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Best Reading Gadgets For Night Owls

Book additions for avid readers, would be great gift ideas too! 
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Many people prefer reading at night, especially to unwind from the hectic day’s work. As the nights grow longer, you get additional time for reading your favourite book. However, reading at night can be a challenge, especially for your loved ones. They may find it uncomfortable if you switch on the light, to read that climax of the story. So here we bring you some of the best reading gadgets for night owls, which you can not just use yourself, but also gift to your friends.

#1. 3X Large Magnifying Glass with Light

Spending time reading small fonts, can be a real challenge, especially for seniors with low vision. With the 3X Large Magnifying Glass, you would be able to not just spend your time reading, but any small font you may come across won’t be a challenge for you to read.

The 3X Large Magnifying Glass with Light is rectangular shaped and is designed to view text the way we generally read. The viewing area covered by this magnifying glass is large enough, and you won’t need to keep adjusting the glass to keep the flow of your reading intact. The lens measures 4.35” X 2.7” and can magnify up to 300%.

This magnifying glass is made of an optical-grade acrylic lens, which is scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and lighter than glass. Moreover, it is as clear as glass and comes with a roller dimmer, which helps in easily adjusting the levels of brightness

Hence, this is an excellent product not just for people who have failing eyesight, but for anyone who has to continually work on projects wherein small fonts are the norm. It’s an ideal product for anyone who likes reading for a longer duration of time, as the grip is ergonomically designed.

#2. Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light

A flashlight in hand, and searching for the new pair of clothes you want to wear for the party? This is a common occurrence while searching for something in the dark. With the Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light, you don’t need to adjust the direction of light while reading or repairing anything in the dark. With this neckband lamp, you can just focus on your work without having to worry about the light.

The Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light is ideal for reading in a dark background. It has a couple of soft silicone arms, with a powerful battery that can last for around 40 hours. It comes with two LED lights in each head, which are flicker-free and an independent switch in each head. Each switch has three brightness levels that can be adjusted as per needs. The neck reading light comes with a rechargeable 700MAH LI-ION battery, with a life cycle of 1000 cycles. This is equal to 3000 AAA batteries.

Thus, the Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light is one of the best reading gadgets for night owls and for those who have to or want to work in the dark or areas with less lighting.

#3. ACWARM HOME Reading Pillow

Tired of working on the computer sitting straight in front of the computer continuously on a chair for your daily work? Here is a solution to your daily troubles, in the form of a Home Reading Pillow, which can alleviate your back pain? This home reading pillow has comfortable support and is filled with high-quality foam, which makes it an ideal product for daily relaxation.

The ACWARM HOME Reading Pillow has a detachable headrest with a comfortable leg pillow, to provide enough support for your legs, arms, back, and neck. It is easily detachable is easily washable in a washing machine. It comes with a carry handle affixed at the top, which makes it easy to carry on the move. On the sides of the pillow, there are three pockets, wherein you can stack several items like a remote or your cell phone. There is a large pocket at the back, which is great for stacking tablets, magazines, or books.

The home reading pillow is another one of the best reading gadgets for night owls and is awonderful product for someone who is suffering from back pain and is looking to work in a cozy and comfortable environment.

#4. Kindle Paperwhite, 6

If you are a bookworm but don’t like going to the bookstore and buying the latest novel by your favourite author, then the Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal product for you. It comes with a 6” high-resolution display, with normal font size; so a person with slightly weaker eyesight can easily read it.

Some interesting features of Kindle Paperwhite are:

Size – 6.7”x4.6”x0.36”

Weight – Wifi: 7.3 ounce

Wi-fi+3G: 7.6 ounce

System Requirements – Fully wireless and for downloading content there is no need for a computer

Storage – Can hold more than 1000 books

Cloud Storage – Free

Battery Life – A single charge may last for eight weeks. However, this is based on half an hour of reading every day, by keeping the light setting at 10 and switching off the wireless connection. However, if you read for longer durations, battery life may vary.

Charge Time – It gets fully charged in about 4 hours.

Thus, a kindle paperwhite is an ideal product for those who would like to read an unlimited number of topics. Being a lightweight product, it can be easily carried anywhere you go.

#5. FISHNU Led Book Lights for Glasses

Is your work schedule such that you have to work till late at night, and it causes a lot of disturbances for your loved ones? Not to worry, the LED book light is designed exactly for people like you. It emits strong bright light directed at your workstation or your table so that people around you do not get disturbed.

The FISHNU LED Book Lights for Glasses,Clip On Reading Light 10 X 2032 Batteries for Free(Pack of 1 Pair) can be clipped to your table or to the book that you are reading. It has a mini-sized reading light and it emits strong lights, directed towards the book that you are reading. It’s the size of the thumb and is just 0.92 oz for each pair. They can even be fitted on glasses. They are made of 2 button cells and when fully charged, they can run for 30 hours at a stretch. The LED book light for glasses uses a 10 CR2 battery, which comes along with the product.

The LED book light is a wonderful product that can help you read or work even late at night, It does not just give you the comfort of reading in the dark, but due to its long battery life, you can read for longer durations.

#6. No products found.

No products found.

A unique gift idea for kids as well as adults

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for your friend or maybe your kids, you can try out the light mark reading lamp. It’s a cool bookmark idea and is designed to make sure that the user is on the right page that they have left reading.

If you are an avid reader but tend to forget the page that you were on, then the No products found. is an ideal product for you. The light mark reading lamp bookmark is made of durable plastic and measures just 11x5x2cm. Though it’s an excellent product for bookmarking your pages, if you keep travelling and moving around, it may fall off easily. So even if you are constantly on the move, it’s still a good idea to use this; just that you need to be a little extra careful while placing the bookmark.

Thus, the light mark reading lamp bookmark is an excellent product that can be used to bookmark pages of books that you may frequently read. Moreover, it’s also a unique gift idea that can be given to anyone, especially to your friends who love reading.


So these are some of the best reading gadgets for night owls. You can choose any one or a combination of products to suit your needs. Each has its own beneficial features, and depending on your budget, you can go for any one of them.

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