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The Best Stock Video Sites for Better Storytelling

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The best stock video sites provide businesses and content creators the ability to make their videos come to life with footage for every needed circumstance. Filling the blanks with photos just won’t do it and filming videos itself can be extremely expensive so instead of going the expensive route, why not use stock video resources online to help you pick out the best visuals for the type of content you are trying to put out. Instead of putting you and your business through the hassle of generating the videos from scratch, why not source them out from the most reputable online stock video resources available?

There is a huge gap between professionally generated photos and photos that were just taken by amateurs or beginners. Aside from the camera equipment, hiring a professional photographer or videographer can also be extremely expensive and this also comes with time constraints since businesses will still have to adjust to them. Using stock video resources is a great way to get your content done as quickly as possible and with the highest quality possible.

How We Picked the Best Stock Video Sites

Before making a list, we made sure to consult the professionals in both photography and advertising. We consulted some of the top photographers and videographers in Australia and asked where they usually send their stock videos. We also asked businesses in the advertising field where they source the stock videos they use in their promotional content. After both parties gave us a list of sites, we decided to cross-reference them with review aggregators like in order to narrow them down to the top 12.

From the 12 stock video resources that were left, we decided to narrow the list even further based on different categories most useful to businesses. We were left with a list of just five of the best stock video resources online which we categorized based on their best advantages and use cases.

The Best Stock Video Sites

Story Blocks: Best for Small Businesses

Story Blocks

Why we like it:

  • Affordable
  • Let’s users edit on the platform
  • The library is still growing

What users say:

“I’m a video editor, so I’m constantly in need of stock footage. Before Storyblocks, I had to piece it together from a variety of sites and it got very expensive.” – Ross W.

Story Blocks is one of the most straightforward stock video resources online which allows users to look for specific clips for business, food, hospitality, and even green sceneries. Businesses can also choose to add after-effects templates to enhance the videos or set the tone to make them more fitting for their marketing content.

Gaining access to professional videos can be hard for some businesses not just in terms of finding the perfect clip but actually looking for one that’s royalty-free. Due to the way copyright works, businesses can’t just find a clip they like online and repurpose it without permission, credits, or even paying for the right to use it.

Luckily, stock video resources allow businesses to skip all these steps and go straight to choosing a specific clip, downloading it, and using it. Another way Story Blocks helps businesses is by offering a plan with unlimited access.

For businesses that consistently put out video content, paying per video could become extremely expensive especially if one video consists of multiple clips. With Story Blocks, businesses will be billed monthly and can enjoy downloading as many 4K footage, videos, illustrations, and any resource they need from Story Blocks.

On top of videos, Story Blocks also offers its users access to music and sound effects in order to help make the video more appealing. Businesses will also gain access to the site’s Maker Video Editor which allows them to create videos on the platform instead of having to download them, import them into editing software, and create the video from there.

When comparing Story Blocks to Adobe Stock, Story Blocks is a more cost-efficient option since it has a more affordable subscription while offering access to the same quality when it comes to content. Due to its wide selection, the stock video resource can be used for businesses that put out videos every day.

Gain access to a growing library of high-quality stock videos to help your business put out the best content possible.

  • Includes video maker
  • Has a wide range of videos
  • The library is still growing
  • A cost-effective way of using multiple clips
  • Some videos might be irrelevant

Envato Elements: Best for Unique Designs

Envato Elements

Why we like it:

  • No download limit
  • Consistently adds new assets
  • No need to pay to check for availability

What users say:

“All in all, this is a clever service that has the potential to save you a lot of money on creative assets for your next project.” – Colt A.

Envato Elements offers stock videos and video templates for almost every content you plan to make. With over 2.5 million stock videos, users can choose live footage or even animated clips to use for their promotional materials.

If you plan to be above boring and want to use interesting clips in your videos, looking for a source of these clips might be hard and most creators resort to making the clip themselves. With the help of Envato Elements, users can choose a unique clip with its own animations and illustrations and even take things a step further by adding video templates to make them stand out even more.

When you’re making marketing or promotional material, it can be hard to look for the perfect clip especially if you’re trying something unique. Envato Elements uses AI assistance to help improve search results by showing users what they might be looking for.

