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The Best Video Editing Software for Professional Creatives

Sometimes the only thing between an amateur and a professional is the type of software they use. Give yourself a head start and use professional video editing software to get the best results. 📹
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Finding the best video editing software is often hard for those that have no clue where to begin. With thousands of editing software out there, it can be hard to pick one that’s perfect for either your editing style or offers the needed features to help you go pro. When looking for the perfect video editing software, it’s important to look for one that not only gives you professional editing features but also helps you discover different ways to improve your craft. The benefit of using professional video editing software is that it can help businesses, vloggers, podcasters, or other individuals in the creative space.

When it comes to choosing the right video editing software, it’s important to look for one that not only gives you the basic editing features you need but also advanced features that allow you to enhance your work. Some software is designed to help make the editing process easier by using filters and other presets to help creatives come up with perfect media products.

How we Pick the Best Video Editing Software

In order to come up with a truly impactful list of video editing software, we first looked at the outcome of different professionals in the creative space. After we made a list of creative professionals, we then contacted them to ask what their favorite video editing software was. In total, we were given a list of 10 different software that the professionals said they use in order to create powerful videos. We then did research on each software on the list and eliminated 3 of them due to poor customer service, lack of features, and unsatisfactory outcomes.

We were then left with a list of seven video editing software for creative professionals and from there, we cross-referenced them with review aggregators like After careful assessment, we realized we had to trim the list even more and got rid of one software that we felt wasn’t up to standards. In total, we were left with six different software and decided to list them based on their best advantage.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Best for Small Businesses

Adobe Premiere Pro

Why we like it:

  • Advanced features
  • All-around creative software
  • Cloud helps businesses share content

What users say:

“I started as a videographer and used Premiere and After Effects for a long time, I started exploring then Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom and I loved having everything together.” – Evelyn S.

Adobe Premier Pro provides everything a business could ever need. With the Adobe ecosystem, businesses can even incorporate other software like After Effects or Illustrator to make their videos come to life.

The video editing software provides different templates that users can choose to come up with the best video possible or the option to fully customize a video or animation to their heart’s content. Users can play around with colors, graphics, saturation, and other basic and advanced metrics. One reason why Premiere Pro is favored by professionals is that it gives users control of almost every element in the video. If the video is too red… users can change it. Too blur… users can sharpen it. Too slow… users can speed things up.

Premiere Pro is one of the leading video editing software in the industry favored by professional artists and those in business fields. Aside from its wide range of features and effects, the software also relies heavily on smart tools to help make the editing process easier for professionals.

It’s important to note that like other Adobe software, Premiere Pro does require quite a learning curve, especially for those with no experience when it comes to editing videos. Once they’ve learned how to use the tool, however, they’ll be able to create cinema-like or TV ad-like videos all in one software.

Aside from having tools for almost everything, the video editing software is also compatible with Windows and Mac making it very accessible for all types of users. Premiere Pro is part of the creative cloud and one advantage of it is that users can also handpick which types of services they want to add on to give them more power over the edits. Aside from Premiere Pro, there’s also After Effects that users can utilize in order to create animations, graphics, illustrations, and more to add to their videos.

The reason Adobe is perfect for small businesses is that users can choose individual, team, or business plans. By dividing the tasks, businesses can come up with more high-quality content and paste them together to make a professional video.

Just like Lightworks, both software offer access to cloud storage making it easier for the business to keep track of the content they put out. Adobe, however, gives its users access to a whole ecosystem of creative tools aside from just video editing with Premiere Pro.

Equip your business with the best video editing software to help you streamline the production process while coming up with better content quality.

  • Has software for different creative needs
  • Easy to manage content
  • Has advanced editing features
  • Smooth UI
  • Can be complicated to use

Apple Final Cut Pro: Best for Mac Users

Apple Final Cut Pro

Why we like it:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Capable of high-definition videos
  • Comes with pre-configured options

What users say:

“Final Cut Pro has offered me the freedom to create great projects to upload to my youtube channel, my networks like TikTok or Instagram and sometimes has helped me to develop videos for my clients” – Cristhian J.

Apple Final Cut Pro is a premium Apple-exclusive video editing software that provides some of the most advanced features to help simplify an otherwise complicated editing method. Businesses that struggle with highly sophisticated software can now use this tool to edit with ease.

The software allows for advanced editing, audio, motion graphics, color grading, and delivery features for users to utilize. Apple Final Cut Pro is a video editing software that helps users access advanced editing features in the easiest way possible.

