Best Place To Buy iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 in Australia

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With the sheer number of refurbished iPhones present in the market, choosing the perfect one can be hard. You need to take into consideration many important factors such as aesthetics, performance, internals, and even camera. Everyone wants to buy the latest iPhone but most are unable to due to high prices.

Here’s where refurbished iPhones can save you money and you can own the latest phone without spending extra. If you’re on a tight budget, a refurbished iPhone from Phonebot will be perfect for you. Let’s discuss why you should buy a refurbished iPhone and look at the real difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 to help you choose the best between both of them.

The iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 can be seen as the youngest sibling of all the phones in the Apple brand. Despite being a newcomer in the market, it has shown great promise as it has sold over 38 million units from 2020 to 2021. The phone has 4 variants: the iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max. Each of these versions has its strengths and weaknesses that makes them virtuous.

The iPhone 11

On the other hand, the iPhone 11 is the older brother of the iPhone 12. Released in 2019, the phone quickly became a fan favorite, boasting high sales only comparable to the legendary iPhone 6. Even in today’s world, the phone is still a fan favorite as it has gained a great reputation in the landscape.

The Design

The iPhone 12 still follows the trademark sleek iPhone X design. However, it has a more classic feel and looks thanks to the integration of a flatter design for a more retro concept. It is also applied with an aluminum frame that adds to the premium feel. Generally, the phone looks thin, light, small, and handy.

The iPhone 11 does not stray far from the iPhone 12 in terms of design. After all, it still follows the X’s concept even in the placements of ports and speakers. The 11 had a wide spectrum of colors available for purchase, making it more suitable for those who are particular with shades. It is also one of the first phones to adopt a lighter, more fun-looking scheme mainly composed of pastel colors.

Display & Specs

The iPhone 12 is a more advanced phone. The normal variant has an 1170 by 2532 display, while the Mini version has a 1080 by 2340 display. It is powered by the A14 Bionic Chip that boasts 4 GB of RAM. However, one must take note that this is boosted on the Pro versions as it adds 2 GB to the capacity that the iPhone 12 already has.

The iPhone 11 has an 828 by 1792 display, making it a bit small. The Pro version is larger at 1125 by 2436 Super Retina OLED Display. In terms of processing power, the iPhone 11 has an older A13 Bionic Chip with only 4 GB of RAM.


The iPhone 12 can also be considered a pocket DSLR camera. It has 2 cameras that have wide and ultrawide angles. On the other hand, the Pro version boasts a triple 12 MP camera that has an additional telephoto lens. LiDAR scanner is also equipped for depth of field applications.

The camera of the iPhone 11 is not that different from the iPhone 12. It also has 2 cameras for the regular variant (one for wide and one for ultrawide) and 3 for the Pro variant (additional telephoto lens). TrueDepth is one of the best features of its camera, but it does not have the same LiDAR capabilities as the iPhone 12.


  • Glass type. The iPhone 11 has dual ion-exchange glasses installed, making it very sturdy. However, the iPhone 12 boosts this, even more, using ceramic shielding.
  • Water resistance. The iPhone 11 can stay submerged underwater for a given amount of time. However, the iPhone 12 has a boosted IP68 protection, rendering it able to handle dust and even scratches.
  • Camera Capabilities. The iPhone 11 has a superior Night Mode that is amazing even at dark settings. It also has studio lighting that simulates different compositions. This is further enhanced in the iPhone 12 with the help of HDR3 which allows great detection of silhouettes and shadows.


The refurbished iPhone 11 price starts at $759 AUD. However, the Pro and Pro Max variants can reach up to $1300 AUD depending on the capacity. The iPhone 12 has a starting price of $929 AUD. Pro and Pro Max start at around $1,479 AUD, but it drastically depending on storage.


If you want a premium phone but are a bit short on budget, then the iPhone 11 should be enough to satisfy your needs. However, you could choose to bump the price up a bit and purchase the iPhone 12 as it is currently one of the best phones available in the market. It is far more superior in many facets such as processor and design, and the camera is hard to topple.


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