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The Best Task Management Tools for Ultimate Efficiency

Run your business the most efficient way possible by incorporating a system that can transform how things function from top to bottom.
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The best task management tools is designed to help businesses make the most out of their systems by making the most of it in any way possible. Sometimes the best way to improve a business is to not replace the whole system but to incorporate certain tools that will help the business upgrade its current systems. The benefits of using task management software are that a business can automate certain practices to increase their speed and efficiency along with helping minimize the margin of error.

A better system is often the key step a business has to take toward maximizing profits and sometimes the best way to achieve this is to take an existing system and upgrade it by using the right task management software. The tool helps the business fill in certain gaps that would otherwise either be the cause of errors or the reason why the business functions slowly.

How we Pick the Best Task Management Tools

In order to come up with an authentic list of the best task management tools, we made sure to ask businesses that have seen tremendous improvements when it comes to efficiency when they decided to add the tool. We also made sure to look at different industries outside of just “tech” to ensure that the tool is useful for different types of niches. After asking around, we were able to generate a list of 30 different task management software which we cross-referenced with review aggregator websites like in order to see which software is preferred on a much broader scope.

By cross-referencing the list, we were able to eliminate more than half of them and narrowed the list down to just 10 different task management software that was recommended by both the businesses we asked for and by top companies around the world. From the 10 different task management software, we were able to shrink the list even more to just the top six and categorize them based on their different advantages. Finally, we sent the list to a few professional managers in our contacts that have used the different task management software to help us place the right tools under the right categories.

The Best Task Management Tools to Use:

Monday: Best for Small Businesses


Why we like it:

  • Allows users to integrate tasks into calendars
  • Clean interface for desktop and mobile
  • Supports team collaboration

What users say:

“As a group, we’re making use of I had no idea what to anticipate, but I was pleasantly surprised right away.” – Melissa H

Monday is a task management software that works wonders by providing a digital place where managers can check on tasks, operations, workflows, marketing, and more. The software not only helps improve the monitoring process but also the overall workflow of how certain tasks within the business should go.

When it comes to running a business and digitalizing certain aspects of it, some businesses struggle since they need to make changes to their workflows in order to better monitor them. With Monday, however, businesses can easily shape their workflows in the platform the way they are structured in real life which gives the businesses more control over when and how things should be done.

Time and quality are two very important aspects when it comes to task management and Monday includes a feature that allows businesses to see the timeline of the different tasks that the staff is doing. Businesses will also find it easier to manage teams since they can be connected together on joint projects instead of having to build a new one for every joint task that comes along.

Monday provides the flexibility that every business needs when it comes to managing its staff online including automation and real-time notifications in order for managers to do their job more smoothly and accurately. With the help of automation, managers will be able to speed up the process for certain tasks while being informed right away regarding its progress.

The award-winning platform is also capable of supporting the growth of its businesses as it supports scaling current systems to larger volumes of tasks or handling a larger staff number. The platform is capable of helping businesses be more efficient in terms of handling sales, schedules, files, and more.

When comparing Monday to Wrike, Monday is a more popular task management software that has gained a reputation of being one of the best tools to help managers manage their business. In comparison, Monday provides better timeline views to help managers make estimations regarding when certain projects are expected to move forward.

Businesses that want to incorporate smart systems into their existing functions must look for reliable task management software. Look no further and start upgrading your systems today!

  • Allows collaboration
  • Scheduling feature
  • Better document management
  • Access to desktop and mobile users
  • Sends too many emails

Clickup: Best for Customized Interfaces

Click Up

Why we like it:

  • User-friendly design
  • Light tools
  • Consistent updates to features

What users say:

“Organization of a little project. It sits perfectly in the middle of the two extremes: too basic and too complex. When it comes to connecting chores and keeping track of them all in one location, there is no limit to its possibilities.” – Denise W.

Clickup is a powerful managerial tool that allows businesses to monitor tasks, send documents, chat with one another, and a lot more in a singular platform. The platform is highly customizable and allows businesses to add whatever specific tasks or planning they need to execute.

The task management software also includes a tracking dashboard that allows businesses to see the progress of different internal tasks in real-time. Despite its automation, the platform still gives the managers full control over which tasks or projects are approved and which tasks need more work in order to ensure uniform quality.