Most video editing software can be hard to use and although they offer options for more advanced edits, due to their complexity, it can be hard for users to tap into the software’s potential anyway. Like other software in the Apple ecosystem, advanced features are paired with simplicity to make them easier to use and easier to improve on.

Although creativity usually comes naturally, video editing is a skill that still needs to be developed. Familiarization with the video editing software you are using is important to help you create more impactful videos.

A lot of businesses prefer Apple to Windows due to its simplicity and integration through Cloud services. With final cut pro, businesses can make the best video edits without having to move away from their choice operating system.

The video editing software offers cinematic features to help users create high-quality videos in 8K resolution. With Final Cut Pro’s Multicam feature, businesses can create powerfully captivating marketing and promotional material without having to go through formal training.

Apple Final Cut Pro can be compared to Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 since both of them provide very smart assistance. When it comes to user experience, however, Apple’s video editing software takes the cake.

Adaption doesn’t have to be so hard. Use this video editing tool to upgrade your creative team’s capabilities without the harsh adjustment period.

  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Supports HDR
  • Contains pre-configured options
  • Optimized for Mac
  • Lacks third-party plug-ins

Lightworks: Best for Media Creators


Why we like it:

  • Very easy to learn
  • Handles 4K and high-res videos
  • Includes various effectss

What users say:

“Lightworks was an excellent option to get started in the world of video editing; easy to use, excellent editing tools, cuts of videos, union of videos, sounds, images, compatibility with several video formats and a fresh and simple interface make me not to regret using this program.” – Feldriana T.

Lightworks comes in two types of packages, Create and Pro, that allows users to either create simple media presentations or Hollywood-level films and videos. Businesses can choose whether they want software that allows them to easily create media pieces or edit a full-on movie.

Lightworks has been revered by many as one of the big names when it comes to video editing software. One feature that is extremely useful for businesses is the tool’s Social Media Export Templates making it easier for creatives to come up with content perfectly fit for the businesses’ online social accounts.

The video editing software also supports Cloud Storage which makes it really easy for creatives to share files within the business. Instead of having to send files back and forth, management can easily monitor progress or approve media pieces by viewing the final product via the cloud.

With simplified editing systems, Lightworks Create makes it easy for social media creatives to make content without the need for complicated effects or features. Businesses that need to produce high-volume content can make use of the software’s templates to create videos through a streamlined process.

Editing videos can be very time-consuming and this is why Lightworks offers features that help speed up the process. Since businesses will spend less time editing each video individually, they will be able to create more content through easy-to-use, easy-to-operate software.

When looking for the right software for your business, sometimes simplicity can be more important than sophistication. Although Lightroom does both, it allows businesses to create high-quality content faster with templates.

Unlike Corel VideoStudio, Lightworks has an option for its Pro version where users can create cinema-quality content. Its basic plan still does not lack in features and can be used to compete with the likes of Corel VideoStudio or other video editing software.

Stop spending more time editing each video and start using that time to create more high-quality content with the help of this simple tool.

  • Can handle high-definition videos
  • Very easy to use
  • Numerous effects options
  • Can be limited compared to other software

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365: Best for AI Assistance

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

Why we like it:

  • Can render videos
  • Powerful AI assistance
  • Affordable compared to other editors

What users say:

“Overall it runs decent on a mid tier computer and it handles everything I could possibly need for music videos and for editing other videos as well.” – Chris B.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 leverages AI technology to help users create high-quality content in the fastest way possible. With over 3,000 effects and templates, users can create unique, artistic, and creative videos all on one platform.

The video editing software is great for those starting out in the video editing space and needs powerful stock videos to create good content. One problem a lot of businesses have is sourcing out the videos themselves, with Cyberlink PowerDirector 365’s integration with iStock, users can choose from over 2.4 million videos and photos to create the perfect media pieces.

The outcome of a video is only as good as the video editor, sometimes this isn’t really true and one way businesses can come up with extremely good videos without having a professional on board is by using high-quality footage. Stock videos help companies create media pieces without them having to gather the videos themselves.

When editing videos, some businesses want to use original footage, and sometimes, this is not always enough. Creatives can tap into stock videos as a way to beef up a video without having to shoot extra footage.

With intuitive motion tracking, users can easily create high-quality motion videos without having to adjust frame by frame. AI technology helps users seamlessly create high-quality content through a more streamlined process.

