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The Best POS System for Retail, Hospitality & More

Modernize your business and start seeing how it transforms both you and your customers with the best POS solutions below.
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The best POS systems allow businesses to implement smart technology through the hardware and software needed to automatically accept payments. Businesses without a POS system will have to follow the traditional route of listing the item, crossing it out of the inventory, issuing the receipt, and doing the accounting just for a single sale. In order for businesses to offer a standard purchase experience to customers, the first thing they should start with is a POS system.

For businesses that want to adapt, automate, and upgrade the business, the POS system is the best place to start. Before subscribing to any other service, make sure that a POS system is in place in order to help with the automation process.

The Best POS Sofware to Use in Australia

Lightspeed: Best for Small Businesses


Why we like it:

  • Good for small businesses
  • Great analytics
  • Easy to integrate

What users say:

“Lightspeed has been great. We have been using it for over a year and it has met my expectations. Whenever I request help, which isn’t that often anymore they are quick to respond.” – Zondre W.

Lightspeed is a great one-stop commerce platform that specializes in both retail and hospitality but the good thing about the POS system is that it is flexible enough to be utilized in other industries as well. Lightspeed specializes in streamlining operations, upgrading business performance, and retaining and attracting new customers.

The POS system has multiple features designed for any type of industry. The features that the POS system offers include reporting, integrated payments, multi-store capabilities, and even smart inventory management.

The hard part about POS, in general, is that it deals with updating inventory data while making adjustments to accounting information all while executing a transaction. Due to its complexity, the traditional approach would be to employ multiple staff in order to do the updating, adjusting, and execution but with a POS system, companies can easily execute orders while the inventory and accounting are updated on the spot.

The business model of Lightspeed is designed to empower local Australian businesses with high ambitions by offering sophisticated tools without the complexity of implementing them. The only way for a business to grow is by first fixing its system and then scaling it.

Automation is a tool that allows businesses to streamline certain practices in order to grow in other fields. If the business spends too much time on POS-related tasks, this can result in a very uncomfortable experience for both the business and its customers.

Lightspeed is mostly designed for both retail and eCommerce stores as well as restaurants and hospitality businesses but includes enough customization for it to be used in other fields as well. The reason why the POS system prioritizes retail, eCommerce, restaurant, and hospitality business structure is that these structures are often complicated, complex, and come with a lot of details included.

Unlike Touch Bistro, Lightspeed is better for small businesses that want a little bit of everything. Lightspeed is designed to be versatile and can be customized for businesses in different industries.

For businesses that prefer a simple and complete approach to the POS system, look no further and start upgrading the business today.

  • Simple to use
  • Very affordable compared to other POS systems
  • Good integration with other software
  • Clear analytics package
  • Limited payment options
  • Uses single timezones

Square: Best for Smart Systems


Why we like it:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy implementation
  • Offers both hardware and software

What users say:

“It has seriously made running my business so much easier, and even kind of fun. I love how much I can customize it, how detailed I can get with it, but also how easy it is to create invoices and things on the fly.” – Jennifer Y.

Square is a modern-day payments solution that can be used as a POS system. The provider offers multiple services that allow users to run their business smoothly and customers to make payments in the easiest way possible through its integration.

Instead of having to purchase multiple computers to handle the software, the company’s Square Stand is a simple, affordable, and powerful way to support built-in payments with a customer-driven checkout packed into an iPad POS. For businesses that like smart technology with the most progressive approach when it comes to the POS system, the service is a great place to start. 

Out of the other POS systems on the list, the company stands out the most when it comes to being the most forward-built service. Square is one of the more popular services on the list and this is for a good reason.

Businesses that want to expand have to provide the simplest and smartest way to implement their POS system. Square fits into this field not just by offering sophisticated systems but by doing so in a way that users won’t be confused by the technicalities.

The technology behind Square is built around one thing, progress and no matter how advanced the business wants to become, the POS system can adjust to the high-tech systems and other software integrations. One of the most notable benefits of Square is how it easily integrates with other apps in order to provide a smart ecosystem for the company. The service is compatible with Xero, Myob, Woo, and more.

Square can be compared to Abacus in the sense that they are very easy to use. The difference, however, is that Square is capable of catering to a high-tech market and not just a traditional one.