Brainstorming is also a strong feature of Clickup as it offers a whiteboard to allow creatives to chime in and contribute ideas. When working on a large-scale project with multiple parties involved, decision-makers and strategists can collaborate with one another through a whiteboard allowing them to share ideas with one another.

What makes the platform even better is that it includes a Document Overview function that allows users to collaborate in real-time while going over the contents of different files. The Docs Overview function is also highly optimized in order to ensure that users won’t experience any lag time when editing documents.

Clickup is designed to handle teams of just one to over a thousand which is an extremely useful feature for businesses either handling a large number of workers or in a business with high turnarounds. Access to the software can also be removed for staff that leaves the company in order to ensure that the team remains highly protected.

When compared to Asana, Clickup provides a lighter interface that could be considered easier on the eyes by some users. When handling large-scale projects with multiple parties involved, both of them are capable of helping businesses manage small to large-scale operations.

For businesses with a vision that plans on scaling their team from two to four-digit staff members won’t have to look further for their perfect scaling partner.

  • Light management tools
  • Multiple projects and tasks management
  • Graphically appealing
  • Constant updates
  • Too many features for small teams

Wrike: Best for Security


Why we like it:

  • Provides reminders
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integration for multiple software

What users say:

“Wrike has transformed our project management process dramatically. Efficiency is up, visibility on pending work is greater, and we love this product.” – David S.

Wrike is a great task management tool to use for aggressive businesses that need better real-time monitoring. With a better overview of what’s happening within the business, management will be able to get a more holistic view of tasks within their portfolio to be able to spot roadblocks before they happen.

The real benefit of Wrike is its software and by using advanced encryption, the service ensures that businesses and users are well protected on all ends. Handling sensitive data or files can be very delicate and result in catastrophic results when leaked which is why Wrike encrypts its master keys, encryption keys, account data, and attachments.

The software is also highly integrative with some of the most popular business tools ranging from Mail Chimp, Adobe, Slack, GitHub, and many more. Through integration, businesses won’t have to give up their existing software in favor of a new one.

One problem with having to integrate existing tools into a new one is manually onboarding the data one by one. The task management software provides lacks in nothing when it comes to helping businesses collaborate within teams.

Businesses can incorporate automation on certain parts of the business and monitor progress from a dashboard to help streamline operations. Wrike offers an extreme level of versatility when it comes to labeling certain tasks in order to see bad or failed tasks right away.

Wrike can be compared to Notion when it comes to watching tasks beforehand. Wrike, however, is better when it comes to monitoring the tasks to spot any potential roadblocks before they even begin.

If security is your concern, you won’t need to worry about this task management software since it uses advanced encryptions to ensure company data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • Integration with numerous software
  • Great for high-level project management
  • Enables daily reminders
  • Straightforward interface
  • Better for admins

Asana: Best for Priority Management


Why we like it:

  • Good for multi-project monitoring
  • Identifies important tasks
  • Easy-to-navigate interface

What users say:

“Overall, experimenting with Asana has been a great option. It has a low price point and the functionality that it offers for that price is definitely a steal.” – Morgan M.

Asana is great for businesses that deal with multiple high-level to low-level tasks by allowing management to label them based on their importance. The task management software allows businesses to keep tasks in one place while prioritizing important ones to ensure no tasks are lost.

The importance of prioritization is that it allows managers to plan out tasks beforehand and schedule them and rank them based on priority. This allows the management to plan out the tasks beforehand in order to speed up the whole strategic planning process.

Since businesses can plan tasks beforehand, this allows management to have better control over scheduling by adding due dates to ensure deadlines aren’t missed. The task management software also provides a timeline view to help businesses understand which tasks need to be done before another task can begin.

The software also helps businesses manage team collaborations allowing staff to work with one another all on the same platform. Instead of using separate software, Asana helps businesses manage all their important tasks in one singular platform.

Asana also ensures that workers are doing their best with the task at hand by making sure they are dealing with one task at a time. Multitasking can be good for low-level tasks but when it comes to tasks with high-priority status, the staff’s absolute focus is still required.

Unlike Todoist, Asana helps users identify which tasks are more important than others allowing managers to allocate more resources to the tasks that are of high priority. Instead of having to remember which tasks are important, the latter helps users by labeling them based on priority.

Handle multiple tasks within your business based on their importance and make sure everything gets done from the simple to more complicated parts of the project.