When it comes to uniqueness, Envato Elements really takes the cake since provides footage from almost all walks of life, animations, and illustrations. Businesses can also choose to look for a looped video to play in the background if they’re planning to give a speech or have a unique use for that video.

Businesses can also choose the quality of the video by selecting its frames per second (fps) from 23.98 fps all the way to over 60 fps in ultra-high detail. The higher the frames per second, the more natural the movement within the video will be. Generally, it’s hard to come up with high fps clips but with Envato Elements, users will be able to do so with just a few clicks.

Unlike Pond5 which offers a wide range of footage for recent events, Envato Elements caters to those that might take a more creative stance on their content. If you’re looking for a video that isn’t recent and is a bit more abstract, the stock video resource might have exactly what you’re looking for.

Stop using generic clips and start making the most unique content out there by using some of the most distinctive stock videos available online.

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Has stock video for almost everything
  • Adds thousands of assets each week
  • Users can check the whole library before paying
  • No tech support

Shutter Stock: Best for Specific Footage Searches

Shutter Stock

Why we like it:

  • Royalty-free videos
  • Massive selection
  • Approachable customer support

What users say:

”I’ve used Shutterstock for years and have made great use of it.” – Johnny O.

Shutter Stock understands that one of the most difficult tasks when creating content is looking for the right video to use. With the help of AI assistance, the stock video resource allows users to look for the specific videos needed for whatever content they need to put out.

Companies in really specific niches or industries usually have a problem when looking for the perfect clip to use. Although a stock video site might have the videos that the business wants to use, some of them still require users to browse through pages of videos before finding the right one.

Shutter Stock’s solution to this problem is by providing a powerful search tool to help businesses look for the right video within their platform. All users need to do is to change the image search to video search, input a keyword, and make adjustments to resolution, FPS, duration, and even categories to search from.

By filtering out unnecessary clips, businesses will be left with the number of clips they would most likely be looking for. The tool helps creators save a lot of time when looking for a specific clip they envision using in their video.

Shutter Stock also comes with stock images for users to choose from while charging users through credits. This means businesses will be able to pay for the exact clips they want to use instead of having to pay a lot for clips they might not need.

Shutter Stock is similar to Story Blocks in the sense that it allows users to search for the exact videos they are looking for. Instead of spending hours trying to look for a specific video, the stock video resources allow users to use its AI assist tool to find the right footage in a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for a specific clip for your video, look no further! The stock video resource lets users come up with the perfect video through its powerful search technology and filtering system.

  • Credit payments
  • Massive library
  • Good customer support
  • Can be expensive

Adobe Stock: Best for Uninterrupted Creativity

Adobe Stock

Why we like it:

  • Supports unique videos
  • Can be integrated with Adobe Illustrator
  • Great search tool

What users say:

“The vast number of options available and the search functionality make it so that you are almost always able to find the right resource for the project that you are working on.” – Bailey B.

Adobe Stock is perfect for businesses that are leaning more towards the creative side and just won’t settle for basic stock videos. The service offers users access to millions of world-class assets to use with Adobe Illustrator, its video editing tool.

This stock video resource is highly recommended by professionals for professionals and if businesses have the technical know-how and a lot of creative juices, this service could be exactly what they are looking for. Adobe Stock offers businesses access to motion graphics that are optimized for social accounts.

Businesses that heavily post content on their social media should consider a service that provides them with stock videos that are easily editable for social media. Adobe Stock also offers its users access to multiple templates to make the editing process much easier since instead of doing everything from scratch, users can select a template, add clips, and create high-quality videos with all-original content.

Like most software within the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock still requires a bit of a learning curve since its complex tool is designed to provide users with a more powerful search instead of focusing on making everything easier. Like other software within its ecosystem, the stock video resource does not sacrifice quality for simplicity.

Adobe Stock also caters to different kinds of businesses in terms of pricing by offering an option to pay per asset through credits or to subscribe and gain access to unlimited credits per month. Businesses that only publish one video a month can pay via credits while businesses that publish multiple contents on a weekly basis can choose to subscribe.

