead of having to manually create and store each one of them safely, the business can randomly generate strong passwords and give respective access to tools for respective users or departments.

The more passwords within a company’s ecosystem, the more vulnerabilities exist within the system. A password manager helps users protect each password in the system by helping businesses group them, prevent access, and require initial requests for certain passwords.

Manage Shared Accounts

Sharing accounts can be very tricky, especially when it comes to dealing with different departments within a company. The password manager can allow users to access single accounts without needing to actually share the password.

Instead of giving out the password itself, a password manager can easily hand out access to certain accounts to ensure that the access is given to the right person and for the right period. Businesses can easily revoke access to certain accounts to make sure no access is left for staff or users that leave the company or are transferred to a different department.

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