Another good thing about Square is that businesses won’t need to be tech-savvy in order to use it since the company can cover the hardware, software, and all the needed details in between. Integration and system adoption are also made easy with the service.

Businesses that want the smartest solution won’t need to try out other services. Get started today and upgrade your business to the best of its capabilities.

  • Easy to learn, implement, and use
  • Capable of handling multi-locations products, pricing, and taxes
  • Hardware and software covered
  • Fees
  • Sometimes offline

OrderMate: Best for Hospitality


Why we like it:

  • Good management support
  • Helps empower online ordering
  • Provides tips management

What users say:

“Moving to OrderMate has proven to be an extremely valuable move for my business. The head office features and ability to customize certain reports have been extremely beneficial for me to achieve all reports that I desire. The service and support I receive from OrderMate is second to none.” – Simon B.

OrderMate is a great solution for many different types of businesses. It is a diverse platform that works well for new business ventures, established businesses, and even enterprise-level businesses with support, accounting, and intelligent reporting for every level.

When it comes to powerful solutions OrderMate is designed to assist starting businesses and their growth towards becoming larger enterprises. The POS system comes with scalability that allows users easily add new systems, clients, invoices, and more as one of the main goals of OrderMate is to help businesses grow and due to the pandemic, the slogan is now “from recovery to growth” as the platform helps businesses transition from a breakeven point to potentially high profitability. 

When running a business, especially in hospitality and retail, the speed of the transaction is important. OrderMate helps businesses achieve this through automation and its 24/7 support which allows businesses to ask questions, gain coaching, and increase productivity.

The good thing about OrderMates is it can be integrated with other platforms like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Deliveroo, and more. The platform supports contactless ordering which allows users both on the business and user end to process payments with ease.

When it comes to reporting and visibility, the platform supports cloud-based reporting which allows businesses to access live data as soon as the orders are made. Instead of having staff process the orders manually, OrderMates can be integrated with existing payments for users to have a seamless experience.

OrderMates focuses on the Australian market as it takes into account the business processes and culture of the market. The POS system caters to table management, online/phone orders, contactless paying, and backend reporting.

OrderMate is a great tool to use especially when catering to an Australian market. Just like Vend, it is designed to help businesses succeed in wherever they are around the nation.

Grow your business the right way with a POS system that is built for expansion. Look no further for a system that allows you to transform your business from a small scale to a large enterprise.

  • Improved loyalty program
  • Allows separate checks
  • Supports tips management
  • Good delivery management
  • Not as many features as other software

Abacus: Best for Profit Maximization


Why we like it:

  • Helps streamline deliveries and orders
  • Provides positive profit flexibility
  • Multi-location support

What users say:

“Access to the sales report virtually and love their exceptional client support!” – Billy H.

Abacus understands that sometimes the best way to maximize profits is through providing a system that optimizes the payment methods. Just like other platforms, Abacus offers payment integration, a smart interface, price adjustment features, and staff management feature all on a cloud-based platform.

Instead of offering all the bells and whistles, the POS system makes sure to offer the simplest solutions for some of the most complicated problems. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Abacus is lacking since it also offers options for add-ons to improve business productivity.

The POS system supports both online ordering and QR codes which allows businesses to provide customers with a seamless ordering system. The system can be spread throughout different devices making it accessible to everyone.

For businesses used to traditional systems, Abacus is a great way to keep those systems at an upgraded performance. One way Abacus can upgrade a business is through its self-order kiosk which can be set up at physical businesses in order to improve its order process and provide a premium experience to customers.

OrderMate partnered with Hungry Hungry which can be used as an alternative for customers to order from the business. The app is designed to help when it comes to helping maximize profits and savings for customers.

Businesses won’t be limited to just one platform since they can choose to use Hungry Hungry while integrating their businesses with other third-party providers like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and more.

Abacus is similar to Lightspeed in the sense that it is very simple to use. The difference is that for non tech-savvy users, Abacus is a better choice since it is easier to integrate into existing traditional systems.

Upgrading the technology and experience doesn’t have to be so complicated. Get a POS system to upgrade the experience for businesses and customers.