  • Integrated comms cut the need for emails
  • Users can add custom labels/tags
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tickets can get lost or buried

Notion: Best for Multi-Team Management


Why we like it:

  • Multi-device support
  • Workspaces for multiple teams
  • Expandable database

What users say:

“The UX/UI of the platform is so simple and intuitive that we found the training on the platform to be almost redundant. It works how you expect it to when you expect it to.” – Chandler E.


Notion is a great tool for businesses that handle numerous amounts of teams. Instead of having different software for different teams, the task management tool allows users to add multiple workspaces for every team to ensure each one can be monitored all in one interface.

The task management software is a great way for businesses to separate and connect teams together to work on joint projects and share documents. Handling multiple teams can be tricky and confusing, especially for businesses with over 5 teams in total which is why Notion is designed to provide numerous workspaces to help companies manage different teams and departments in one space.

Notion also has a feature called Meeting Notes to ensure that no important information is lost within the software. The task management software also helps businesses monitor the progress of the different goals of different departments under its Roadmap feature.

The drag-and-drop approach for the Roadmap feature makes it easy to move tasks from their infancy stage to completion. This also provides managers with a better overview of what tasks are needed to complete a project.

The great thing about Notion is that it also allows businesses to customize their own interface to make sure everything functions seamlessly and best fit for the industry. Notion starts businesses off with a basic template that they can modify to make more sense for better management.

Although Clickup provides team management, Notion’s workspaces make handling multiple teams much easier since they can be viewed easily in one menu. When being able to differentiate teams from one another becomes a top priority, the latter could be a better choice for managers.

Instead of losing track of different teams under your business, monitor them in one customizable platform with this task management software.

  • Can create view-only links
  • Allows co-editing
  • Flexible workspace
  • Easy to look for files, documents, etc.
  • Limited integration

Todoist: Best for Professional and Personal Management


Why we like it:

  • Smart interface
  • Powerful reminders
  • Accessible on many different devices

What users say:

“Todoist is an absolute pleasure to use making task management simple and easy. I can not stress how well designed the interface is.” – Darren T.


Todoist is not just a professional tool for managers, it is an overall tool for business managers and owners to better handle professional and personal tasks. The tool is considered a great personal and professional assistant to help business owners and managers with scheduling important meetings, events, and tasks, and handle personal agendas as well.

For small businesses wherein the business owner or manager handles most of the work, being able to automate certain tasks is very important. Todoist has a feature that provides reminders for users to help them better organize both their work and personal life.

Todoist is also designed to avoid clutter through its simple UX/UI design to help users avoid being overwhelmed by the number of tasks at hand. Another useful feature of task management software is that it provides templates for almost everything.

Instead of users having to manually customize their interface to better fit their needs, they can easily choose between hundreds of templates to adjust the appearance of Todoist to work in their favor. The task management software also allows integration to over 30 different tools including the users’ calendar and voice assistant.

Todoist provides users with different apps, extensions, and widgets on any device or platform to ensure that users can use the service wherever they are checking. Since the tool is extremely accessible, it helps users never lose track of tasks at hand whenever they are scheduled.

Unlike Monday, Todoist is designed for business owners and managers that also want to manage their personal life. Aside from managing teams, being able to manage personal tasks is also very important to help users monitor, plan, and input data on a regular basis.

For business owners and managers that want to manage not just their business but also their personal life, look no further! Start organizing every aspect of your life today.

  • Easy to use
  • Can email tasks
  • Accessible on different devices
  • Flawless UI
  • Tasks disappear once done

Task Management Tools: Buying Guide

Managing a business can be tough, especially without the help of automation, scheduling features, and overall control that task management software provides. When deciding which software to use, first check out the guide below to know which features to look for when choosing the right tool.

What we Look for When Choosing Task Management Software

Avoid going through the costly trial-and-error phase and make sure the first tool you choose will be the tool that accompanies you as your business scales up.

Singular Control

Being able to control a business from one singular platform helps business owners and managers not only save time but also avoid confusion. Using multiple software to control your business can be very inconvenient, especially with larger businesses that handle multiple departments and projects at once.

When looking for the best task management software, make sure that it supports control from a singular interface. Another thing that businesses can do is to check the free trial in order to see if the interface indeed offers singular control for all tasks in a non-confusing way.

Data Access

Being able to access your data from different devices or platforms is very important, especially for businesses and managers on the run. Managing a business requires a sense of urgency especially when it comes to different tasks that are more time-sensitive in nature.

