The Best Technology for Virtual Investing (2020 Guide)

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Have you been looking for ways to secure investments online? As many restrictions have been put in place due to the global pandemic, it’s no wonder companies are turning their attention to online resources and software tools in an effort to continue trading. 

We live in a world where technology is constantly advancing, and now, more than ever, businesses are embracing multiple channels and opening up new digital platforms for those people that want to continue with their investments. For many investors, the current travel restrictions and social distancing rules could have affected existing assets and future opportunities, but thankfully, companies around the globe are using some of the best technology 2020 has to offer for virtual investing. 

From virtual tours to investment apps and a plethora of online resources, we have a few great examples of the types of technology businesses are promoting to ensure clients can manage their assets and finances and are able to continue building their investment portfolios.

Virtual Tour Technology

One of the more favoured pieces of technology, especially for property investors and real estate agents is virtual reality viewings. These types of online tours are perfect for viewing future off-plan property developments and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time. Virtual reality technology allows investors to experience what their asset will look like once it is completed without having to travel to the site. This is ideal when adhering to the current restrictions, and why many real estate companies such as RWinvest are making virtual property tours a necessary part of their strategy.

Another increasingly popular virtual tool used for stocks and shares is stock simulators, with more and more investors choosing to use this cutting edge technology to manage their investments. Simulators allow people new to the stock market to practise trading techniques to ensure they’re using the best stocks and shares strategies out there before parting with their hard-earned capital.

Investment Apps

Mobile phone apps are used by thousands of people every single day, and now more and more investors are using apps specifically for investments to cut down on handling fees when it comes to managing their stocks. Smart and secure technology not only provides a way for people to handle their finances and manage investments, but are also being used by younger generations who are looking to learn more about the stock market. Investment apps offer a straightforward investing experience which is great for first-time investors.  

Once you’ve selected the best investment app for you and connected your bank account details, you’re ready to make your first trade, connect with financial advisors or keep track of your savings, all from your mobile device. 

Online Resources

Whilst in isolation, many people have taken it upon themselves to learn new skills using online resources such as guides and podcasts to expand their knowledge on a different subject or to upskill in their current role. By taking the time to read or listen to the available resources, it has allowed people to not only develop skills but readjust their finances and for some, even start a new business venture. 

No matter what sector you work in, a whole range of businesses including, technology, property, and marketing, are now promoting guides and online tools, and many of which are free, so users can invest their time in learning more about the topics they’re interested in. Some companies are also offering online training courses so you can become qualified in the new things you have learned.


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