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Blanc Reveals A Face Mask That Conceals Your Identity With Style

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Sophisticated headgear is becoming a trend now this year, and Blanc has managed to capture the attention in the kickstarter community with its face mask that’s dubbed as “Modern Day Armor”.

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What started as a concept last April 2020 and campaign launch last November 2020, they have now secured almost $500,000 worth of funding.

The team over at Blanc has created a mask that’s in favor for people who greatly value their privacy. If you think about it, the design looks futuristic and the vibe reminds us of Daft Punk with their signature headgear in during their performances.

Your Ultimate Privacy Headgear Plus More Surprise Features

This lightweight mask can match with whatever clothes that you’re wearing and you can go over its 100+ customizations of interchangeable magnetic panels to further express yourself anonymously in public. You can also try their masks out via their Instagram and Facebook filters.

Compared to buying disposable masks especially in this new normal, you get to save money in the long run. This is because their special filters are good for 14 days as opposed to disposable masks that can only last you hours in a single-use. 

And that’s not all — Blanc also plans to add more features such as voice modulation that sounds similar to what Razer unveiled in their prototype face mask, climate control as well as Bluetooth once they start shipping.

The First Full-Face Modular Mask With HEPA filters

This full face mask is heavily invested in the user’s safety with its 2 SGS-tested replaceable HEPA filters or high-efficiency particulate air filters. 

These filters force air through a multi-layered fine mesh of angled micro-fibers that traps harmful particles such as pollen, smoke and other forms of pollution. The Blanc Mask costs at an SRP of $149 but if you get it earlier this week, you can get their exclusive designs for only $99.

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