Instead of having to do most of the editing manually, Cyberlink PowerDirector 365’s intuitive AI technology lets you create high-quality content in the easiest way possible. Hiring a professional video editor can be very expensive but with the help of the right editing software, businesses can still find a way to create high-quality content themselves.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 can be compared to DaVinci Resolve 18 in the sense that both software provides artificial intelligence assistance. Cyberlink, however, makes the video editing process easier by including access to stock videos.

Start using the right footage for your videos and see how they improve with the help of this video editing software.

  • Supports multi-track editing
  • Identifiable symbols
  • Supports plugins
  • Not too difficult to learn
  • Can sometimes crash

Corel VideoStudio: Best for Unique Effects

Corel VideoStudio

Why we like it:

  • Comes with unique effects
  • Good entry-level software
  • Affordable

What users say:

“Overall I’m very happy with the product, it’s easy to learn and you can be up and running in almost no time at all.” – Ilia T.


Corel VideoStudio includes some of the most unique video effects like giving users the ability to adjust eye size and more. For businesses that really want their content to pop out, this video editing software helps by providing some of the most unique effects ever.

Editing videos don’t always have to be serious and dull. Sometimes, being more creative includes adding a dash of humor here and there or adding highlights to certain elements of the video. Instead of doing this from scratch, which can be very time-consuming, Corel VideoStudio lets users access these features directly from the platform.

Making a video stand out can be very difficult with software where effects need to be done manually. For businesses that need each video to be unique, this video editing software provides not only the basics but also some advanced AR stickers to help users create professional effects easily.

Corel VideoStudio is all about the effects from video speed adjustments to adding new elements to the video. The software also uses smart technology to identify faces, video masking, color grading, video stabilization, dynamic split, and more.

Creating a unique video once is doable but if you have to create a high volume of content on a regular basis, these videos sometimes end up declining in quality. To keep the quality of your content consistent, make sure you use video editing software with unique effects pre-loaded.

Having pre-loaded effects is a huge time saver since users can easily use these effects instead of having to manually set them up. By eliminating the manual process of having to set up each effect individually, you’ll be able to create multiple videos each with unique effects without having to sacrifice quality.

When comparing Corel VideoStudio to Apple Final Cut Pro, both are very beginner-friendly but Corel’s software includes more unique effects. Although Final Cut Pro has unique effects of its own, they are not as easy to access compared to Corel VideoStudio.

Make your videos stand out today with video editing software that supports unique effects.

  • Pre-loaded unique effects
  • Perfect for people without editing experience
  • Professional editing features
  • Inexpensive solution
  • Hard to contact customer service

DaVinci Resolve 18: Best for Artistic Expression

Corel VideoStudio

Why we like it:

  • Capable of cinema-quality edits
  • Includes advanced editing effects
  • Lets you edit audio

What users say:

“I’ve been using the software for several years, and I’m impressed by the support and development of the software package.” – Matthew D.

DaVinci Resolve 18 is the perfect software to use for immense artistic expression. If you have creatives in your business who you believe would bring a lot to the table, use this software to help them express those creative juices!

The video editing software is a movie-industry grade tool that helps businesses come up with professional videos for fashion, art, or any type of project. One key advantage of this player is that it supports multi-user collaboration to help businesses streamline their video editing process.

The all-in-one video editing software doesn’t just help businesses paste videos together, it also helps businesses enhance their clips to make the most out of what they have. Aside from a smoother editing process, users can also use DaVinci Resolve 18 to play with colors, and highlights, or even include cinematic quality visual effects and motion graphics.

This professional also gives huge emphasis on something that a lot of other video editing software tend to ignore, sound. With advanced editing dynamics, businesses can ensure that not only is their video better, but also their audio.

The software also implores advanced methods like machine learning and AI for its facial recognition, object detection, smart reframing, super scaling, auto color matching, and more. Businesses can use the software to create videos that tower over the competition when it comes to quality.

When in a competitive industry, it is important to make use of better videos to help your business stand out. When used correctly, DaVinci Resolve 18 can help you create A-grade content all from your office or at home.

Both DaVinci Resolve 18 and Adobe Premiere Pro can be difficult to learn but once a business adjusts, it will be able to create high-quality videos in no time. One thing that really makes DaVinci Resolve 18 stand out is how it helps users professionally edit their audio as well.

Give your business what it deserves, the best video editing software to help you tower over your competition.

  • Includes cinematic effects
  • Uses smart technology for advanced editing
  • Includes audio editing
  • Can be hard to learn

Video Editing Software: Buying Guide

Businesses can benefit a lot by using video editing software instead of outsourcing every little video they need to put out. In order to ensure that your business gets the right software, follow the guide below to learn what things to look for when choosing a tool.

