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Blanc Mask Review – Crowdfunded Privacy Face Mask

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Since the start of the pandemic, one of the commodities that soared in sales and popularity were masks. Suddenly, there was a massive demand for them. So naturally, a lot of companies started making them. Even Razer, a well-known gaming hardware company, developed its own smart respirator mask.

The latest to enter the scene is the futuristic Blanc Mask, which got fully funded on Kickstarter in January 2021 and is now available on Indiegogo for a limited time. Blanc is the only full-face modular mask that aims to protect you and your identity while allowing you to show off your style. Learn more about this new mask here. In a rush? Click on any of the links below to skip to that section.

Buy Blanc on Indiegogo Now!Support this project to save money and support innovative new products!
Blanc Facemask Review


Blanc offers anonymity, style, and most importantly, protection. It’s attention-grabbing and interesting, you’ll certainly have everyone looking at you wherever you go. But the best part is, nobody will know who you are. With this full-face mask, you can be bold, mysterious, and different.


  • High particle filtration efficacy
  • Customizable
  • Can protect eyes, nose, and mouth


  • Pricey
  • Muffled voice


If you’re looking for a mask that can provide you with the ultimate protection, this might just be the mask for you. It covers your whole face, protecting your eyes, nose, and mouth. It also has replaceable filters to help clean the air you’ll be breathing inside. What’s more, this mask is fully customizable so you can match it with your outfit.

In terms of price, Blanc isn’t exactly cheap. It has a retail price of $149, which is around the same price point as smart battery-operated masks like the   and LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier (around $150). There’s also the added cost for filter replacements, which is around $15 every 2 weeks. So it is quite pricey.

However, the Blanc isn’t the most expensive mask either. It is cheaper than another popular mask in the crowdfunding scene: the ATMOBLUE (list price of $199). To enjoy the Blanc at a much lower price (starting at $99), make sure to catch its campaign on Indiegogo while you still can.


HEPA Filters

Blanc is equipped with 2 high-efficiency SGS-tested replaceable HEPA filters, which help purify and clean the air you’ll breathe. You can use every pair of these filters for up to 14 days before changing them.

180-Degree Airtight Seal

Unlike cloth and disposal masks, Blanc fully covers your face. So there are no huge gaps where unfiltered air can enter. It is designed to comfortably fit against your face, which creates an airtight enclosure that helps ensure you’re only breathing filtered air.


  • Length: 270 mm
  • Ear to ear: 210 mm
  • Front to back: 200 mm
PM0.3 Microns Particle Filtration Efficacy Minimum of 95%
Filter 2 x SGS-tested HEPA filters
Weight 250g

Blanc’s particle filtration efficiency is 95%, which is the same as N95 masks. Meaning, it can protect you from pet dander, pollution, pollen, smoke, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses. The company’s HEPA filters have also been tested and certified by the SGS lab, verifying that they can block 99.97% of the particles of 0.3 microns in size.

Take note, however, that your voice may sound muffled while wearing this mask. The company’s still trying to resolve this issue probably through their add-on voice modulation, which is similar to Razer’s Project Hazel. So pretty soon, you can complete the mysterious look with a Darth Vader voice.

Other features to look out for are Bluetooth compatibility and climate control.


The most striking feature of the Blanc is its design and overall aesthetics. Compared to all the smart masks we’ve seen and reviewed, it is undoubtedly the most unique. It looks very futuristic and game-like. It actually reminds us of Vega’s mask from Street Fighter 2. The Blanc also looks like a prop from The Purge or a superhero movie. If you’ve always wanted to be a Power Ranger, here’s your chance to finally look like one.

Unlike many masks today, the Blanc gives you the option to show off your style. It has an interchangeable magnetic panel, so you can easily change the front design. There are many colors, materials, and textures you can choose from, so you can easily match your mask with your outfit and personality.


You might think that the Blanc is more like a fashion statement than an actual mask that can provide you with protection. Like it is simply designed to get people’s attention – but it’s not. With its high particle filtration efficacy, it can help you breathe cleaner and healthier air. So overall, if you want to be mysterious and hide your identity while still getting the protection you need, then the Blanc is perfect for you.

Buy Blanc on Indiegogo Now!Support this project to save money and support innovative new products!

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