Task management software should provide businesses with the ability to monitor data, files, or reports before they are sent to upper management, the boss, or clients. In order to do so, the data has to be accessible on different platforms or devices to ensure that wherever the manager is, they can do a quick check on the data at hand.

Real-Time Task Monitoring

Monitoring tasks in a timely manner is very important, especially for businesses in high-pressure environments with fast deadlines for each task. In order for a project to be completed, every task within it has to be completed and in order to do so, managers have to monitor the progress of each task, keep track of who is doing it, and ask for updates regarding the progress.

If you’re looking for task management software that allows you to monitor tasks in real-time, make sure to first inquire how fast they appear. Another thing you can do is to look for reviews regarding how fast the tasks update.

Task Delegation

Task delegation is another important feature to look for when choosing task management software. For businesses with teams of over 100 staff members, being able to delegate one task to one person can be very inconvenient when dealing with multiple tasks.

Another useful feature task management software offers is the ability for people within the team to claim different tasks for themselves. This can help the manager save time on delegating and spend more time checking the progress and quality of the tasks.


Receiving notifications regarding important tasks or projects is very important to managers. Task management software provides the business owner or manager with notifications whenever an important task or project is accomplished.

One feature you should look for when it comes to picking a task management software is the ability to choose which tasks or projects give you a notification and which ones don’t. This will help you avoid spamming your phone with emails or notifications whenever small tasks are accomplished.

Collaboration Features

Collaboration is an important feature for businesses, especially when handling multiple teams at the same time. There are different levels of collaborations that a task management software can offer from staff being able to see who they are working with to actually editing documents together.

For businesses that require closer collaborations between different teams, it is better to look for software that allows them to edit the same document together. Instead of editing things individually, look for task management software that allows staff to edit everything together in one platform.

Time Trackers

Keeping up with timelines is extremely important, especially for businesses dealing with time-sensitive projects. Having a time tracker also helps businesses monitor tasks and staff to see which tasks take up more time or which staff takes longer to accomplish certain tasks.

Finding the right task management software that allows businesses to monitor the time it takes for each task is very important, especially when dealing with large-scale projects. Since most tasks can’t progress until each task is accomplished, make sure to find a tool that allows you to monitor schedules, deadlines, and how much time tasks take.

Allows Document Sharing

Being able to exchange documents is important and while some platforms only allow users to share Google Docs, other platforms allow users to share files themselves. Aside from just being able to share documents, it is important that documents are shared in the safest way possible.

Look for task management software that encrypts files that are sent between individuals throughout the team within the tool. Another thing to look for is a platform that allows users to easily search for files or attach files to tasks to make them more accessible to management.


Task management software is a great way to upgrade your business systems without having to change your current system entirely. By automating the management process and having a wider scope of tasks within a project, businesses can save on costs based on how much time they spend on checking different tasks.

When looking at a task management software, makes sure to inquire regarding how many users it supports. If you are handling a team with hundreds of users, look for task management software with no cap on how many users they allow.

Benefits of Using Task Management Software

Task management software provides numerous use-cases to businesses. Aside from simply making things easier, the tool provides a lot of different advantages for businesses. Here are the most important advantages of upgrading your current systems with a task management software:

Better Time Management

Task management software helps businesses better manage the time allocated to different tasks within the project in order to better spot deficiencies or backlogs. Since there are certain tasks of high priority, businesses can monitor them and check on the progress in real-time to know where they stand in terms of their schedules and deadlines.

Increased Productivity

The more automation a task management software offers, the easier it becomes for businesses to increase their productivity. Since updates are given instantly, businesses won’t have to constantly ask for updates if a certain task is finished. With the help of notifications, managers can easily set the next task at hand to the available staff to ensure that the project moves forward smoothly.

Reduces Stress

Since everything can be monitored through a singular platform, businesses will be able to reduce the stress of not knowing the progress of different tasks. Since businesses have clearer visibility of what’s happening, this leaves less room for blind spots within the business allowing managers to see the overall progress of a project at hand. Being able to know what’s happening within the business is very important from a managerial standpoint and with task management software, management will have a better overview of things that are happening within the business and thus reducing stress.

Improve Quality

Since managers have more control of what’s going on with every task, they will be able to ensure the quality of each task as it forms the whole project. Managers will be able to monitor different teams and departments within the business more intensively in order to assure that everything is up to standard. If a task does not pass, the manager can easily send it back for revisions or corrections.

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