Adobe Stock can be compared to Envato Elements in the sense that both stock video resources provide access to unique footage. When it comes to creativity, sometimes one just can’t compromise and this is why both services offer a unique collection of stock videos.

Instead of sacrificing quality for simplicity, why not go the other route and come up with the best videos possible with just a little learning curve? The stock video resource lets business bring out their most creative content which can be edited through its editing software.

  • Includes vectors and backgrounds
  • Easy to integrate with Adobe Illustrator
  • Unique videos
  • Video footage can cost extra

Pond5: Best for Event Coverage


Why we like it:

  • Access to important videos
  • Vast content choices
  • Helps the search process

What users say:

“I love that Pond5 had an array of different choices to select from. When I’m making my videos, I look for very specific things that correlate to my work. Pond5 had that and more.” Von L.

Pond5 provides access to editorial videos and coverage of some of the most important historical and current events. The stock video resource provides businesses with up-to-date footage allowing them to create news pieces and content revolving around real-life events.

Businesses that are in the news, media, or entertainment industry usually find it hard to get clips of an event without getting a copyright strike. Since videos of these types of events can be very difficult to get and use, Pond5 provides a way that users can get editorial footage from the likes of Reuters and other top agencies.

The stock video resource also offers more than 20 million royalty-free video clips that users can use in order to create promotional material as well. Due to copyright laws, it can be very hard to determine which type of content can be used as promotional materials and which type of content can’t be used as promotional materials but with Pond5, the process is very simple.

Pond5 is great at explaining licensing to users in order to make sure that they do not run into any legal issues with the content they publish later on. Aside from its editorial footage, the stock video resource also gives users access to different compositions or colors they might need in order to match their videos.

When creating a video, sticking to a theme is very important and with Pond5, users can search for specific content that matches what they want to put out. Instead of editing the videos, users can choose videos with that natural hue or saturation which matches the type of clips they envision in their heads.

Unlike Shutter Stock, Pond5 gives its users access to footage of some of the most important events in history. The stock video resource understands that sometimes, substituting a video is not an option which is why it provides its users access to the exact videos they might be looking for.

Gain access to some of the most important footage on the web and create content that matches your company’s theme. Stop compromising on clips and start looking for the exact one you need with the help of this stock video resource.

  • Access to editorial videos
  • Coverage of live events
  • Good search filters
  • No free content

Stock Video Sites: Key Considerations

Using videos is usually a hit or miss and if a business does not do this properly, it can result in their content looking sub-par or cheap. A lot of businesses also tend to overpay for videos which can really drain the budget when wanting to come up with that perfect marketing campaign.

What we Look for When Choosing Stock Video Resources

There are very specific guides you’ll have to follow when choosing the right type of stock video resources for your businesses. Before making a purchase or subscription, make sure to read the different features to look for in a stock video provider:

Availability of Footage

If your business has a very specific niche like plumbing or housekeeping, make sure the stock video resource offers footage in that specific industry. When you’re trying to make high-quality promotional materials, it is important that you look for footage pertaining to your specific industry instead of compromising on the footage you are using.

The availability of the footage for that industry will help you determine whether the stock photo resource is right for your business or not. Before subscribing or purchasing credits, make sure to give the site a quick search to look for the type of clips you might need. If you can’t find the clips you know you’ll absolutely need in your promotional videos, it would be better to look for another stock video resource that has them.

Search Tool

When creating videos, sometimes looking for the perfect clips to use can be one of the most time-consuming parts. Businesses might spend time hiring a photographer or videographer to take videos for them to use but this is still no guarantee that they will find the type of videos they want to use for their business.

When looking for specific videos, try out their search tool to see how specific the results are. If you have a hard time looking for the clips you need or end up with clips that aren’t really your taste, this could be a sign that you might want to look for another stock video provider. If you find a stock video service that you absolutely like, however, and don’t mind the hassle of combing through multiple pages before finding your clip, you can still go ahead and subscribe or purchase credits to that service.


If the one making your videos has a specific preference, it would be better to give them the resources they need instead of picking a stock video provider that might not have the clips they want to use. When it comes to video editors, some of them have very specific tastes and when they find the clips they like, they will be able to create amazing videos as a result.