  • Includes a loyalty program
  • Supports multi-location
  • Better eCommerce management
  • Supports customer accounts
  • Can be sabotaged by staff
  • Can crash at times

Touch Bistro: Best for Restaurants

Touch Bistro

Why we like it:

  • Quick order placement
  • Reliable account services
  • Good customer service

What users say:

“The best thing about Touch Bistro is how friendly it is! Works just like an iPhone. My younger employees hardly need any training on it.” Robin L.

Touch Bistro is a specialized POS system that is custom-designed to better serve restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry. One unique feature of the service is its menu management which comes with pricing adjustments in order to ensure restaurants can update their offerings along with the profits that come with it.

In order to better support restaurants, Touch Bistro has modified its offerings in order to better cater to restaurants. Due to its unique system of high volume orders with ever-changing inventories, the POS system automatically updates itself whenever an order is made.

Aside from its offerings, the POS system also offers app integrations making it easier to insert into a business’s already existing ecosystem. Instead of just working on the backend, the platform is designed to simplify even the business practices themselves.

With support for reservations and the ability to track sales in real-time, businesses can make well-informed decisions based on the given data. The POS system provides support for online orders which help restaurant maximize profits despite being fully packed.

When it comes to the backend, the platform provides a real-time update in order to help the kitchen move in rhythm with the number of orders the restaurant is getting. Touch Bistro is built to handle intensity especially when everything seems overwhelming.

Touch Bistro is similar to OrderMate in a way that they are both designed to be favorable POS systems for restaurants. The difference is that Touch Bistro is more focused on restaurants giving users access to features that are exclusively used in a restaurant setting.

Instead of getting a standard POS system and customizing it in order to fit a restaurant setting, Touch Bistro is already designed to handle the setting, system, and order flow. The main goal of the POS system is to provide a seamless experience for both businesses and guests through a seamless system that connects both.

Make sure your restaurant gets the best by incorporating a POS system already designed for your industry.

  • Easy layout customizations for seating
  • Supports online ordering
  • Real-time access to sales
  • Hard to sync with debit machines
  • Few marketing techniques offered

Vend: Best for Retail


Why we like it:

Intuitive software
Good data management
Complete features

What customers say:

“Vend is a POS platform that has helped us run our business smoothly. We love the ease of configuration and customization that is available.” – Daniel P.

Vend is designed to help businesses that manage multiple locations at once. With its high-powered systems in play, the business can manage all locations through a simple POS system platform with real-time reports, eCommerce support, and more.

Handling multiple locations at once is hard for businesses especially when they do not have smart systems in play. The POS system is designed to deal with heavy order flow while compartmentalizing it based on location in order to ensure accounts won’t mix.

One feat that a lot of businesses have when it comes to having multiple locations is how to manage the POS for all of them at once. With the help of Vend, business owners and management can see all activity throughout all locations in a simple, easy-to-access platform that can be pulled up on phones, tablets, and computers.

Vend also provides eCommerce support and integration with some of the most popular eCommerce partners like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. This way, businesses can enjoy managing their business all in one simplified platform.

The POS system’s team is based in Melbourne and has experience in helping businesses all around Australia. Aside from its familiarity with the national market, its systems are also very supportive of eCommerce and provide an easy way for customers to pay, order, and shop both online and in multiple physical locations.

Vend can be compared to Square when it comes to accessibility and support for online payments. The difference is that Vend not only supports eCommerce, it is also designed for businesses that manage multiple locations under their umbrella.

When dealing with a multi-location business, security is very important. Vend ensures the safety of the businesses’ data through cloud solutions that are backed up every hour in order to ensure that data is never lost.

Stop using multiple POS systems for multiple locations and start managing all of your businesses in one simple platform.

  • Easy configuration and customization
  • Doesn’t mix data
  • Contains all the basics and more
  • Customer service can be hard to reach
  • No payment method changes once placed

POS System: Buying Guide

Businesses of all sizes need an accurate, precise, and efficient POS system to help them maintain the quality of their business and grow. Through reading the guide below, you’ll be able to pinpoint which things to look for when searching for a POS system for your business.

What we Look for When Choosing a POS System

Instead of trial-and-error, make sure to check out the following features to help you make better decisions on which POS system to get for your business:


When choosing a POS system, it is important to determine what hardware is required in order to run the system. While some businesses prefer to have separate hardware strictly for the POS system itself, other businesses prefer having a system that can be integrated into whatever device.