What we Look for When Choosing Video Editing Software

Instead of going through the trial-and-error phase, check out certain things you should look for when choosing a video editing software to help you land the right one on your first try.


The complexity or simplicity of video editing software is very important. One reason why businesses do not make videos themselves is because of how complicated some of this editing software can be.

When choosing a video editing software, it is important to first ask your team if they have had any experience with any software. If they are confident in one software, this could be a sign to choose that software for them. Having technical knowledge is important and if you’re confident that your team can adjust to advanced software with more professional editing features, you can choose software that might be more complicated.

Availability of Features

Not all video editing software has the same features. Some software can provide very specific editing features like motion or speed control. Before choosing a software, make sure to first ask to assess what types of features you might want to use and inquire as to whether the software you choose has them or not.

Another problem some video editing software have is that they require a complicated process to come up with some editing features or transitions. When choosing software, it is recommended that you try out their free or trial version to find out whether the features match your needs.

Customer support

Customer support is very important when using video editing software. In the event that the software crashes, it is important to be able to contact the provider to get assistance on how to resolve the problem.

Before subscribing to a video editing software, try calling their customer service to see how fast they respond or if they have the technical know-how to help you solve your problem. Although there are usually guides online, having someone to assist you is very important since it is not only faster but also helps you get back to work without any damage to your project.


Video editing software can be very pricey, especially for professional tools. When choosing software, first enumerate the type of features that are not negotiable and absolutely needed. After you’ve made a list of which features you need, look for software that provides these features and compare prices.

It’s important that software is capable of catering to every need you have because if it doesn’t, you’ll have to look for another software or outsource a project which can result in double-costing. In order to truly save money, make sure you get software that provides you with all you need and opt for longer payment plans (annual payments) to help you get better deals.

Advanced features

If you’re in a highly-competitive industry, it’s important to look for software that helps you stand out from your competition. With the advancement of technology and the competitiveness of some industries, standing out can be quite difficult. There are two ways for businesses to ensure that their videos stand out and this is by either making them very high-quality and eye-catching or adding unique effects.

Unique effects like adjusting eye sizes aren’t always appropriate for every industry. If you are in a field of business that requires more professional outcomes, choose video editing software that helps you come out with cinema-quality content.

Benefits of Using Video Editing Software

Using video editing software comes with many benefits for businesses. Learn more about how these types of software can have a powerful impact on your business and help you come out with better content:


The first and most important benefit of using video editing software is that it can help businesses save a fortune. Outsourcing your video editing can become very pricey especially when you start expanding and need a higher volume of content.

Instead of outsourcing the editing, you’ll be able to do everything in-house with the help of video editing software. Some software is also designed to support collaboration making it easier for the creative team to work together which results in a more streamlined editing process.

Quality Control

Since you’re in control of your content, you can decide which one meets your standard and which content might require a little more work. Sometimes when outsourcing, businesses are left with a limited number of revisions which can have a negative effect on the quality.

Instead of leaving your videos in the hands of someone else, businesses can have full control of the content they put out. By having more control over your content, you can easily decide to reject a project if it is not up to your standard or if it still needs more work done.

Time Management

When edits are being done in-house or by your creative team, you’ll have more control over time since you can monitor and ask for updates regarding the videos. Businesses that produce a high volume of content can better manage their team with the help of video editing software.

If a video editing software supports collaborations, managers can even check on the work and see which parts take more time and which parts are easier to make. Managers can also assess the skills of the creative team and if one person is faster at certain tasks, the tasks can be assigned to them to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Brand Identity

Standing out from your competition is very important as you learn how to make the most out of your video editing software, and you’ll be able to create a better brand identity. By using unique effects or something that stands out with every video, businesses will not only be able to captivate a new audience but also promote retention.

With millions of videos around, it can be hard for a business to stand out. Once a business really learns how to use video editing software, however, it can finally start creating content that not only reaches a new audience but does so in a way that stand out among the rest.


Another important advantage that video editing software provides is the flexibility it provides to businesses. Editors can prioritize important video clips while placing other projects on hold without worrying about having to start from scratch.

Since video editing software can be opened multiple times, users can work on multiple projects at once. Instead of businesses having to work on projects one at a time, they can have projects on the sideline while their creative team focuses on the ones that are more time sensitive. By working on multiple projects at a time, you can ensure that no time is wasted.

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