Instead of picking out the website before telling the one making the videos, ask them to do their own research regarding the different sites to find out whether one of them really stands out. If your video editor or creator is absolutely sure that a specific stock video provider would help them improve the quality of their work, it might be better to go with the one that they choose.

Coverage of Events

Aside from Christmas and New Year, there are certain events that a business might want to have access to footage of. In the event that the business needs access to this footage, make sure to browse through the different stock video providers to check if they have coverage of the event.

It is also very important to do your research or inquire regarding the legalities of using the footage since some of them are copyrighted. Some businesses that don’t know this get hit with legal issues later on for using video footage of events that they actually had to pay for in order to use.

FPS Choices

Depending on the platform you plan to release your videos on, being able to decide the FPS could be very beneficial. If you’re releasing your videos on Facebook, not having the sharpest FPS could be forgivable but if you’re making a commercial, advertisement, or video for YouTube, you might want to think about opting for a video stock provider that gives you access to high-FPS content.

The higher the FPS count, the better the motion within the video. For videos that have a lot of movement like videos of waves, rain, or videos with moving angles, using high-FPS clips could give amazing results. If you want your videos to look more professional, make sure to look for a stock video resource that gives you access to high-FPS content.

Resolution Choices

Sometimes clips can cost more depending on their resolution and this is really something businesses should keep in mind. Although it might be ideal for the business to use 4K clips in every video, this could also be very heavy on the platform or load slower on the business’s website.

It is better than a stock video resource that gives you access to different resolution choices instead of just one standard resolution. This way, businesses can optimize their videos for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or any other platform they choose to release their videos on. Before subscribing or buying credits, make sure to try out the platform (if it has a free trial), ask about the platform, or look for videos that used clips that came from the platform in order to assess the results.

Payment Terms

Some stock video services require businesses to pay a subscription and some services require businesses to purchase credits. Although some people would think that a subscription is better, this is not always true. Some businesses only make one or two videos a month which makes it more beneficial for them if they decide to purchase credits instead of subscribing.

Businesses that publish multiple videos on a weekly basis, however, might find it more beneficial to subscribe in order to gain access to unlimited clips instead. Another thing businesses can do is compare the subscription prices of different services. If the service has more stock videos that you know would be more useful to your business, it is better to subscribe to that service instead of having access to unlimited content that you just might not use.

Benefits of Using Stock Videos

There are many benefits of using stock videos instead of trying to capture the videos yourself. Check out the top reasons why a lot of professionals prefer to use stock photos instead of trying to come up with the video manually.


First and foremost, businesses save a lot of money when they choose to use a stock video provider instead of taking the video themselves or hiring a professional to take videos for them. Although in some instances, businesses need a videographer to take a video of their products, there are other instances where hiring a videographer is just unnecessary.

When publishing promotional or marketing content online on a regular basis, subscribing to a stock video service will let you save a lot of money compared to hiring a videographer for every clip. Aside from the expense of hiring a videographer, businesses can also save time by spending more of it on editing the video instead of coming up with the footage.

Faster Video Creation Process

Creating a video takes time and this is something a lot of businesses tend to overlook. With the help of a stock video provider, businesses will be able to create videos at scale by looking for clips from the website instead of trying to come up with the videos themselves. If a business wants to take the videos themselves, they should always take into account how long it takes to capture the perfect video.

Aside from capturing videos, choosing a professional video also takes time but with the help of stock video services, businesses can easily use search filters to look for the specific clip they need. Search filters help businesses come up with a very specific collection of clips to narrow their search down and help them get started editing right away.


The good thing about stock video services is that the clips available usually come from some of the best videographers and photographers in the business. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for a few clips, businesses can gain access to professional videos at scale by subscribing to a stock video service.

Since not every business has the expertise to make professional videos on their own or hire a videographer to capture their clips for them, using a stock video service gives them access to professional content with ease.

Storage Saving

High-quality videos can be very heavy on your computer. Businesses often underestimate how much memory it takes to have a selection of multiple videos while only using a few of them. If you’re working on an average computer with average storage, it would be better to look for a stock video service and download the specific clips and footage you need instead of having to download everything only ending up not using the majority.

When working in a team, individuals can easily send links back and forth of the specific video clips they want to use.

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