The software for the POS system has to be accessible on all fronts of the business from the business owners/managers to the customers themselves. There is software that functions well in a high-tech environment but poorly when it comes to the basics. 

In order to choose, assess the market and make sure to choose a POS system software that matches the level of technology of the market. If the business software is too basic, it will lag behind in a high-tech market and if it is too high-tech, it could lag behind in a more simplistic market environment.


Every POS system is designed with its own specific niche which is why it is better to first contact the provider regarding your niche and see how different clients are implementing their system. The best type of POS system is usually the one designed specifically for your industry.

There are, however, certain exceptions when it comes to using a POS system designed for another industry. If your business functions on a unique system, it would be better to find software that allows you to integrate your current system in order to upgrade it.


When it comes to integration, the POS system should be designed to fit with the existing ecosystem of the business. One problem a lot of businesses have when choosing a provider is picking one that is not compatible with the business’s current systems.

If the advantage is significant, businesses might want to allocate extra effort in starting by scratch to build the system again. However, this is not always the case with every business as some should better prioritize integration especially if their system is already efficient, advanced, and supports scalability.

Access to Data

Access to real-time data is extremely important when it comes to handling a business, especially for multiple locations and time-sensitive industries. The restaurant industry thrives off of speed and the best way to ensure service is to guests is by making data visibility as fast as possible.

Real-time data is critical to businesses in high-volume environments and this can be accomplished by access to real-time data. When looking for the right POS system, make sure to check reviews regarding how long the information updates.


The most important factor to look at when choosing a POS system is to make sure that it fits your budget. Instead of choosing a platform that is beyond your budget, either subscribe to a more affordable plan or look for a provider that fits the budget.

Another thing businesses can do when it comes to choosing a POS is to subscribe to one that has the bare necessities but still has room for growth. A business can always upgrade later on along with its growth but this can’t happen until its current state is improved.


Cloud-based solutions with automatic backups are important for a POS system since the data they are holding is very important. Although most platforms automatically offer this, it is better to first ask about data backup solutions to ensure your data is protected no matter what.

Businesses should also ask about the backup process and what to do in the event that the database goes down. To add, businesses should also make sure that the platform allows them to download reports to store securely and review later on.

Benefits of Using POS Systems

Aside from the obvious automation, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to using a POS system that some businesses just don’t get. Here are the most important benefits of using a POS system:

Inventory Management

One cause of wastage is mismanaged inventory. A POS system aims to eliminate this by providing the business with better access to data in order for them to manage their inventory more robustly. Instead of manually keeping track of every single ingredient, product, or service, manage everything in one place with the help of POS systems.

Payment Processing

Better payment processing goes both ways by benefiting not just the business but also its customers. The easier it is for customers to make payments, the better chance of customer retention the business gets. Inconvenience can be a business killer and in order to avoid this, make sure the POS system in play is very supportive when it comes to providing the ultimate customer experience.

Customer Management

For low-volume high-importance customers, a POS system will allow the business to make sure that their needs are met. Better customer management will also help the business attract new customers and recurring buyers.

Company Image

The better the systems in use by the company, the better its image when it comes to the public. One thing that can deter certain customers is the lack of smooth payments by the company. In order to show customers that the company is not only modern but also prioritizes their experience, make sure a POS system is in place to help with payment processing.


The greatest benefit of POS systems is their ability to save the company an enormous amount of time and resources. Instead of having to spend manual hours checking and double-checking, businesses will be able to view every order made in real-time without the risk of inaccuracies. Since the system is automated, the company can move forward to more pressing tasks since reports can be pulled out instantly.

Cost Reduction

Using a flexible POS system is a great way for businesses to save when it comes to costs. Aside from inventory management, order recording, and payment processing, a POS system is designed to allow the business to accommodate more orders in a limited amount of time. Instead of customers having to wait in order to place their orders, the system can take their orders and queue them in right away.

Increased Revenues

The more streamlined a business is, the more revenue they can rake in. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to maximizing profits and with smart systems in play, a business can focus on expansion and profit growth. A POS system is designed to handle growth meaning businesses can grow without needing to manually upgrade their systems.

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