BeYou Transforming Chair


The BeYou allows you to adjust its backrest into a horizontal position so you can use it as a stool or, better yet, as a table for your laptop or lunch. The backrest’s height can also be adjusted to suit any person no matter their height.


No matter how comfortable of a chair you have at home or in your office, there are bound to be times when you want to sit in a position that the chair just doesn’t allow. You’ll never need to worry about that with the BeYou – a transforming chair that lets you sit in more than 10 different positions depending on your mood or what you’re trying to accomplish. 

Want to sit cross-legged? Sure. Feel like kicking your feet up and surfing your phone on a cushioned arm-rest? Why not? Heck, you can even turn the backrest into a surface for your laptop so you don’t even need a table.

Whether it’s for work, play, a nap, or even yoga, the BeYou’s got you covered on all accounts. It achieves this by featuring adjustable wings that you can easily be manipulated through a single click which can be done while you remain seated. Each of the wings can be adjusted to 5 different positions, allowing them to be used as backrests, knee supports, footrests, and more. 

And not only is the BeYou incredibly functional, but it’s also really easy on the eyes thanks to its quality oak veneer build and ergonomic aesthetic. And for the environmentally conscious out there, you’ll be happy to know that the creators of BeYou will be planting a tree for every chair sold, so there really isn’t much of reason not to get one yourself.

Packaging Dimensions

L x W x H: 100 x 49 x 27 cm (39.4 x 19.3 x 10.6 inches)


  • Weight: 25kg (55 pounds)
  • Supports up to 181kg (400 pounds) on the main seat. For the sitting positions where you use the backrest as a seat, it has been tested so far to 125 kg (275 pounds)

Benefits of using BeYou

  • Lets you sit however you want
  • Over 10+ ways of sitting
  • Beautifully finished oak veneer
  • Adjustable wins
  • Custom build quick release hinges
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Backrest as table
  • Backrest as a seat
  • Super comfortable high-density foam
  • Soft and durable fabric
  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Heavy-duty auto-lock wheels
  • Fits under desk however you sit
  • Perfect for work
  • Perfect for home


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